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Case Study

Gall stones Cured by Homeopathy
Dr (Mrs) B S Suvarna
'Thlapsi-bursa-pastoris / Berb-v / Card-mar / Chel / China / Acon / Mag-phipec / Phos / Merc-sol

[Ed: an enthusiastic member of the NJH family, who has written a case for the first time in NJH, has sent this case. This case has most conclusively given the results, but result alone is not enough. We would have been happier if single remedies had been given and the effect judged. We hope the author will give such cases in the future]

An old lady of 74 yrs, a housewife, came to me on 22-2-2000, with the ultra sonography report showing Gall Stones. Had Gall Stones since 8 months. She wanted to try homoeopathic treatment out of fear of operation, which the allopathic doctors had advised. She had come to from very far off to consult me

USG 21-10-1999: Gall bladder well distended, wall not thickened, multiple fine Calculi seen.

Impression: Cholecystolitiasis

Present Complaints: Intermittent Pain in region of Gall bladder, radiating to other side. Pain daily aggravated after eating, evening and night. Right now she got acute pain in the GB

  1. Cough since 10 days < morning

Migraine headache since 8 years with severe vomiting when acute.

  1. Giddiness, mouth ulcers, sleeplessness, excess salivation, cough with phlegm,. Acute colics,
  2. Acidity, burning, belching, Severe chest-burning, sour belching
  3. Sciatica, bodyache arthritis especially in knees though since 10 y all joints pain, even neck pain- pulling
  4. Weakness, tiredness

Pt as a Person
Weight 40 kgs.
Appetite-poor. Desire: Warm Food.
Aversion: Acids, oily food.
Vomiting easy and acute
Urine: urgency of urine and motion daily 4 times
Sleep: Loss of sleep from pain. Sleeps on left side.

Past History: Gums bleeding.
After considering above symptoms and lab reports, I started homoeopathic treatment on 22-2-2000.

Planning And Programming:
 Calcarea carb 200 TDS x 1mth.
Reasons for selection:

  1. Mental symptom: Irritable, Anxiety - anticipatory, likes company
  2. Physical stmptoms: Sluggish in movements. Stools hard and loose.
  3. Thermal state: chilly, catches cold easily
  4. Hands cold to touch. Cold feet
  5. chAracteristic: sor vomiting
  6. Particulars: pain abdomen - pricking < inspiration +++ < heavy meals ++. Abdomen Heaviness ++ Distension++, weakness +++ Nausea ++

Supportive Treatment: is found very useful in gall-stones: some mother tinctures which can help alongside of the constituional to dissolve the stones, what we call pathological prescription:

  1. Thlapsi bussa pstoris 30- daily 3 times.
  2. Berberis- vulgaris Q + Hydrastis Q- 30ml daily 3 times for one month.
  3. Cardus- mar Q- 30 ml daily 3 times.

Other Remedies:

  1. Chelidonium 30 -30 ml pills, daily 3 doses.
  2. China 200- 30 ml pills, daily 3 times.

Acutes: as and when required:
Aconite 30- when severe pain in the Gall bladder along with Mag-phos 6X
Ipecac 30: SOS for vomiting.
Phosphorus 200: SOS for Gum bleeding.
Merc-sol 200: mouth ulcers and salivation

These were given to her, as she was an old lady, with multiple complaints and little mobility. But she had to use little acutes as most of her complaints were helped by the constitutional remedy itself.

Follow-Up 1 Mth Later:
Ultrasonography 29-3-2000:
Gall bladder normal in size and thickness; there was no stone in gall bladder & it was normal. General health improved, weight 46 kgs, no vomiting, good sleep, appetite is good, urine normal, motion normal, Gum bleeding stopped, month ulcers cured, no tiredness. No body ache, digestion good, no acidity, no headache, no pain. All the complaints cured as reported by her. I prescribed some mother tinctures for her general weakness and to recoup from the disease, taking into consideration her age.
Hydrastis Q- 30 ml 2. Alfa- alfa Q- 30 ml

2nd Monthly Follow-Up
Wt= 49 kgs. Cheerful. All complaints better.

Conclusion: This case gave me deep satisfaction. I was very happy to help this old lady and to avoid surgery, which in old age often proves very traumatic.