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Case Study

 Palatal Paralysis

Dr K Raju

A 40 yr old woman, tall, fair, complexion, moderate built, mild disposition was affected by Palatal Paralysis [L] side, which caused difficulty in swallowing. During the act of deglutition, both solids or liquids, would regurgitate through her nose. 

She was treated by an ENT Surgeon. The symptoms disappeared and she was advised that if it affects her again she should undergo surgical treatment. She was affected again, but she did not accept the allopathic treatment again and her husband brought her on 27-12-92. Treatment given to the Palatal Paralysis with successive symptoms in Homoeopathy as per Kent repertory. 
27-12-92: Paralysis Palate
KR pg. 4141 Gels, Lach, Plb, Sil.

All remedies are equal grade two marks.
Lachesis was selected because it is a left sided remedy and given in 200 C once a week for 3 weeks in the morning. Symptoms disappeared.
1-2-93 She complained of throat constriction. On inquiry she could not locate the spot, hence it was taken as a general.
Throat Constriction
KR Pg 448: Bell, Cact, Caust, Cham, Hyos, Ign, Lac-c, Lach, Laur, Lyc, Naja, Plb, Spong, Sulph. 

These are black bold type with three marks. 14 Drugs given.
Out of them Cactus-grandiflorus was selected as it acts on circular muscular fibers such as in throat, chest, heart, bladder, rectum, vagina - symptoms of constrictions. Dose: 6c, 3 times a day for one week.
Symptoms disappeared.
10-2-93 Again she reported that swallowing hard things such as food etc., caused pain. Can swallow liquids only.
Swallowing difficult solids: KR Pg 468 Bapt, Bar-c. Black bold type of three marks. Pain in the throat during deglutition Baryta-carb 30 c one dose a day in the morning given for one week.
Symptoms disappeared. 

26-2-93 She came with loss of voice, Hoarseness.
Voice, Hoarseness lost - Larynx
KR Pg 760 Alumn, Am-caust, Ant-C, Arg-m, Arg-n, Brom, Carb-veg, Caust, Phos, Stram. These are black bold type letters of three marks. 10 Drugs given.
Argentum-metallicum was selected. 200c biweekly morning one dose only given for 2 weeks.
It acts especially on Larynx-Paralytic weakness, Symptoms disappeared. No further complaints.