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Case Study

Her Anaemia responded to Homoeopathy
Dr Sonu Mehrotra
'Manganum-aceticum / China

A female patient, 56 years, came with Anaemia in early 1999.
She complained of too much weakness and exhaustion; this weakness had commenced after the birth of her 4th child by caesarian (pt was 36 yrs then). The report in Jan 99 showed the percentage of Hb was 7.5 gm%.

Patient As A Person:
- wants to eat but unable to because of recurrent ulcers in mouth.
Thirst - normal
Craving - for nothing
Aversion- cold
Bowels - constipated
Micturation - normal
Sleep - disturbed because of continuous dreams (no specific dreams). Through out the night she constantly dreams, which makes her exhausted and does not allow her to wake up fresh.
At present - I found her very weak with no desire to work. She also looked pale and weak.
Children: 4 http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif 3 daughters and a son all through caesarian; had 2 induced abortions also as her husband wanted a son and USG showed these to be female.
Skin - itching eruptions for last 2 years in soles. Itching AGG cold weather and cold water.

Menstruation - h/o regular cycles but complained of scanty bleeding always. Past 2 years only few drops of blood. No pain before and during menses.
Leucorrhoea - not present
Respiratory - cough only in cold weather, which is always better by lying down.
Joints - pains in all joints with red swelling and joints felt hot externally.
Feels weakness in all joints.
AGG - winter and rainy seasons and by touch.
Thermals - Chilly patient. AGG Winter and rainy seasons.

Past History - had jaundice in childhood.
2 induced abortion with profuse bleeding; needed blood transfusion.
Vaccination - completed.

Family History - not contributory
Treatment given - took allopathic medicine along with syrup but could not get any relief therefore blood was transfused twice but again the same condition after few months.

When I took the whole history, I thought that the lady in menopausal age may aggravate the insecurity which must surely have begun when she begat 3 daughters, one after another, and had to suffer much because of that. The arrival of the son so late in life, could not completely wipe out those tortuous years, and the memories began to resurface during menopause. The continuous dreams were the results of her fear not having a male child and her husband might discard her. Whenever a case comes to me generally I consult Boericke's Materia Medica. A few medicines emerged in my mind like Lecithin, Ferrum-met, China and Manganum-aceticum. When I went through the write-up on Manganum-acet I found it to produce anaemia with pain in joints aggravated by cold wet weather. She was having eczema in soles for last 2 years probably because of menopause.

I gave her Manganum-aceticum 200 thrice a week along with China Q10 drops daily. China was given for her severe loss and debility. The result surprised even me. No cough that winter, and her pain in joints was better and most of all, her Hb% went up by 2%Gms to 9.5% gms within two months. After initial 2 mths, I followed up the case by giving Manganum-aceticum weekly and China Q twice a week. Last Hb% in Feb 2000 was 11.5% gms and she did not have menses for last two months. The condition of her eczema is much better and she is still under observation. She was under treatment for almost 2y and improved in all aspects.