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Case Study

Uncommon Wisdom: Thymus Gland Extract
Prof L M Khan

A 2 yr old girl, suffering with Atopic dermatitis came for consultation. She was thin built, fair, had light brown eyes and hair, dark circles around her eyes and eruptions on her cheeks, neck and limbs. She had been treated by some dermatologists with transient improvement and had also taken some homoeopathic medicines without much improvement. The parents did not know what all medicines she had taken but could name a few like Sulphur and Thuja.

At the time of consultation, the girl was found to be dull - not active like other children of her age! She was sitting quietly on the lap of her father. The history revealed that hers was an unwanted pregnancy as the mother felt that she had not yet settled down in the new family, after just about few months of marriage, but it was continued on the insistence of her husband and elders in family. The mother did not have any complaint (not even morning sickness) during the pregnancy and she continued her normal lifestyle throughout. She did not have much household work also, due to servants and her in laws taking good care of her. The delivery had been caesarian due to absence of sufficient pains.

At the time of birth the child had been underweight, about 2.5 kgs. Breast milk was not sufficient and she was given outside milk.

In the 1st month she suffered with an attack of diarrhoea (which the doctors ascribed to bad water used for milk powder) and later had to be put on antibiotics. After she recovered she continued to take top feed.

In the 2nd month she had a bout of cold and cough, which later turned into bronchitis. She had other attacks of cold and cough after that and almost never had a dry nose. When she was about 7 months she had eruptions on cheeks and after that she had been to numerous doctors who diagnosed it as atopic dermatitis.

She was still prone to attacks of cold and cough on slightest provocation. She also had diarrhoea on slightest irregularity in diet. Her parents were very protective about her and would only give her boiled water and would also over-clothe her in winters.

The child had been vaccinated against all possible illnesses till that time including Hepatitis A and Chicken pox.

She had poor appetite, but she was fond of all junk items but in very small quantities like chips, pizzas, colas etc. Her thirst was poor and she was always sluggish and lazy. She was fond of cartoons on TV and she could sit right in front of the TV whole day long. Her family history revealed cancer and arthritis prominently. Her paternal aunt suffered with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

Throughout the whole patho-biography of this girl we find a characteristic trait standing out prominently and that is 'Irresponsibility'. First the mother of the girl did not want the child- an act of irresponsibility with the wishes of nature. Later on her body also reflects this when she fails to show the normal signs of pregnancy and in the end by the absence of pains and still later by the failure of secretion of milk.

The child is herself born with a weak immune response as is evident by the frequency of infections that she suffers. Later on she develops Atopic dermatitis, an illness in which the immune system is over reactive, again revealing its irresponsible nature. This made me consider a remedy that has this striking feature so prominently as it's indication and I chose Thymus Gland Extract (do not confuse this with Thymus made from Thyme plant).

Prescription and Follow Up
The girl was started on Thymus LM1 OD. She was prescribed placebos for the attacks of cold and cough or diarrhoea that may occur during the course of medicine. After starting the medicine the first response was the tremendous improvement in appetite. She now started asking for normal dal and chapatti/ rice. She also took soup a few times, which she abhorred earlier. (In my humble opinion the craving for junk food is always a sign of weak health and with the improvement a liking for normal food and vegetables develops.)

At the end of LM1 she had not had any attack of cold, cough or diarrhoea but the eruptions were the same. She was then prescribed Thymus gland extract LM2 OD. After that her eruptions started clearing from cheeks but intensified on her limbs. Status quo on neck. She started mixing with kids of her own age too though for a little while.

She was next prescribed Thymus gland extract LM3 OD. After this her eruptions continued to clear above downward. She also did not have any attack of cold or cough or diarrhoea.

She is at present on Thymus gland extract LM7 weekly dose and still being followed. Her behaviour now is that of a normal child. She eats and can even take normal water (not boiled) occasionally she has attacks of cold and cough, which normally respond to placebos. Her skin is mostly clear and she has gained weight as well. She is still being followed.

Uncommon Wisdom of an Uncommon Remedy
The striking feature of the remedy is its Irresponsible nature - of the person as a whole including the immune system.

The other prominent indications of this remedy are:

·         Autoimmune disorders

·         Poor immunity in personal (like recurrent infection) or family history

·         Rheumatic diseases especially RA in personal or family history

·         Recurrent vaccination

·         Very sensitive to cold

·         Thin and emaciated persons with dark circles

·         Obsessive

·         Constant negative thinking

I share one of my experiences with this remedy with the profession and request them to use this relatively new remedy in their cases with such indications.