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Case Study

Situational Anxiety
Dr Ranga Krishnan

As known, anxiety is a problem of the psyche. All of us, including children, have different anxieties based on age, sex, occupation and environment. But how many of us understand it and are able to face and control them?. It often leads to frustrations, intolerance to trivial things and even broken marriages. Students particularly, are unable to cope with the pressure of competition coupled with the high standard of syllabus and collapse. Here Homoeopathy offers relief and restores balance. With good counseling relief is faster.

Case 1
Mr P aged 23 years, completed his B Com and joined an MBA program after work experience of six months. His first two semesters were normal. In the third semester he was unable to concentrate in the studies, found difficulty in taking decisions, unable to participate in presentation of topics and was afraid whether he could complete the course within the time frame. This went on for some time till the professor of the Institute noted the changes in him and advised to consult us.

Case Summary: All sort of negative thoughts persist day and night, leaving him very depressed, not able to concentrate in studies & unable to sleep. He was desperate to come back to normalcy so that he could finish his studies and get a decent job. Meanwhile he suddenly felt that somebody was always watching him and following him in the street when he was walking. He felt that everybody was thinking bad about him & pointing fingers at him He tried to read books on Vivekananda and Ramakrishna but it did not improve. The same things he narrated again and again.

Family Situation: He has a strict father who demands implicit obedience. Never had a normal childhood. Always afraid of father. Father was always sarcastic about his MBA course, which he joined against his wish. Mother is a kind lady, quiet and docile. He has a sister who encourages him.

Family History: Vitiligo for three generations with premature baldness. PGF: diabetic.

Past History: Typhoid in 1994 - had a difficult time with delayed diagnosis and slow recovery.
Fever once in three months and took regular medicine.
Played volleyball and basketball in school days but not finding time during MBA course. Not comfortable in company of girls during group discussion.

Case Evaluation:
Normally a good student, a sudden inability to perform mad him anxious and depressed. This led to delusions. Entangled in the same thoughts made hime more and more anxious and desperte to be normal. Despite zero encouragement from ;his father and his present state, he was determined to finish the course with a bank loan.

My conclusion was that his anxiety led to depression, which led to the delusion He was unable to extricate himself from this vicious cycle of delusion, depression and anxiety, which made him more anxious. I saw the intelligence, timidity & apprehensions yet the determination, which is typical of Silica. The repeated confusion of the mind of Alumina made me put the two together in a synthetic prescription of Alumina-silicata (Kent Materia Medica) Gave Alumina-silicata 1M single dose based on identity crisis.

10-03-97 : He felt calmer and more stable. He did not have wavering of thoughts, there was a drastic change in self; slept better and did not have dreams. He felt complete change in perceptions but was little nervous about the ensuing exams.
Repeated Alumina-silicata 1M-1 dose.

He joined summer internship program and found the job to be exciting and demanding. The company allocated to him important research work and he was thrilled. Better 60-70%. No medicine.

21-05-97 : The company gave a very good evaluation of the performance and he regained his confidence and started to study well. He completed the course during May 1998 and joined a good company.

Case 2:
This is a follow up of the case published in the NJH, Jan-Feb 1994 issue.( p 41)
Brief Details of the case:
A lady doctor who had extensive burns was determined not to take any allopathic treatment. For more than a year till she consulted us and managed the pain without proper treatment. We gave Radium-bromatum 200 totally 6 doses in a year and most of the wound healed and new skin formed. She joined her husband in Gujarat, towards end of December. In mid 1993, she underwent an emergency surgery with out any antibiotics and took treatment from us for nearly four months. Her Hb raised from 8.3 mg to 12.5 mg, and all her old scars gone. They settled in Bangalore.

1995 Aug/Sept: She went into depression, panicked became over anxious for small things, and was unable to concentrate on anything. She also felt sorry for not having a child. Gave Alumina-silicata 1M Single dose based on identity crisis.
Follow-up on 22-2-96. Better mentally and physically except for occasional tiredness. She also adopted a girl child.