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Case Study

Cases of Prolapse Uterus
Dr Biren S Kagalwala
'Sep / Tub-b / Phos

Case 1
Mrs SPM aged 23 years from Surat, was a primipara when she came to my clinic.

Her complaints were:

  1. Nausea - vomiting during 1st three months for which took allopathic medicine. She was little comfortable during her 4th - 5th month of pregnancy. But during her 6th - 7th month, she developed uterine problems. She consulted her gynecologist who diagnosed it as 'Prolapsus - of uterus'. She was advised stitches and complete bed rest.

At this stage she consulted me to help her with Homoeopathic Medicine. I asked her many questions and the following points helped me find the similimum.

  1. Very irritable, easily offended with associated weeping tendency.
  2. Before pregnancy during her regular menstrual periods, she used to get severe pain, and had to take rest for a day or two. It also starts from abdomen down to thighs.
  3. She is very much fond of sour things, pickles etc.
  4. Also many times she used to get Dyspnoea worse after sleep with bad taste and profuse expectoration in the morning.

From the above points, I selected:

·         Irritable weeping.

·         Bearing down sensation

·         Likes sour things

·         Profuse bad taste expectoration.

Medicine selected: Sepia.

  1. Sepia C M 2 doses given for 5 days
  2. On 60th day she went for gynec check up, gynecologist found it a miracle as the uterus was in position.
  3. Then I gave Sepia C M one dose every two weeks, till she delivered a normal baby girl named Nirali.

Case 2
Mrs KK aged 39 years. She came with complaint of severe bleeding and pain in abdomen during menstruation period. I advised her to go for gynec-check up. It was diagnosed with the help of abdominal-pelvic sonography as "Uterine - Fibroid". Gynecologist gave her some allopathic medicine and told her that if required, uterus should be removed.

She came to my Homoeopathic clinic, I asked her many general and particular questions and following points are noted.

  1. In childhood when she was 8 years old, she had Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  2. In childhood she had great fear of darkness.
  3. She gets repeated attacks of cold and cough with Epistaxis but during this period also she gets craving for cold things.
  4. She likes salt and salty things to eat.
  5. Also her nature is very particular like wearing good clothes and keeping house very clean.

From above five important points, in Repertorial Rubics:

·         Childhood - Tuberculosis

·         Fear of darkness

·         Expistaxis

·         Bleeding tendency

·         Particular nature.

  1. I have started with Tub 200 x for 3 days daily one dose.
  2. Then Phos 10M two doses/day for 5 days. After 5 days bleeding stopped and abdominal pain decreased.
  3. Then Phos 10 M daily for 7 days, after 15 days Sonography done. Fibroid has reduced to a a small spot.
  4. Then Phos 10 M every month for 6 month.

Now Mrs KK is away from her complaints and enjoying her life thanking Homoeopathy.