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Case Study

I do not want to work in Jamnagar
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Carc / Sul / Tub

Mr VK, 27 came to me on 13-4-98. Almost newly married (3 yrs), he was transferred to Jamnagar on his company's mega project, whereas his wife's job dictated that she continue to live in Mumbai. He found this very irksome and lonesome, though he spent, every alternate weekend in Mumbai. He longed to be transferred back, and though he was manager in charge of the Planning Dept of the prestigious project, he was confused, felt low, unable to work, thought that he was just a small insignificant cog in the big machinery of people! His depression led to spells of smoking.

The Rest Of His Family: consisted of Fa 57; Mo 52 and a brother 22

Chief Complaints: 
Poor appetite since 2 yrs, AF irregular eating hours and eating at fast food joints. Uneasy, raw, sandpaper like feel; bitter taste and a bloated abdomen. AF fatty food - bread, butter, eggs > leaning back, loose clothes, exercise, > fasting3. Stools are small, dark, with not-done feeling. Occasional burning, with bleeding < chillies. An sigmoidoscopy done in June 98 revealed Rectal Polyps.

Associated Complaints: Patchy hair loss on chin, 2 circular spots of about 1½ cms - totally devoid of hair.

Pt As A Person:
Tall, well built, about 84 kg, high myopia Rt -6.5 and Lt-7.0
Feels very hot and profuse perspiration
Appetite: poor, with acidity and dryness.
Cravings: alcohol, beer, black coffee3, fish2, and sweets2
Mind: Impatient, irritable, frustrated easily, suppressed anger. Constantly thinks about future and plans for it. Takes work seriously. He has few friends except his wife. Protective to kid brother, but any disobedience angers patient.
Spends little on himself but easily on wife, often impulsively. Likes adventure- trekking and bungee-jumping. Very fastidious. Talks hurriedly and excitedly.
Sleep: good
Thermals: Likes winter and dry weather. Does not like AC, Bath warm.

Normal Routine:
6am: Wakes up. Routine jobs
9am: leaves for work,
1pm: Lunch in restaurant.
9.30 pm: returns home

Life Space:
1969: Born in Dehradunn. Chubby baby. Father with ISP
1974: Joined school.
1979: Had to wear spectacles, so could not play sports
1986: Joined Rourkee University and did Industrial Engineering.
1990: Took up a job in Delhi, where he met his wife, who was a chemical Engineer.
1994: Joined present company in Mumbai.
1995: April - married.
1995: Sept - transferred to Jamnagar, while wife is in Mumbai where she is employed. Pt comes only at alternate weekends.

Pt very upset with this situation. Nor is he happy with job content. 5,000 people working on the job, so feels he is only a small cog; as if no purpose, no co-ordination; he is just caught in a huge set-up. Though wife was supportive he is unhappy.

Overall Impression: The patient looks a little immature, talks like a kid and behaves like a child, unable to cope with realities of life. As if his ideas and actuality not quite in tune.

Diagnosis: Amoebic Colitis


Pg No

Robbin's Rep


Anger violent fits of




Impatience work in




Desire mental work, busy


Plans making many


> Work




Hasty speech


Av bread


< fasting


Cr Alcohol coffee3, fish2, sweets2


Diarrhoea alternates with constipation. 


AF fatty food- bread, butter

Group Of Remedies From Repertorial Filter



Nuv-v 21/11
Ars-a 13/7
Chin 13/7
Ign 12/7

Sep 18/11
Sul 19/9
Lach 18/9
Lyco 14/8
Calc 11/8
Nat-m 14/7
Con 13/7
Phos 11/7

Planning And Programming
Acute Nux-vom 30/200
Constitutional: Sul

Phatak's MM Says Of Sulphur:
Childish peevishness in grown up people.
Aversion to business
Aversion to mental and physical work.

13-4-98 Sul 200-1 dose
18-4-98 No Allopathic tablets. Dark stools > 50% Bloating >
8-6-98 Much better till now. Once dark stool again. Sul 200-2nd dose
6-7-98 Constipation OD. Otherwise generally better. Even now unenthusiastic about work. Sul 200-3rd dose.

31-8-98: son born. Very excited. Tense about travel. Alopaecia patch on chin ++ Sul 200-1
By 1999 much better, but
27-3-99 Alopaecia Tub-b 1M -1
7-5-99 All complaints better for 10mths except Alopaecia (Alopaecia falls under syphilitic Miasm but Syphil -the remedy hardly fitt his pt. Whereas the Fastidious nature with carefull planning points to Carc). Carc 1M-1dose
Oct 99: patch 75% better. 2-3 doses of Carc have been equired. On all other counts pt has been well for 1 yr. No further active treatment. Happy and settled in work, though still in Jamnagar. Even his speech shows a minimal but distinct change.

Conclusion: a case where we were able to achieve optimum results in terms of the physical and mental adaptability, so important for continued good health.