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Case Study

Can We Give Birth to Anxiety?
Dr Aqsa Ansari
'Staph / Rhus-tox / Nat-mur / Arg-nit / Stram / Nux-vom

Mr MM, aged 35 years, came on 18/5/98 for treatment of warts on his face and neck since 1988, which had increased since last 6 months. He had done cauterization on legs.

Other Complaints:

  1. Headache - migraine since 1984, attack coming 1/15d for 24 hrs
    < am, sun, motion, bending.
    > lying in dark.
  2. Cervical spondylosis since 1991
    < winter, stress, jerks.
    > collar3
  3. Hypertension since 1992 ranging from 165-120/110-80 
    < AF stress.
  4. Rt toe bone pain since 1995.
    (raised S uric acid 6.5 to 7)
  5. Lt Shoulder pain since 1996
    < AF dislocation, swimming
    > hard pressure

Patient as a Person:
Stocky, weighing 78 kgs
Skin - Multiple moles on face.
Perspiration - Increased non-staining on forehead and legs; offensive odor.
Craving - spicy3.
Thermals - Hot. Likes winter, open air
Aversion - covering, desires cold bath.
P/H shoulder dislocation.

Life Sequence : Born in 1962, only son with two elder sisters and a younger sister.
1978 SSC at 16 yr. Father had problems with partner- a cousin, so patient started working with father.
1984 at 22 yrs completed B.Com and got fully involved with business.
1987 father gradually reduced his involvement and pt took over.
1988 married; wife anxious in nature. Conceived but had 3 consecutive abortions. 1990 conceived and was advised total bed rest. Both of them were very tense. 1991 a son born after difficult delivery hence decided not to have a second child.

Pt hates his sisters' interference in their life. To add to his fury, parents favour and support sisters. They come to stay during every holiday, so the patient feels he does not spend enough time with his wife and child. He says that the parents want to prove to the world that they can do anything for the daughters. He does not tell these feelings to any one except his wife, keeps frustration inside, wants to bang his head as he can't fight.
1995 father who earlier decided to give 5% to each daughter now says 15% to each, and this has added to frustration.

Mentals: Suppressed anger leading to frustration. Feels neglected and helpless. Anxiety3 Brooding3, no friends. Attached only to wife and son. Wants to run away.

Follow Up:


suppressed anger

Staph 10M 1dose
Placebo for 1wk.


Headache 1/w
Warts+ mind+ muscle pain > exercise

Rhus-tox 200 - HS X 7


pt telephones: mind absolutely blank, giddiness

Nih 200 6 hourly X 2d


> 3. Headache 1/w
Time for constitutional.

Nat-mur 200 single dose


> 3 headache, slight neck stiffness.



warts of chest and neck fell off, others less in size. Pt angry and hurt due to sisters nagging.



>3 neck, >3 mind. Warts SQ. Medicine not taking effect.
Block. Give intercurrent.

Carc 1M- 1dose


was better. Rt leg pain with numbness.

Rhus-tox 1M X 1 dose.
Placebo 1wk.


> 90% numbness and pain.
Neck >3.

Nat-mur 200 2nd dose

Case 2: He brought his son aged 7 yrs on 2/6/98 complaining of insecurity. He wants mother all the time, does not allow her to go anywhere; sobs if she tries to. Does not go out to play. Gets nausea when parents want to go out.

Other Complaints:

  1. Recurrent cough and colds since 1991< change of climate, monsoons, with fever 101-103OF < 12-4 pm with less thirst.
  2. Indigestion, gas since 1993, 2/w
    < spicy
    < pm
  3. Decreased stamina.

Patient as a Person: Well built, Height 50"; Weight 24 kgs.
Craving - pizzas3 cakes3, spicy3.
Aversion - veg, milk thirst less.
Stools - not regular 1/2d hard.
Perspiration - Increased sweating on face and upper lip.
Nails - white spots
Sleep - disturbed, talks in sleep.
Dreams of ghosts. P/H startled and screams in sleep.

Life Situation: The insecurity of our pt started in utero! Mother had 3 miscarriages before this pregnancy. She dreaded the visit to clinics, cried and sobbed. She had tremendous fear of losing this child. It was a cesarean due to breach presentation and cord around neck. As patient grew, he always saw his parents talk ill about his grandparents. Gradually he developed insecurity and fear towards paternal grandparents and clung to the mother.

Mental Symptoms :
Intelligent, fastidious, dominating. Anxiety school. Wants attention. Fear Mo will go away somewhere. No friends, attached only to parents. Over sensitive to scolding. Likes to be hugged and kissed. Fear parents going far off, of unknown places and dark, school.

Remedy Selection:
Acute: Arg-nit: anxiety3 fear of height3, insecurity3, craves sweets and spicy. Chronic: Lyc: intelligent with weak stamina, insecurity, constipation and gas < pm, craves sweets.

Follow Up:


In the 7 days before school reopens, advised to take walks in the evening till school and parents will walk behind.

Arg-nit 1M 1dose


> 3 colds, gas1/w constipation 1/week. Pt walked to school.

Placebo 7 days


> 3 strong for school, colic 1/w.

Lyc 200 1dose
Placebo 1 wk


> confidence, allowed parents to go to doctor.

Placebo 7 days


> 3 physical complaints, clinging3

Arg-nit 10M 1dose


slight <, then gradually >.

Placebo 7 days


Gas <5.30 pm, sweets.

Lyc 200 2nd dose.


was >3 till 21/10, fear3+, dreams ghosts.

Stram 200 - 1dose.


> 3 colds, dreams, constipation 1/2d. Speech hasty.

Stram 1M - 1dose


Mother says pt has become over confident, naughty. Teachers are complaining. Nausea and cough < am,

Nux-vom 30-3 HS


> 3 naughtiness.


Review After 6mths Treatment:
> 25% in 1st 3months
> 25% in 2nd 3 months. Now pt can stay alone and sleep alone. Father accepts they themselves were responsible for his insecurity. On 20/1/99 patient got more courage after seeing TV programme little wonders.

Conclusion: Nux-vom toned down the extra effect of Homoeopathic medicines..

Editorial Comments: This case is a live demonstration of the effect of parents thinking, action & reaction, insecurities and hatred that affects the child's mind so maximally. Thus the onus is on the parents to keep their discussions and quarrels within the confines of their room and away from the vulnerable children. At that age give them the freedom to love the whole family; it is not their age to make decisions about likes and dislikes.