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Case Study

Case Of Bronchial Asthma.
Kishore Mehta.
` Lach.

A 3 year old boy Master X, came with his parents on 28th August 1987 for the following complaints -


  1. Location
    Respiratory System - Nose
  2. Sensation 
    Watering and sneezing
  3. Modalities
  4. Colds 
    Cough-dry - expectoration wet, sticky, scanty, causing difficulty in breathing.
  5. Sore throat

Worse - change of weather, cold, damp, sweet, seaside, fruit juice, tomatoes, night, lying on left side. Better - sitting, fanning, dry weather, bronchodilators and occassional steroids.

Concomitants - Afebrile, cranky, violent, throws things. Decreased appetite


Mind - Active, easily irritated, playful
Appearance - Stocky, hair scanty, weight 12 kg. short in height, fair looking, teeth protruding.


Craving-curd, ice-cream, sweat, Stool-constipated (3) till 1986. Urine-enuresis at times in 1st sleep but he awakens and changes. Perspiration-Profuse all over body. No stains or odour.

Birth and Childhood (landmarks and developments) -

  1. Birth-aided by forceps.
  2. Birth weight 3-4 kg.
  3. Vaccination-all given.
  4. History of frequent vomiting and indigestion from milk.

Mile stones:

Teething-at 11th months.
Walking 10th month.
Talking-doesnt speak clearly
Skin: NAD.
Thermal: C2H3
Breast feeding till 10th month.

Life Space:

Patient is coming from upper middle class Gujarati vaishnav business family. He is first-born of eldest brother of the joint family. His up-bringing is very lavish, protected and over pampered. Gets everything from Grandfather, who, as mother says has spoilt him. He is very playful. Also very irritable; fights with everyone; even bites. He throws things out of tantrums. Obstinate. Appears bold but is fearful. Fear of dark or being alone. Very possessive and jealous. Birth of the second child in house of his brother has made him more violent. He often tries to throw his brother form cradle or if no one is looking tries to even hit him. But if any body talks of taking away his brother he fights with that person. Breast feeding the younger brother makes him jealous. His mother is strict where as father is quiet. Grandmother and Grandfather take utmost care of this child. Till he was 10 months old, he had no illness. He got measles at 11 months.

After measles at 14 years, he became little more irritable and developed diarrhoeas and was given allopathic mediaries. Within a few weeks, he developed cold, cough and fever. No treatment helped and he developed Bronchial Asthma. Particularly after birth of his brother there is total change in his behaviour. His sleep is normal (at times enuresis). Talks in sleep.

Past History:

10th month - measles
1 year 3 months - Diarrhoea.

Family History:

Father - Hypertension
Grand Father - Joint pains, osteoarthritis.

Examination Findings:

Throat - Tongue-NAD.
No palpable glands.
Chest occasional rhonchi
Teeth protruded, irregular
Weight-12 kg.



  1. Miasm
    Dominant-Sycosis because of modalities.
  2. Sector - Respiratory system symptoms fully developed with characteristics though on allopathic medicine.
  3. Chronology: Measles leading to Diarrhoea leading to respiratory problem.
  4. Important event: Brothers entry changing his attitude; he is not speaking well.
  5. Disposition:
    Mentals (Derived from Life space) - Irritable, Violent, Possessive, Jealous, Fearful

Physical -

Thermal - C2H3
Craving - ice - creams - sweets
Perspiration - +++
Integrating the above, we get the following picture -.Those basic mental traits of this child have come up on surface, conducive to the environment available to him ie pampering and siblings birth. At the physical level measles followed by diarrhoea and then Respiratory complaints permit us to conclude how suppressions lead to further march of disease from skin to MM (G<9) to respiratory. The last stroke (the birth of new baby) choked him which he expressed through Asthma.

Thus, if we see the present condition as a continuation of the previous state, then one will have to take all the data from age 10 months till today to make the totality. Following data comes up.


Based on the above understanding Lachesisis clearly indicated. Now only potency and repetition have to be decided, based on -.


  1. At Sector level-high
  2. At General level-high
  3. Suppression-high

But the characteristic factor of suppression and susceptibility is not evident.

Level of similarity is also very high. Dominant miasm is sycotic.


High potency ie 1 M (and above) with infrequent repetition is required.
PLAN: Lachesis1 M one dose.


6-9-87-Cold, cough worse but has not led to asthmatic attack. Treatment-Lachesis1M (second dose II)
15-9-87-Cough worse night vomited ++ Treatment-SL
(Remark-Definitely better).
22-9-87-Better. Treatment - SL 10-10-87-Diarrhoea profuse, 8 to 10 times a day. No breathlessness or cough. Treatment-SL
12-10-87-Better. Treatment-SL
12-12-87-No respiratory or GIT complaints. Treatment-No medicine required.

Since then the patient has had no attacks of asthma. He however does come for some minor complaints of indigestion or cold, cough for which he is given the indicated drug. Now he is 11 years, very stocky, mischievous and talkative. Still fights with younger brother who is also our patient and is Nat-mur so he is able to hold his own.


A case must be studied in its evolution from conception onwards. Nothing down data without correlation does not make a whole case and we may miss the integrated view. Evolution-Phases-Susceptibility-Miasms and Chronology make the whole. Only then, during the course of treatment, will Herings law be demonstrated and a complete cure achieved.