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Case Study

Anxiety And Anxiolytics
Dr K Raju
'Stram / Picric-acid / Syph

Anxiety is a Latin word meaning: Feeling of fear, apprehension, dread, uneasiness, concern, eagerness and a troubled state of mind.

Everyone experiences anxiety. It may be related to finance or health, examination, seeking a job or interviews. Pphysical symptoms are tachycardia, profuse perspiration, weariness and tension. When the problem is solved, the anxiety disappears.

Long standing anxiety may be associated with chronic ailment- gastric ulcer, asthma, cardiac problems etc. Profound anxiety taking shape of terror, known as panic attacks, will require psychiatric treatment. Milder forms may benefit by medicines and counselling. ANXIOLYTICS is a Latin and Greek combined word meaning agents that reduce anxiety.

Case 1:
A woman aged 60 years, lost her husband from a heart attack nine years ago. She now lives with her only son. She is talkative with religious mania. Till her husband's demise, she was wholly in charge of household matters. Since then her daughter-in-law has taken over, yet pt is submissive, co-operative and helpful. She stays in a separate room of the house, causing her fear, as she is afraid of being alone and darkness. She needs light for the whole night. One night she refused to sleep in her room and wanted to sleep with her grand daughters. She was allowed.

I prescribed Stramonium 200 three doses on alternate days. Her talkativeness & fear of being alone diminished. After a fortnight the same symptoms recurred.Stram 1 M-2 doses once in 3 days given. Patient improved to level of sleeping alone in darkness.

Case 2:
A 15-year-old girl studying in 10th saw a scooter accident two years ago: the fear experienced then gradually builts up to anxiety and fear of failing examinations.Picric-acid 30 daily one dose AM till better. In 15d examination fear vanished.

Case 3:
A 20-year-old newly married, fair & tall woman, after Honeymoon started getting unwanted thoughts, and aversion to sex, building up to dread of night with palpitation. Syphilinum 1M -1 dose every fortnight- required 2doses. Better.