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Case Study

A Case of Hansen’s Disease
Dr Dilip Dixit

The most exciting find of this century, for us in Homeopathy, was when we could unravel the intricacies of leprosy cases, using the miasmatic understanding of Tubercular Miasm underlying the leprosy disease. This approach helped us to resolve many cases of this disease. We will share with you this understanding, demonstrating it through this case.
This case was taken at our Rural Palghar hospital on 30/01/02 under the supervision of Dr Dilip Dixit by Dr Dilip
OPD Reg. No:P/13479/02
Mr AA S, Muslim, and Non-vegetarian, 46 yrs, married since 15 yrs (ie at age of 35y, pretty unusual for the Muslim community) 11th std (Marathi) and working as a mason, has 2 sons, 1 daughter; both his parents live with him.
3 Brother: 1 of whom died; 2 Sister: 25yrs, 22 yrs (unmarried)

Chief Complaint:





1) Skin - Chest & Ears lobes Onset Since 3rd std
Skin-all over. H/O-25 yrs back.
H/o 10 yrs back
Once Rt Foot - toes
Since 2-3 yrs. Lt hand - Little finger. Gradually increasing.
Since 5 yrs Foot - toes. F: Recurrent




Since 1 year Planter surface of 2nd toe of Rt foot.


Since 15 days.
Rt-Dorsum of foot, ankle, Soles.
Progressive2 2ndtoe
H/o 3 months back Lt. knee
H/o in childhood Both lower leg - shaft of tibia. Now at same site.
2) Veins:
Rt. leg Since 1 yr.

Hypopigmented Patches Sensory loss+.
Biopsy done, report not available.

Non-healing Wound 2

Flexion Deformity Unable to extend fully. Sensation (N)

"Ulnar claw Hand with flexion contracture".
Ulceration-Non healing. Thickened & hyper pigmented healing Hardening2
Non-healing Wound

Small in size, 0.5-1cm diameter.
Base: White in Colour No granulation tissue.

Pain+ Burning+ Swelling+ with Redness+

Non-healing wound

Vesicular Eruptions2 Discharge: Thick 2 Hyperpigmented Patches2


Rx: Irregularly for 8-10 yrs. Then stopped Rx.

A/F cement work >3 ointment

>3 Rx: in KEM Hospital -I & D.








Not relived by Rx. >3 Gauthi Rx


Associated Complaints





1.) RS:
Since childhood

2.) H/O - Rectum.
D: 25-30 yrs
F: once / 1-2 wk
Since 1 yr >3
3) Abdomen H/o 1yr back F:3 times/Day

K/C/O Bronchial Asthma.
Dyspnoea2 Wheezing2Cough.
Haemorrhoids Bleeding2 Profuse2

Colicky pain2 Bloody stool2 Profuse2

>3 after operation, done 1 yr back.

>3 Allopathic Rx.


Patient as a person:
A] Physical Characteristics:
Weight Gain. Ranging from 50 to 62 kgs in last 2-3 yrs. Tall.
Wounds-Healing3. No suppurative tendency.
Perspiration: profuse2, < 2 on exertion, wets the clothes.
Appetite:+. No desire to eat since 1-2 yrs.
Hunger: + since 5-6 months
Taste: + since 1-2 yrs.
: Pungent (spicy) 2, Sweets+
Stool: 2 /day, N. Urine: N.
Sleep: disturbed2 since 1 ½ yrs b/c of financial anxiety.

Pt hails from the Muslim community with poor financial condition. They live in Joint Family. Father was a mason, now very weak, so not working since 25 yrs. Pt is eldest child. Since childhood, he has a lot of responsibilities. His sense of responsibilities made him marry late, whereas his younger sibling married early. He is an anxious person: financial responsibilitiy of the family, for children’s educations & future. He gets angry when children don’t listen and do not study. He scolds and occasionally beats them.

Reaction Physical Factors:
 Fan: S & W-Slow. Covering: S &W - thick. Winter full covering.
Bath: hot water -through out year. Cold water bath cause chilliness.
Woolen + in winter.
Thermal: C3H2 http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gifC4H.
Past history and family History:
Cancer of lungs, died. Brother: leprosy. Brother2 died of Hepatitis.

04.03.1994 till 3.2.95. S/B Skin specialist. 
Cap Rcin-600, Tab Dapsone-600, am & steroidal applications.
Tropical ulcer+, Clawing +, edema
C. Rcin-600 1OD. T. Dapsone -100 1OD, Cap. Minicycline 1 BD .
Tab Betnesol Forte - TDS x 10 days, BD x 10 days, OD x 10 days.
Wokadine oint. Cap Fesovit 1 OD. Continued this Rx till 2.11.96.
2D-ECHO: Normal..
CXR: collapse of left lower lobe with ­ hilar shadow on Rt Side .
Air bronchogram on (Rt.) LL. S/O Cemolidation
O/E: Callosity over® 2nd and (L) 3rd toe. Ichthyosis + over shins (L) ulnar claw
Rx. H/O DDS monotherapy for 7-8 yrs. MDT - Rcin, CLF , DDS for 1 yr.
C/o small trophical ulcer on tips of toes. Contractures (L) Little finger
Rx allopathic.
Non-healing ulcer on the (L) soles since 1 yr. K/c/o Hansen’s taken Rx 25yrs ago for 3 yrs. O/E: single 0.5 ones diameter with sclerotic margin seen on the plantar surface of ® toe. Ulnar claw ++ with flexor contractures of (L) little finger. Burnt out case of Hansen’s with trophic ulcer.
6-2-02 Homoeopathic Treatment started.
Rx: from 6/2/02 to 3/10/02. Tuberculinum 1M 1P weekly. Hepar-sulph 200 4 hrly
Improvement started immediately. Schedule was maintained and within 8 months: generally he was much better including sleep, appetite : N
1. Non-healing wound >3
2. Progressive Rt. Dorsum of foot >3.
3. Soles pain & burning >2
4. Varicose vein >1
5. RS c/o- >2 had 2 episodes Ars-alb-200 qds.

Constitutional: Silicea - 30 3P given on 18.9.02 when indication of constitution came up in terms of RS signs and symptoms in form of cold and coryza.Marked improvement. This treatment is still carrying on.