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Case Study

Case 19: Mutilating His Body?
Compiled by
T K Kasiviswanathan
'Puls / Ars / Agar / Hyos / Bell / Stram

This is a case in which Dr Muthukumar helped his colleague find the appropriate remedy. A young boy aged 18 had been suffering from asthma for the past 5-6 years. His sister and father were also asthmatics. Various treatments were tried but failed. There were only some vague symptoms and on that basis Puls was prescribed but without any relief. While discussing this case the other doctor mentioned about the peculiar mannerism of the boy. He had the habit of pulling and twisting his ears, biting his nails and even some of the skin on the fingers.

Rubric selected: "Mutilating his body (Kent p54)- Ars though Synthetic repertory has more remedies such as Agar, Hyos, Bell, Stram, which the doctor said that he was not aware then.

Ars was prescribed and such attacks became rare. Dr Muthukumar says that Ars works better if given on such indications rather than on common symptoms.