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Case Study

A Miracle Of The Infinitessimal
Dr S K Mamgain

I am presenting hereunder a very alarming and awesome case of an infant but with very encouraging and miraculous result.

On 4th Feb 2005 a labour class man came to my clinic and asked for medicine for his baby, and told me his inability to take her to hospital due to his monetary constraints to meet the expenses. I asked him to bring the child for examination.

15 days old, female, crying continuously due to her trouble.

She had extensive inflammation with swelling on her left upper arm and left scapula. Pus was oozing from a number of openings,of which two were quite large. Photo 1.

On enquiry I was told that this condition developed in past four days only. She also had numerous other angry boil-like eruptions all over her back especially on lumbar region. Looking at her condition I was very much apprehensive, but to see what homoeopathy could do for the poor fellow I decided to take risk at least for a day. I prescribed Anthracinum 30 four hourly- gave six powders containing two/three No 10 globules to be given every four hours in a little water and asked to bring the baby next day.

On 5th Feb 2005 that is after 24 hours later, there was noticeable improvement in the condition of the infant. She was comparatively at ease and the oozing pus was also slightly less. Photo 1. Now Anthracinum 30 was continued thrice daily.

Improvement continued. On 12th Feb ie on 8th day of treatment video clip was again taken and the condition of the eruption was as shown in Photo 2.

Now, the medicine was given for four days, at 12 hours interval.

After 12th Feb no report was received till for 16 days. On 28th Feb: a new boil erupted on 27th, but less violent than the previous one.

The previous inflammation had subsided and the openings had healed nicely shortly after 12th Feb as shown in Photo 3, Video clip taken on 28th Feb.

When the child was brought on 4th March, 2005 the boil had burst and was on the way to healing, as shown in Photo 4.

8th March 2005 the wound had healed nicely.

4th March 2005 General health much improved and normal texture of the skin. Photo 5.

Note: I did not do any dressing of the wounds rather advised to wash often with dilute solution of Hypericum Q. However the mother was also given few doses of Anthracinum 200 to be taken once daily, in the beginning, as the child was totally dependent on mother's feed.

This case proves the efficacy and the wonderful power of the natural laws of Cure invented by Hahnemann. This case also shows the dynamic healing powers of the infinitesimal dose.

A few words about Anthracinum: Dr H C Allen in his "Materia Medica of Some Important Nosodes".

In carbuncle, malignant ulcer and complaints with ulceration, sloughing and intolerable burning. Malignant Pustule: Black or blue blisters; often fatal in twenty-four or forty-eight hours (Ech, Lach, Pyr). Carbuncle: With horrible burning pains; discharge of ichorous offensive pus. Furuncles and all forms of boils, large and small. If the swelling changes color and red streaks from the wound map out the course of lymphatics (Ech, Lach, Pyr).Herring says: "To call a carbuncle a surgical disease is the greatest absurdity. An incision is always injurious and often fatal. A case has never been lost under the right kind of treatment, and it should always be treated by internal medicine only". Under Skin Dr H C Allen says:

Cyanosis. Skin of the affected part either hard or doughy. Carbuncle darkish red, greasy, and is often more eroded than ulcerated. Carbuncle with horrible burning pains; or discharge of ichorous offensive pus.