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Case Study

A Case of Dysuria
Dr S K Mamgain

Patient - H Kaur. Age - 46
First consultation: 25-6-2002

The patient, an obese lady from Delhi, presented with the following symptoms:

·         She was suffering from dysuria, for last 6 - 7 years, used to pass very scanty and deep yellow urine once in 24 hours.

·         Constitution fatty.

·         Perspiration: Copious; body cold and clammy.

·         Cramps in calves < walking, < night.

·         Pain and tenderness in Lt calcaneal bone for the past two years. Pain < touch < standing < walking. (She was given injection in calcaneal bone which did not relieve the pain)

·         All joints painful. Sensation of constriction in joints while lying at night.

·         On standing for sometime, feels pain in hypogastrium.

·         Alimentary functions normal.

·         Tendency to Rt sided headache, especially Rt temple.

·         Periodical loose stools accompanied by vomiting.

·         Sensation of puffiness all over the body.

Pathological Findings: Blood:


Serum uric acid 6.7 mg/dl


Ruta-g 200 & Plumbum 30 was given.


Blood urea -  23.2 mg/dl
Creatinine -  0.98 mg/dl
Urine: Pus cells-10 - 12 hpf;
Epithelial cells 4-6 hpf1


No change during past four days.
 200 at long interval with placebo 15 days.


Felt >1. Quantity and color of urine>.
She now passes urine twice on some days.
Calcaneal pain >. Flatulence > Sweating as usual.


After 19-7-02 the output of urine became so copious that she became unable to hold the urine. It started passing involuntarily.
She was instructed in advance to stop taking the medicine if she feels any kind of aggravation;On stopping the medicine, the output of urine became normal after a few days; which is continues. Fatness, tendency to perspire and the calcaneal pain still persisting; for which further treatment is required.

Logic for prescribing Plumbum:
The lady was suffering for the past 6-7 years and all the treatment failed to improve her output of urine in the least, due to the function of her kidneys has slowed down a lot that is why she was passing scanty urine only once in whole 24 hours. Plumbum has this quality in its pathogenesis, as quoted by the masters.
Dr Kent points out that Plumbum has marked slowing down of all the functions.
HERING C, in Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica, Plumbum (Urinary Organs) says: Complete suppression of urine.
CLARKE J. H., in Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica says under Plumbum-metallicum-(Urinary organs): Retention of urine.
Difficult emission of urine, only drop by drop, dark coloured, scanty, albuminous.
The outcome of the prescription is the proof of its affinity.