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Case Study

Fulminating Tb with Pleural Effusion
Dr Madhusudan Adoni

Introduction: Dr Burnett has contributed much in treating Tuberculosis with only Tuberculinum and Bacillinum remedies. Basically both are same. This case is presented to illustrate this observation.

Name: Ms L S Age 20 yrs Date: 28/08/96
Chief Complaints: Fever, Cough, Difficulty in breathing, stitching pain on Rt side of chest, extreme debility and prostration.

Present History: She was admitted in a rural hospital for Rt sided pleural effusion of Tuberculosis on 18-8-96 and treated with AKT . Her condition worsened and she took discharge against medical advice. She came to me in a dire state. According to advise of our master, Dr James Compton Burnett, I straightway gave her 3 packets of Tuberculinum 1M daily- Aug 28th , 29th and 30th and advised bed rest and light diet.

After one week she was almost in a healthy state with amelioration of all the complaints and came alone for follow up. Given weekly single dose of Tuberculinum 1M with sac-lac for rest of the week, for 4 weeks. Repeat X-ray chest on 18/09/96 showed that the Bilateral active pulmonary Koch's Effusion on Rt side had subsided completely [unfortunately I do not have previous x-rays of rural hospital to support Rt pleural effusion]. In about 3 months, after 12 doses of Tuberculinum, all symptoms of the disease vanished completely. The patient was in complete good health.

Follow up XR chest -25 Dec 1996: No Pulmonary or cardiac pathology.

Inference: This illustrates our skill to cure such a deadly and killer disease like Tuberculosis, in a gentle and permanent way on easily comprehensible homoeopathic manner while restoring the whole person to health.

WHO estimates that 1.7 billion people, a third of the world population is infected with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis of which India accounts for 40%. In India 5 lakh people are infected with TB and HIV. In all 3 million of TB cases die every year of which about 5 lakh deaths per year are in India alone. This is only because of MDR (Multi Drug Resistance) TB. So this case will show us how our Homoeopathic nosode and miasmatic drug Tuberculinum can help in controlling this dreaded disease.

I appeal to all our fellow Homoeopaths and students to pay tributes to our great masters Dr Hahnemann and Dr James Burnett by treating Tuberculosis with Homoeopathy and helping our national program to control and eradicate Tuberculosis.

About Potency: Here I would like to add few words stated by Dr Burnett. He says, only high dilutions to be used. If you give the doses too often you will fail, as I formerly did before I learnt the lesson that the pathological similimum of a disease must be administered in high potency and infrequently. Moreover, as a rule, worse the case, the higher the potency. Mind you, this is only for Tuberculinum and other nosodes.

X-Ray Chest Report
Date: September 18, 1996 Name: Laxmibai Sarwan
Ref: Dr M R Adoni
X-ray chest pa view:
Fibrocaseous lesions noted in both lungs.
No pleural pathology, no hilar or Paratrachael lymphadenopathy.
Heart aorta Normal.
Bony thorax normal.
Opinion: Bilateral Pulmonary Kochs (active).

Date: December 25, 1996
Name: Laxmibai Sarwan
Ref: Dr M R Adoni
X-ray chest pa view
Both lungs clear. No pleural pathology
No hilar or paratrachael adenopathy.
Cardiac configuration and cardiothorasic ratio normal.
Both domes of diaphragms normal.
Bony thorax normal.
Opinion: No Pulmonary or Cardiac Pathology


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