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Case Study

The Aloof 2 year old
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Lyc / Ars-a / B-coli / Tub-b

Mast DP 2 yr 4 months old came to me in Oct 03 with the Chief Complaint of Recurrent attacks of cold since March 03. Once a month for 4-5 days Coryza watery white. A/F Dust³, change of weather, cold food or drink. Diagnosed as Borderline Asthma. Once had a very bad attack of wheezing which almost lasted for two weeks, wherein the respiration rate was 44-46. It took 2 weeks of antibiotics to settle the attack.

The complaint is associated with rubbing of nose, clings and wants to be carried. Other C/O: Red eruptions around the mouth³ sometimes white eruption with itching³. A/F egg³ even the touch of it, < sand³.

Itching around anus < Night > rubbing, constipated since 2001, stool 1st hard then soft, strain+.

Patient as a Person
HT: 94 cms
WT: 14.6 kgs
Lean and tall
Perspiration: Scanty, on neck, non staining, non offensive.
Appetite: N - fussy about food. Lot of eructation and flatulence³.
Thirst: +++, at frequent interval³
CR: Chocolates³, Milk³³
AV: Fruits³
Urine: Normal
Sleep: 8-9 hrs on back.
Thermals: Hot.
Bowels: 1/day. 1st part hard. Strains.
Urine: Not trained but gets out of bed and does it.

Mother's Obstetric History: 1st pregnancy. Morning sickness. Transverse lie - female child, LSCS.
2nd pregnancy (during pt) mother had hypertension, swelling legs, LSCS.

Development: Dentition: 6 months. Sitting: 9 months. Walking: 14 months. Speech: 18 months. Breast feeding: Till 16 months of age. Complete vaccination till age.

Life Situation and Mental State
19/7/01: Born in Mumbai
July 03: Sunflower nursery school
Cries in front of strangers, takes long time to mix especially in birthday parties. Likes to be alone at home. Loves to play³. Loves painting. Obedient, observant³. Teachers say he does not open up but his grasping is very good. Can say and recite all class work.

Hates others hugging, touching and kissing him but he himself is very affectionate would hug and kiss. Few friends. Fear dog³, but loves animals has library of animal books at home. Perfectionist: Exceptionally particular about his toys, cloths. Takes care about them. Screams and is upset if his things are not kept in proper place. Very clear of what he wants and how he keeps. Shy, cautious even to make friend. Memory sharp.


  1. Fastidious (1043)
  2. Homesickness (1058)
  3. Love for animals (1077)
  4. Touch aversion to (1115)
  5. Stranger < (1106)
  6. Cautious (1009)
  7. Affectionate (992)
  8. Hot (361)
  9. Change of weather < (357)
  10. Cr Choclate (536)
  11. Cr milk (544)
  12. Av Fruit (541)
  13. Thirst profuse (548)
  14. Flatulence (1280)
  15. Stools First part Hard (1430)
  16. Eggs < (539)
  17. Asthma < cold (945)
  18. Asthma < dust (946)
  19. Itching around anus (1285)
  20. Wants to be carried (1009)

Remedies on Repertrisation
Sil 23/12, Ars-alb 23/11, Nat-m 26/13, Lyco 8/6, Ign 10/5,

Plan of Treatment
Acute: Ars-alb Constitutional: Lyc Intercurrent: Tub-b

Follow Up






Lyc 200 1st dose
Ars-alb 200 4P SOS for cold


Came with UTI. Urine examination - B Coli. No cold, no constipation since 1 month.

B-coli 200 1 dose
Lyco 200 2nd dose in 2nd wk


Cold since a day with cough < evening³ http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif night. Eyes burning, itching.

Ars-alb 200 4p, 1p=3.
Tub-b 1M 1st dose
Lyc 200 3rd dose


>³ for 1 month. Slight Dry cough < sweet. Slight cold. No constipation, no burning in the anus.

Ars-alb 200 4p, 1p=3.
Tub-b 1M 2nd dose
Lyc 200 4th dose


Came after 4 months. Was better. Now since 2 weeks sneezing < night, wheezing ++, breathing heavy. Skin allergy on abdomen > 50 %.

Ars-alb 200 4p, 1p=3.
Tub-b 1M 3rd dose
Lyc 200 4th dose


>³. Occasionally dry cough. No constipation itching colds frequency. No rash no flu

Tub-b 10M 1st dose

The patient reported every 2 to 3 months with colds, occasionally asthma and rarely skin complaints. Earlier the cold which was once in a month has almost become once in 4 month with decreased intensity and duration. We have seen the patient only twice, otherwise the mother always calls and collects the medicine. For our survey on allergy, post-Diwali, my assistant call up all our Allergy Babies to find out how were they coping with our "Amchi Polluted Mumbai". In this particular case, occasional cold and cough better with SOS (Ars-alb). No constipation, itching around anus since 4 months. No rash since 5months.