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Case Study

To Persevere Pays!
Dr Sushma Jaiswal
'Thuja / Sil / Pul

Mast VJ came to me in August 2004 with recurrent URTI, Sinusitis and Adenoids. URTI since 1995 ie since age of 1yr. From 1995 to 2002 the frequency was once a month. The symptoms were colds without discharge, nose block, dry cough < Night- lying down. Complaints were worse in dusty, Mumbai weather, Needs to take Antibiotics for 5days, and a Nasal spray to clear up.

Past History: Infective Endocarditis. In 2002 he was hospitalized for Allergic Bronchitis.

He had attacks of asthma twice in 2003 > with Respihaler in 3mths.

C/o headache since March 2003 along with cold - Frontal and Maxillary regions. These complaints are aggravated more on playing vigorously, watching TV x 3 hrs > Sleeping. Diagnosed as Pubertal Migraine. Pt gets tired easily and the vision diminishes. Used to regularly practice Karate which he has stopped ately.

P/H of Allergic Rash 1-3yr > ointment.
94-96: Umbilical Swelling. 94 Circumcision

Personal Data
HT: 4'4". WT: 32. Dark complexion
Appetite: Normal
Craving: Milk³, chinese³, spicy³, sweets³
Aversion: Vegetables³
Thirst: Less
AGG: Ice Cream, Cold Drink
Sleep: Good Concomitants: Talks occasionally at night
Dreams: NAD
Thermals: C3H2 Chilly

Family History: Mo: URTI, UTI, Thyroid Allergies. Br: URTI
PGrFa: Asthma, HT. PGrMo: DM, HT, Cholesterol.
MGrFa: HT, DM. MGrMo: DM, Cholesterol

Life Situation
14/8/94: Pt was born in Kerala but since Feb 95: ie from the age of 6 mths, he has been on the move since father had many transfers. Was at Ambala in Haryana till 2000. then Aligarh in UP for 2 yrs.

Since 2002 he is in Mumbai and is currently in 5th STD

Mental State
Pt is Timid, Sympathetic, Innocent, Honest and Hyperactive. He has many friends, but possesses no leadership quality. He finds it difficult to express his affection though he may be very attached. Pt is very careless and loses things easily and keeps his books untidily.

He has a very good memory, does well in studies. Starts many things with interest, later loses it. Sometimes he talks to himself. Does not take tension easily - carefree and straight forward.

Fears of being alone, of dogs, P/H fear of cooker whistle.

10/12/03: X-Ray Nasopharynx- Adenoid seen, No Calcification.
21/9/04: 2D-ECHO: Normal

Totality Of Symptoms

·         Timid

·         Sympathetic

·         Innocent

·         Honest

·         Fear of Being Alone

·         Fear of Dogs³

·         Careless

·         Hyperactive

·         Weeps Easily

·         Untidy

·         Talk to Self

·         Chilly

·         Cr: Milk³, Spicy³, Sweets³

·         Av: Veg

·         Thirst less

·         <Ice cream

·         <Cold drinks

·         Headache Migraine

·         <vigorous Physical exertion

·         >rest sleep

·         Dust allergy

·         Adenoids

·         Infective Endocarditis

Remedy Selected
Acute: Pul
Constitutional: Sil
Intercurrent: Thuja, Tub-b

But this is not the usual Sil we see in practice. So we had to dissect it thoroughly to prescribe Sil. Here what is that made us decide this patient is Silicea.

Usual Sil
The usual Silicea we see:
Stubborn, obstinate, timid, not answer back and do his work. Likes to be careful and particular. Pt is affectionate.
Here our patient is untidy. He is careless. There is no perseverance. Aversion to bath. Ideas many interest, but drops off.
Yet Memory + Ideas + Fears + Syc +Lean + location made the balance tilt in favour of Sil







Thuja 200 1stDose 1st Week
Sil 200 1stDose 2nd wk
Pul 200 3P 6 hrly /SOS for cold) To begin with till colds better.


Colds and Nose Block 90% >. No Antibiotics taken.

Sil 200 2nd dose 1st Week
Thuja 200 2nd Dose 2nd week
Pul 200 5P 6 hrly (SOS for cold)


Had Cold on 8/9/04 for 6 days took all SOS was better, colds=0. No Nose block Headaches1/m

Tub b 1M 1st Dose 1stweek
SL 2nd week
Sil 200 3rd Dose 3rd week
SL 4th week
Pul 200 5P 6 hrly (SOS for cold)


Rash on Elbow since 30/9? Herrings law of direction- watch

SL 2P 4 hrly


>3 Rash was > with 2 powders Headaches1/mth > with 1 dose of SOS. All Other complaints > 80%

SL for 4 weeks


Pt have been to Andaman for a week, he developed skin eruptions was only on SL and he recovered well. Developed mild cold on returning to Mumbai due to change of weather. Though he is been swimming, he is not developed bad attack of URTI. Now he is regular for his karate Classes. Earlier he would develop headaches on slightest physical or mental exertion. Now he has not got headache almost for a month now.

Sil 200 4th dose 1st week
Bacil 200 1st dose in 3rd dilution 2nd week

Jan 05

 Has kept well. In the last 2 mths he has received just single dose of Sil and Bacil - the latter for the allergy component. All the anti-miasmatic are given for the miasmatic load which the child is carrying from the F/H and P/H.