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Case Study

Depression - Ill effects and cure
Dr D A Jagtap

Mrs A D, 26 yrs, came with the complaints of severe unilateral headache right temple < mental tension, eye strain at sunlight since 6 yrs. She had taken allopathic and ayurvedic medicine but there was no permanent relief. 

Past History : She was married at the age of 18 yrs to a boy from the village, son of a farmer. She was not shown the boy as the marriage was approved by the elders. She gradually learnt that her husband was illiterate and jobless. He did not also help his father in farming. He used to always wander aimlessly. This caused great depression in her. She started blaming her relatives but they explained that the marriage was arranged thinking that she, as a clever wife, would reform him. She blamed her luck. She felt humiliated that her husband was not earning their livelihood. She started keeping away from the family and relatives. She liked to be alone and often cried. She gradually started losing interest in her routine work and became lethargic.

After about 2 yrs when she found that her husband never cared for her advice to do some job and live respectfully in the family, she went to her parents' house. She decided to complete SSC and find some job. She came to Bombay and stayed with her brother who got her a job in a private firm. After settling, she thought of calling her husband to Bombay with a view that he would do some job and earn his living. He did come to Bombay but in vain. He never changed his behavior. On the contrary she became pregnant and had a son. As there was no change in his behavior, her brother asked him to do some work or leave the house. To add to her depression he wandered here and there and slept on the railway platform at night. He almost lived like a beggar. His father wanted to take him back to the village but he refused to go back. Occasionally he used to visit his wife when her brother was not at home and used to induce her for having sex. She firmly refused this and used to send him out if he was not willing to do some work. On inquiring about her present condition, following symptoms were found:

  1. Ill effects of grief
  2. Depressed
  3. Disappointed
  4. Suppressed anger
  5. Aggravation on consolation
  6. Irritation even on trivials
  7. Hasty
  8. Headache, right temple, mental tension, eyestrain
  9. Face oily, earthy complexion
  10. Inferiority complex
  11. Menses late [2-6 weeks] and profuse at times
  12. Dislike for coition
  13. Vagina dry
  14. Occasional leucorrhoea, watery and acrid
  15. Unquenchable thirst
  16. Appetite good but still emaciated and anemic
  17. Lethargic, loss of interest in her routine work
  18. Always wants to be alone.


Considering the above symptoms and especially the ill effects of grief and depression, I gave her Nat-mur 30 4 doses, daily for another one week. After this she reported relief in her leucorrhoea and lethargy. Menses came on time and vaginal dryness was better. She became little more active and started taking interest in routine work. I then prescribed her 5 Phos 6x three doses daily for 2 weeks. After this she reported she was much better. I then gave her Nat-mur 200 one dose per week for 4 weeks. After this she said she felt much better and had no complaints. She also said that although there was no change in her family situation, she has developed courage to face it. She thanked Homoeopathy for transforming her from a stone to a human.