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Case Study

ase 52: The tall, gangly pre-teenager
Dr Sushma Jaiswal
'Phos / Tub-b / Mag-phos

MS TP, 10 yrs 8 mths, Hindu, Student, Non-vegetarian. Resides at Prabhadevi. Father - Mr PP 45, Mother - Mrs GP 41, Brother - AP 13.

Came with the Chief Complaint of

  1. Since 2005, on Skin especially of chest, abdomen, back, occasionally arms has bumps, ? eruptions since can't see them, only can be felt, itching³, no redness, no burning. Frequency every week since 6-7 months. Since past 5 months, once a month for 3-4 days. < Perspiration³, < dance, < Bath³, > rubbing, < powder, < summer, > winter, > multani mitti.
    Has to take cetrizine 1/month and it settles. So itcan be deduced that it is allergic in nature.
  2. Respiratory Tract: P/H of croup. Since childhood 8 yrs of age, heaviness in chest, dry cough, Feverish 99- 100, < evening.
    Frequency: Once in 2 months, Duration: 10 - 12 days, Now since 1 month it is persisting for 2 weeks.
  3. Headache, frontal pain since 2003-2004 Frequency: 1/week, Now: 1/mth.
    < Shaking, > Sleep.
    Giddiness < looking down.

Patient As A Person
Skin: C/C
Hair: Normal.
Nails: Ingrowing toe nails both feet.
Teeth: 3 Cavities.
Gums: Normal.
Perspiration: Partial: chest, back, nose, upper lips, non offensive
Appetite: Normal
Thirst: 1½ -2 lit/day.
Desire: Bhindi, gobhi, tindi, beans, fish, fruit, sour³, tomatoes
Aversion: Sweets, milk since childhood
Stool: Frequency 1/d, Consistency, occasionally hard
Urine: Frequency - 4-5 /day, difficulty - occasional scratching.

Menstrual History
FMP: Oct 2005. LMP: 25.7.06
Cycle: 35 days, Duration: 4-5 days, Flow: Normal, Quantity: Normal, Colour: Brown.
Since last two cycles, came on time at 30 days, No Clots, Non-Offensive.

Concomitants Menses:
 - Nausea, irritable, tiredness of whole body
Beginning - Pain [lower abdomen], squeezing pain
Leucorrhoea: NAD.

Mother's Obstetric History
Patient was born C Section because labour stooped in between.
Birth Weight: 3 kgs

Problems In Mother
Loss of weight (2 kgs) in 5th month, Nausea excessive first five months, < evening 5-6 pm, with shivering, > covering but no fever.

Development Landmarks and Problems
Physical Development - Normal
Mental Development - Normal
Height - Grown fast in last 1 month
Cheerful and active baby wanted to do everything on her own
Sitting - 5-6 months
Crawling - 6-7 months
Standing - 10 months
Walking - 11 months
Feeding: Breast - 1 month. Bottle - Breast milk in bottle for 2-3 months

Life Situation
Date of birth: 6/10/1995
Born and brought up in Mumbai.
Studied up to Std 1 in Villa Teresa School then shifted to Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

Weeps only if mother is not pleased with her.
Likes singing, dancing, playing.
Ambitious always wants to stand first http://njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif if not gets upset for a while then thinks will do better next time.
Obedient. Always tries to please mother and father which is very important to her.
Always takes mother advice and then decides.
Affectionate. Likes children.
Fear dark
No anxiety
Likes to make friends, wants company, if friends are not talking to her, calls them up and asks what happened.

Father is a director in advertising firm.
45 years old. Hard working, fun-loving.

Repertorial Totality
RM 0992 Affectionate
RM 1045 Fear Dark
RM 1401 Nausea with menses
RM 1070 Irritability menses before
RM 0259 Cough Dry
RM 1513 Vertigo < looking down
RM 0723 Headache < shaking
RM 0723 Sleep Ameliorate
RM 1313 Itching eruptions
RM 0547 Aversion Sweet
RM 0544 Aversion Milk
RM 0540 Craving Fish
RM 0546 Craving Sour
RM 0541 Craving Fruits
RM 0550 Craving Tomatoes
RM 0358 Cold Aggravation

Remedies On Repertorisation
Phos 27/13, Puls 22/12, at-mur 22/11, Ars-alb 21/11, Lyc 17/9,Caust 14/7, Lach 12/7
DD: The patient was a beautiful tall, friendly child with a huge smile. She had Phos written all over her. Plus it came highest in the working. So we gave her a dose in the clinic itself.

Remedy Selected
Acute: Mag-phos 6x
Constitutional: Phos
Intercurrent: Tub-b

Follow Up





Weight: 42 kgs. Height: 63 Tall,, smiling, friendly.

Phos 200 1st Dose


Rash Decreased. Much Better. 
No Cough, headache, nausea, cramps.



>3. No itching. 
MP on 10/9/06 with abdominal pain.

Tub-b 1 M- 1 dose 1st night
Phos 200- 1 dose 2nd night 
Mag-phos 6X


After that no repetition of medicine was required. Pt gradually kept improving and we kept her on placebo for the next 1 mth and then she needed no further treatment.