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Case Study

Miasmatic Approach to Cases of Allergy
Dr Kishore Mehta
'Chloral-hydrate / Ferr-iod / Bell

These two cases are presented with the objective of how to manage acute allergic condition with Homoeopathy. Both cases are Psoric-allergic in nature. But in both cases potency selection varied. I have given the approach, the reasoning and the thinking under the respective cases.

There are a number of other allergic conditions like Dust allergy, pollens, chemical allergy, iatrogenic drug allergy, Radiation, weather etc affecting skin, mucous membrane of GI tract, GUT and Respiratory tract.

The management of this requires total comprehension of susceptibility and sensitivity of the individual. Two cases may not give the full idea but the concept derived can be generalized.

Case 1: Acute Afebrile Case of Urticaria
Mrs A/ 37yrs/ Married.
This lady came with complaints of severe itching with urticarial rashes all over the body. Eruptions erythematous, with red wheals. Everything started just the previous night. She started feeling cold, then gradually the itching started spreading from head to feet. She felt better after taking a bath in morning. Going over the events, we found that the last few days she exerted a lot in marriage parties, which led to lack of sleep.

The night before she took strong coffee, and had heavy meals. She also had headache since this morning, both temples and forehead. She has breathing difficulties with palpitation.

O/E skin urticarial rashes all over body in wheals, chest-mild ronchi, body cold.

Acute Totality: A/F Stimulants, late nights, exertion, Coldness Of Body, Itching < night, > warmth

Headache with urticaria, breathing difficulty with urticaria, palpitation with itching Chloral-hydrate 30 one dose relieved her apparently I thought to give Nux-vomica or Arsenic- Alb or Rhus-tox but one shocking feature was that her skin was cold to touch, though there were urticaria rashes; ie where we would normally expect the skin to be warm.

During my working in Dermatology Dept at ICR Malad hospital, I used to make acute totality of various Acute drugs for urticaria, eczema, carbuncles boils etc. At that time, I came across this drug which I read in Dr William Boerrick's Materia Medica. Here I found the four characteristic expression.

·         Body cold to touch

·         Headache with urticaria

·         Breathing difficulty with urticaria

·         Palpitation with itching

All of them present in Chloral-hydrate.
This made me prescribe Chloral-hydrate in 30 potency.

Note: In acute condition with Psoric miasmatic activity expressing on skin or mucus membrane and with sensitivity being very high, do not give high potency. Although susceptibility is high it produces unwanted aggravations. One dose in such cases is sufficient and do not repeat.

Case 2: Keynote Prescription in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Disease.
A male patient Mr S V aged 31 yrs was referred by an ophthalmologist on 24/7/02 with the diagnosis of Kerato-Blepharo-conjunctivitis. He works in a Hotel as an accountant. Fair, of medium height and normal built. His eyes were blood shot red with pain and he was nervous about recovery because the allopaths had no answer to his problems. He was also on steroid responder which minimized his chances of recovery. No other modalities, sensations and concomitants were available. He was aggravated by light.

Physical Generals
Craving Chicken 3. Noise irritates him.
Since he had a lot of pain, it was not possible to go into very much details of his life space. But some data could be collected. He is very sensitive, excitable and irritable. Face and ears become red when he is angry. He believes whatever he says is only right and gets aggravated if contradicted.

On Examination: Eyes Congested, fiery red, conjunctiva red and granulated. General examination NAD.

Following symptoms were considered for prescription

  1. Irritable trifles at
  2. Easily excited
  3. Flushing of face when angry
  4. Sensitive to noise
  5. Sensitive to light
  6. Craving for chicken
  7. Eyes Conjunctiva fiery red

Keynotes considered Flushing of face, Easily excited, Craving for chicken
Ferrum-iod 1M one dose
Bell 10M SOS

31/7/02 Discharge reduced. Redness increased Bell 10M was not taken. SL

28/7/02 Patient came after one year for the same complaints but with less Intensity of the symptoms. Ferrum-iod 10M one dose

6/8/03 Patient got severe aggravation for which he again put Eye drops given by ophthalmologist. Belladonna 10M SOS did not work. SL

16/8/03 Redness of eyes improved. SL

10/9/03 No complaints of eyes. He had stopped eye drops by 18-8. SL

No complaints since then.

This is a case of Acute exacerbation of chronic Allergic condition of eyes. It is not episodic or belonging to condition like that of indisposition as explained in Organon. It is recurrent and cortisone also has played a contrary response.

In this bad effect of Predrisolon, the susceptitbility and sensitivity of the patient is not distorted. It is as high as ever. There was no itching but eyes were red. Therefore high potency medicine was selected. On Retrospective study it was that Belladonna was given due to physician's Anxiety. Fortunally patient did not take it.