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Case Study

Common Salt as a Consolation Prize
Dr Rafi Ahmed

On 18/11/96, Mrs GP, aged 25 yrs, entered my clinic with her husband shielding her eyes with her Lt hand, against the tube light. She began to cry and said "Doctor please see my eye [pointing to the Lt one] with utmost care and do your best to save my eyesight or I will become blind.
As I tried to console her, she continued to cry loudly but did not remove her Lt hand from over her eyes. Her husband narrated her disease that she had been suffering for the last 6 yrs, causing intolerable pain and redness of the Lt eye. Her case was diagnosed as Chronic Scleritis.
He was also worried whether her disease was curable or not? After pacifying both of them, I took the case history in great detail

Q. How did this problem start?
A. Six yrs back I felt pain in my Lt eye which recurred every one or two months for one yr. Then followed redness of the eye. Redness increases with the acme of pain and the eye looks as if blood will ooze out with force. Pain is intolerable. It aggravates from exposure to sunlight or bright light. The agony and intensity of my sufferings continue for two or three days making it impossible to cook and I have to rely on hotel food. 

Q. Do you have any other problems?
A. That is all doctor Sahib, nothing more. Please do your best to restore my Lt eye's previous state to normalcy otherwise I am going to lose my eyesight. 

Mind : Due to prolonged suffering, she has become highly irritable and easily angered, beats her children when they ask for something and cries when she is consoled. 

Physical Generals
Desires : Fish and sweets
Aversions : Roti and fatty foods such as fats of meat.
Thirst : Frequent, for large quantity of cold water; even wakes from sleep at night to drink water
Intolerance : Exposure to Sun is unbearable; causes headache and vertigo.
Sweat : Profuse all over the body but feels uneasiness
Thermals : Hot patient
Sleep : Occasionally she starts from sleep due to dreams of thieves and checks doors and windows. After seeing them well closed, she again goes to sleep. 

Past, Personal and Family History : Not contributory

Clinical Diagnosis : A case of Chronic Scleritis.

Treatment : As the patient was coming from allopathic hands, so as a routine I prescribed her four powders of Carbo-veg 30 to be taken twice daily followed by 15 doses of aq. Solution of Natrum-mur 0/1 twice daily for a week
26/11/96: Patient came and reported that pain and redness aggravated too much for the first five or six days. Today I am feeling a little better.Placebo 6 was prescribed for a week twice daily
3/12/96: Pain and redness of the eye ameliorated. Placebo-8 twice daily for another week was prescribed.
14/12/96: Pain disappeared but redness appeared occasionally. Natrum-mur 0/3 was prescribed once daily in the morning for 15 days.
30/12/96: Redness appeared twice in a fortnight. Placebo-10 was prescribed for a month. 2/2/97: Patient was better. Placebo-2 for 1 month again twice daily.
5/3/97: No appearance of pain and redness of sclera. Placebo-13 was prescribed for a month twice daily.
6/4/97: Patient was reported to be better so again Placebo-14 was given for a month. 23/4/97: Redness appeared only once. Natrum-mur 0/5 in 15 doses was prescribed to be taken on alternative mornings for a month.
24/5/97: Patient recovered completely.