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Case Study

Dominating boy
Dr Jagose
'Nux-v / Nat-s

Homoeopathy is a complete science based on both inductive and deductive logic. It has good scope in allergic disorders whereby desensitization takes place to the antigen involved and the patient is ultimately free from the disease condition. To achieve this, the Homoeopathic physician must be knowledgeable to integrate skillfully the writings of our Master Dr S Hahnemann as per the sixth edition of Organon and accordingly form a portrait of the disease from his knowledge of Materia Medica in order to find the Similimum.

Let me now demonstrate a case, which will highlight the above writings.

Case Presentation
12 yr old boy came with the Chief Complaint of violent sneezing since 2 yrs. ODP: A/f Exposure to dust. Sneezing 40-50 times continuously, worse every morning from 5-7 am. Occasionally there is bleeding from the nose which gets blocked after bouts of sneezing, accompanied by nausea. Attacks come periodically every rainy season3.

Patient had taken allopathic treatment without any relief over the past 2 years.

P/H: Amoebiasis 1989. Measles 1995. Ringworm infestation in groin 1987. Chicken pox 1987. Head injury at 1 year of age. No h/o pica.

Developmental History: Normal.

F/H: Fa- Bronchial Asthma. Mo and Uncle- Allergic Rhinitis.

Personal History
Appetite: Normal.
Thirst: For cold water
Urine: Normal. Stool: Occasionally constipated.
Craving: Chicken, Hot food.
Aversion: Milk³
Flatulence: Rumbling in abdomen after meals.
Perspiration: Neck³
Thermal: Hot
Sleep: Sound, grinding of teeth in sleep.
Dreams: Frightful; of witches and ghosts.

Mentals: Obstinate³, dominating. Irritability³ with temper tantrums. Sentimental³. Weeps easily > by consolation. Fear of dark and lizards. Fault finding and jealous by nature. Likes to be in company.

O/E: G C Good, Wavy motion of tongue.

Qualitative Totality: Non Reportorial Approach
Sycotic background.
Dominating disposition.
Sentimental³. Weeps easily
Frightful dreams.
Aversion: Milk³
Sneezing < morning, 5-7am, < Rains.

23/11/1991: Nux-vom TDS for 7 days.
30/11/1991: Slightly better. No nausea. C/C SQ. Nux-vom 200 TDS for 7 days.
08/12/1991: SQ. Nat-sulph 200 TDS for 7 days.
11/12/1991: Complete amelioration of all complaints.
The patient did not turn up for the subsequent follow up, but it was learnt from patient's father in 2003 when he had come for his treatment that his son was in good health.

Conclusion: An accurately selected remedy in accordance with the Law of Similar based on totalityof symptoms will help to achieve cure in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner.

In this case the acute remedy Nux-vom only helped the patient to some extent where by the concomitant symptom of nausea was relieved, the chief complaints remaining status quo.

The constitutional remedy Nat-sulph gave instantaneous relief to the patient as the dominant miasm and fundamental miasm obtained through the chief complaint and predisposition of the patient were both sycotic in origin.

The susceptibility in this case was high, but a medium potency 200 was used in order, not to precipitate an aggravation. It was repeated frequently on basis of origin, speed, depth, intensity and pathology which called for frequent repetition of the remedy.