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Case Study

Case 12: The patient was so happy with result, she forgot to inform the docotor!
Dr Rashmi Nagar
'Dulc / Sep / Med

48 years old patient TD came for the C/o leucorrhea3, with abdominal pain3. Discharge: thin, white and constant Pain from abdomen http://njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif leg http://njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif heel > lying on affected side. Backache when discharge and legs pain.

Associated Complaint Chronic cold > Actifed tab

Patient as a Person
Appetite: Normal.
Thirst: Normal
Urine: Frequency++, foul smell
Bowels: Normal
Craving, Aversion: not significant
Sleep: Normal
Dreams: Unremembered
Perspiration: ++, Hot flushes
Menstrual History: Cycle: 2-3/20-25 days, Dysmenorrhea3. Stains++.
Obstetric History: 4 FTND + 3 abortions and 1 still birth
Thermal: C3H2

Past History: Hemorrhoids 5-6 years back. Occasional pain due to fissure-in-ano.
Gall stones 6 years back.
Appendicitis: 14 years back.
F/H: 1 brother asthma.

Life Situation 
Born in Rajasthan. Family is in the dairy business. Educated till 5th std.
Married at 17 years of age. Since 1978 she is based in Mumbai. Husband and other family members also in the dairy business

Mind: Patient says she is strong-willed yet full of anxieties about family health, what will happen and also anxiety without cause. Memory weak.
Hobbies: she is religious and likes bhajans. This was narrated by her during her 1st visit. During her next visit she was accompanied by her daughter who said that her mother was more sensitive about small things, worried unnecessarily and occasionally would have fainting spells of short duration.

O/E: Tenderness, mild pain- it lower abdomen. She brought the following reports with her (done on 4-06-05)
Hb - 8.9, Hypothermia, ESR - 40 m, FBS - 98, PPSB - 110
Pelvic USG: mildly bulky uteru with mass lesion 2.1x1.8x1.8
? Fibroid posterior wall.

In the first visit, it was difficult to think of constitutional, so based on the features like chronic pelvic pathology, burning, foul micturition and pain, she was given Medorrhinum 200 two doses on 05.08.05 to be taken on 3rd & 5th day of the period and Mag-phos 6X biochemic. Also advised Iron & Calcium rich diet.

On 10.08.05 she came with Menorrhagia3, clots3. Earlier she had regular periods. This was the first time there was so much of flow. Rx Medorrhinum 1M (1) powder to be taken when the flow was less.

23.08.05 Bleeding P/V only for a day, dull, feverish, chilly, with frequent micturition. It was rainy season : Dulcamara 200 as and when required.
13.09.05 she had period on 7-9-05. Normal flow 3 days but pain in abdomen extending to legs.

During the subsequent visit and after daughter's description of mother, it can be seen that the patient is a grand multipara as usually seen in Up where family planning is shunned by most. She is sensitive about trifles.
Fainting spells: Hysterical tendencies and her life revolved around her family, washing, cooking, prayers and worrier. Chilly patient.

All these are strongly indicative of most prominent female remedy Sepia. Hence one dose of Sepia 200 was given.
The patient was not to be seen for next 6 months!
She again came on 01-03-06 for backache. She had forgotten about her earlier problems. On inquiry she revealed that she has passed a small fibroid after the last medicine and told the whole world about it except the physician! Though she did not get her latest sonography report, the mother-daughter duo said that the sonography was done & the report was normal and she had no pain, no burning and no discomfort.

Conclusion: The latest technologies like versa laser and them ablation are surely a boon for many such complaints but Homoeopathy is comparable too.