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Case Study

My Early Experiences in TB
Dr Jyothi U

Case 1:
Female 30 yrs old came with pain in left wrist joint and tremendous weakness since 4 years. Pt on analgesics and anti-tubercular drugs since 1and1/2 yrs with no improvement. Orthopedic surgeon diagnosed "Tuberculosis of left Wrist". X-ray confirmed the diagnosis.
Pain first started in first pregnancy 4 yrs back and continues till today < exertion, change of weather, AC room. Patient was very weak. Hb- 9gms.

P/H - Not significant
Elder brother----Allergic Bronchitis

Personal History: 
WT: 41 Kgs, HT: 5ft 2".
Chilly patient. Poor APPETITE.

Menstrual History: Menarche: 12 years
Menses early, moderate flow, 4-5 days/20- 22 days.
Watery leucorrhea everyday. No itching, no stains. Sleep increased; needs10-12 hrs/day. Not possible due to job; so weakness continued. Patient worried about health as planning for 2nd child.

I decided to treat her pain first. Gave few doses of Rhus-tox 200.
10% of pain reduced. Repeated doses of Rhus-tox then in higher potency frequently: no relief.
I referred to "Clinical Materia Medica" by E Farrington.
Farrington page 231 has compared Rhus-tox with other drugs like Anacardium, Conium, Lyco, Pulsatilla, Ferrum, Rhododendron.
On careful differentiation, I found Rhododendron most suited. Rhododendron 200 TDS x 3 d
After 5 days: 50% improvement.
I repeated Rhododendron whenever required.
In between, I gave her Drosera 200 twice and Drosera 1M thrice in 9 months. (Issue Editor: Reasoning not clear though the improvement is in no doubt, you have to give more reasons.)
After 9 months: Wt 50 kgs.
Whenever she brings her friends and relative for consultation, I always enquire about her pain. But she has had no pain after treatment. She delivered her 2nd child recently with no recurrence of pain during pregnancy.

Reasons For Selecting Rhododendron:

  1. Pain in bones of hands.
  2. Great susceptibility to changes in the weather particularly from warm to cold.
  3. Useful in Chronic rheumatism affecting the smaller joints.

(Ed: Such results should be substantiated by follow up x-ray and other investigations which we have asked the author to supply).

Case 2: Anxious Young Doctor
During my internship, I decided to learn more about practical part of Homoeopathic remedies and not only read for exams. So I would treat every friend and relative and take his/her case. After working the case, I would ask advice of senior physicians. This method has helped me learn more about Homoeopathic remedies.

One such case was of a medical student whom I knew well. She was 18 yrs old and complained of frequent attacks of fever and weakness since 5 months. She had been hospitalized twice and both times diagnosed as "TYPHOID FEVER" and treated with allopathic medicines.

Fever 100-101 0 F frequently since 4-5 months. Fever continuous for 6-7 days, feels better for 2-3 days and then again fever for 6-7 days. This was the cycle.
No particular modality seen
Generalized weakness and no interest to work and studies during fever.
Wt: 38 Kgs (same since 5-6 years)
No cough. No diarrhoea. No chill
ESR - 10 mm/hr Hb- 11.2 Gms
P/H: frequent Cough and cold in childhood
F/H: Mother - Gall stones
PGF: Tuberculosis in old age.

Menstrual History:
Menarche: 10 yrs. Regular moderate flow.

Physical Examination: NAD
After discussing with senior physician, two doses of Tub 10 M.

Reasons For Selection

  1. Continuous fever
  2. Bad general health
  3. Intelligent
  4. Early menses

Follow Up
For 1 week: good improvement. No fever renewed interest in her work and studies. 8th day: patient came to me running, very tense, and showed her neck - small orange sized swelling on both sides.
Both cervical lymph nodes were enlarged for first time.

This young doctor (me) had never before seen such big enlarged lymph nodes!
I also was so tense that I started asking excuse for not treating her.
(Lack of knowledge and courage!)
But patient repeatedly assured me that except the enlarged lymph nodes she was better. To add to my tension, my teacher who advised me was out of station.
Consulted other senior physician, X-RAY chest done: Koch's lesion in the left lung. Patient continued the medication with senior doctor and felt better after few months without a single attack of fever.

But my question which remains with me till today is
Did patient really have Tuberculosis before giving Tub 10M?
Was it medical aggravation?

Different Views

  1. Some doctors said that it was a good sign since patient feeling better though with enlarged cervical lymph nodes.
  2. Some said that medicine caused symptoms of Tuberculosis.
  3. Many felt that medicine was indicated but potency was too high, that was the reason why lymph nodes were enlarged.


What do you say doctor?
(Issue Editor: Good question. To understand this, one must read the previous issue- 3/2000 of NJH, where Dr Jain has given a detailed outline in handling simple and advanced cases of Tuberculosis again and again. Once we understand the basis outlined in this issue, we can start treating. Even then difficulties do arise. That is the time we need personalized help. So I have specifically asked Dr C B Jain. He is open for help. Email him fully taken cases and ask for advice. I myself got a case of TB after the first issue. With Dr.C B Jain's help this case is progressing well. It is now 2 months.)