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Case Study

Recurrent UTI with Laughing
Dr S C Mishra
'Ars-a / Phos

Mrs D suffering from recurrent UTI for last three years, came to me on 18.01.05.

Chief Complaint
Burning in urethra < after Micturition. Vagina red and itchy.
Peculiar symptom - she feels like laughing at night when alone. There is no reason at all for her laughing. After laughing she feels as if she would go mad.
Thirst: half a glass at a time and drinks frequently.

Other Complaints
Hemorrhoids: bleeding, painful.
Insomnia < Tormenting thoughts. Is on Tab Prothidin for last 3 yrs.
Headache. Colds and coryza with sneezing. Has taken a lot of allopathic medicine for long standing coryza but to no avail.
Unhappy marital life. Husband is very dominating.

Obstetric History: Two FTND. 2 daughters.
Family History: She is the eldest of 2 sisters and one brother. No H/O of any systemic disease in family.

Treatment 18. 01. 05: I put her on Ars-alb 30. Five drops of Ars 30 were mixed in one ounce of water and advised to take 10 drops QID in half cup of water. Five jerks to be given each time before use. This medicine was continued for 5 days only.

24. 01. 05: Mid sacral bone pain. Swelling of both inguinal glands with pain. Burning of urethra better. Itching in vulva++. Advised to use Calendula ointment only. No medicine given.

01.02.05: Burning of urethra on and off. General condition better. Burning chest to throat. Not better by drinking water. Hemorrhoids still swollen with pain and itching. Phos 200 / 3x every15 minutes. Sufficient SL for 10 days.

11.02.05: Menses profuse with clots. Throat burning >. Maturations frequent, at every 10-15 minutes interval. Phos 200 pills mixed in one ounce of water. 10 drops TDS.

25.02.05: Menses intermittent. Loose motions. Appetite poor. > In frequency of menses. Now chest burning appeared occasionally. Weakness+. Added one ounce water to previous bottle of Phos 200 and advised to take 10 drops OD at bedtime. Sul 200 1 dose in the morning on 26th Feb 05.

After this patient lost contact with me till 07.04.05 when she brought her daughter for treatment and informed that she was keeping very fine and there was no trouble of urination.