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Prescribing on casuses
Dr A Venkatachalam
'Ars-a / Ars-a / Syph / Sul / Tub-b

Allergy: A word derived from Greek. ALLOS means other. Any agent capable of producing a state of manifestation of Allergy, an altered state of exaggerated susceptibility (hypersensitivity) to various foreign substances or physical agents. Altogether it is an antigen antibody reaction.

The Cause of Allergy: Too numerous to enumerate. It is said that every thing under the sun including the sun can cause allergy; some more than others eg. A large no of people are allergic to sea food like prawns, crabs etc whereas only a few may be allergic to potato. It can be caused by variety of mediators of which HISTAMINE is probably the most common. The release of histamine is by our own body cells or by direct release by stings and insect bites.

What All Problems Can Allergy Cause?
It causes simple urticaria, giant urticaria, itching of the skin with or without oedema, irritation, pain, discoloration and pigmentation over skin, rhinitis, asthma, diarrhoea and sometimes anaphylactic shock leading to death and long lasting serum sickness, discomfort and mental agony. In most of the cases it is harmless for many individuals.

Homoeopathic Management of Allergy
Aphorism 94 insists the particular circumstances of the patient with regard to his ordinary occupation, his usual mode of living and diet; his domestic situation and so forth to be inquired, must be well considered and scrutinized to ascertain, what produces or maintains disease, so that their removal may be promoted.

Sudden and acute urticarial rash caused by the food, nettle fish, insect bite and drugs of other systems, responds instantaneously to homoeopathy, to the astonished happiness of patient and relatives

Case 1: A case from memory of 5 yrs ago. My clinic is attached to my house, so I cannot refuse any patient. I was eating my lunch at 1 pm when the child was brought in by the father in a panic. The 3-yr old child after taking chicken, suddenly developed urticarial rashes all over the body and the ear lobe became double its normal size with redness and scratching. A dose of Ars-alb 1M cured the patient within 10 to 15 minutes.

Case 2: Painting of house caused allergic urticarial rash in an 2 yr child- my own granddaughter, which vanished by a dose of Ars-alb 200.

Case 3: A 30 yr patient used to get giant urticaria (upto 2" in diameter), with itching and burning and swelling on lips, lower eyelids and even body. When he was treated with conventional Ars-alb, Apis-mel, Hepar-sulph and Petroleum the skin symptoms became better but he got swelling of the knee and was unable to walk. When knee swelling improved, skin symptoms would reappear again and vice versa. Then Urtica-urens was given on the basis of 'Rheumatism associated with urticaria like eruptions'-Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, W Boericke) but elicited only minimal amelioration.

Next day, a casual inquiry, about the oil used for cooking, elicited the information that he used only Til oil. I remembered that my one brother used to get urticarial rash if the seeds of the Til oil were included in the eatables. When I advised him to switch over to other oil he was completely cured. Removing the cause affected this.

Aphorism 3 says ......If finally, he knows the obstacles to recovery in each case and is, aware how to remove them, so that the restoration may be permanent.

Case 4: Another lady consulted me for skin allergy of ten years duration. Attack would come every 2-3 yrs and remain for a long while. This current attack was continuing for 6 mths, not responding to any treatment. P/H Sneezing, colds and burning of eyes form childhood. Frequent insect bites, leaving long-standing black marks on skin. Menstrual periods regular with occasional white discharge. Thirst less; takes much coffee and tea. Fond of sour³ and chilies. Averse to Idli and Dosa (south Indian snacks from fermented dough) which causes nausea and vomiting.

A peculiar sensation: feeling of something in throat with night aggravation. Partial relief with Ars-alb, Apis-mel, Pulsatilla but completely cured by Syphillinum. (anti-miasmatic drug)

Case 5: A 5yr-old was brought to me by his carpenter father, for wheezing since the age of 2 yrs. Consulted various doctors and other systems. Finally the TB specialist diagnosed it as primary complex and started giving anti-TB drugs Rx Cinex Kid tabs (combination of Rifampicin and Isonex). Even after 6 months treatment, the boy was not relieved from the cough and wheezing. Throughout the night, cough disturbed the parents as well as neighbours. Blood test, 8-2-1991(T.C 8600, Polymorphs 56%, lymphocytes 21%, Eosinophils 23% and Mantoux test +ve)

O/E: 2-9-91: Rales +++ with cough < left side. The patient was lean, had anorexia, aggravated by head bath and drinking cold water. This along with the night aggravation and long duration of complaints, confirmed Sulph

2/9/91: A dose of Sulphur 30 was given on that day with placebos.

8/9/91. I examined the patient -no sign of rales present. Father reported: the patient slept well with only occasional cough. I gave some more placebos and asked him to come on next week.

17/9/91: O/E patient was well. Father said that he was having little cough with little phlegm. Sulph 200 one dose was given- the change in potency was given to ensure smoother action. Patient started eating well, had head bath and drank cold water without any problem. The case was closed with one dose of Tuberculinum 1M, as the anti-tubercular remedy.

Allergy, is a vast subject, only a small portion is being analyzed here.

What are the immediate solutions needed in a critical time in known and uncomplicated cases? The release of the histamine is the major factor and the use of Arsenic-album in different potencies is to be considered.

In another case of allergic Asthma, which was wrongly diagnosed solely on the basis of the blood result and the TB drugs were wrongly administered. (Coordinating Editor: It may have been primary complex and would have got cured with 6 mths therapy. Allergic asthma may have been an associated condition. Eosinophil count should have been repeated again after 1mth)

In the next millennium the services of Homeopathic practitioners will be a boon to mankind. It would be appreciated by one and all, due to the flow of more modern and new drugs with side effects in the market with costly investigations by the other systems. Cosmetics, sprays, detergents, preservatives in the food, synthetics fibers, paint and pollutions would aggravate the allergies. Further more the life style of modern world with great stress and strains will further trigger the allergy.

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