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Case Study

Gold (En) Remedy For Anxiety With Suicidal Disposition
Dr V Sundaram

In April 1997, Mr. X 45y approached me to treat his wife Mrs. Y aged 40, who was in a profound state of melancholy and depression; she sat silently whole day. Her husband said that for the past two years there was complete breakdown of all her activities. She was unable to discharge her duties either as a wife or as a mother, nor perform any household work. She felt hopeless, always in anxiety and made several attempts to commit suicide. No treatment had helped. He had to take care of her, not only in the household matters but also keep a vigil against suicidal tendencies.

I asked Mr. X to leave my chamber for a few minutes. Then I inquired about her problems. In a feeble tone, she revealed her husband's entanglement with an unmarried girl 22y, residing nearby, which was hitherto very close to all her family and helped in the education of her sons. (Probably a tuition teacher?) But soon an intimacy between that girl and her husband developed to the extent going to cinema houses and restaurants and returning at late hours. She could not control her husband nor question about this affair. As this affair progressed she became weary of life, resulting in horrible depression, with absolute loss of enjoyment in anything. She lost all meaning in her existence and made several suicidal attempts. After her revelations, she paused for a moment with great anxiety; then asked whether she could confidentially say something about the sexual activities of the husband. On my assurance, she said that she could not perform certain sexual desires of her husband, of which he was very fond. She disliked such acts. The resultant anxiety of her conscience, her husband's bad mood on account of her non-performance and his pressurizing her to do the same, resulted in depression and tormented her much.

I consulted the following repertories to arrive at the similimum:

  1. Synthetic Repertory

Pg 55

Anxiety Aurum-met

Pg 69

Anxieties, Conscience, as if guilty of crime. Aurum-met

Pg 96

Anxiety, suicidal disposition. Aurum-met


Anxiety, Weary of life, with Aurum- met

  1. Synthesis Repertory

Pg 14

Anxiety Aurum met

Pg 17

Anxiety, Conscience, anxiety of delusions-performing, Pressured thoughts, tormenting partner's bad mood; she is to be blamed for her. Aurum met

Pg 22

Anxiety suicidal disposition with Aurum met


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I prescribed her Aurum-met 1M. A slow and steady improvement started in all spheres of activities. In 3 mths, she is fully restored to health. Now she, her husband and all members of her family are extremely happy and leading a very normal life.

(Editor: Did the husband put a closure to his affair, so essential for the mental health of the wife?)