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Case Study

Case 39: The Corn vanished by Homoeopathic 'scalpel'?
Dr Pankaj Patel
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Sil / Antim-crud

Ref: Palghar OPD/2006 August: Ma Prasad Ravikumar, 17 yr student of 10th Std, came to us on 30 August 2006, with a spotty stitching-type pain in the Rt heel since 3 mths, after frictional injury by stone. < walking bare foot. < pressure from sides > walking with footwear. Now intensity of pain increased, specially when he goes to new places. He is a very anxious type, worries while waiting for train, bus, needs to pass urine frequently. Since 2 yrs he has lachrymation < winter, < draft of air.

Patient is normal built with wheatish complexion, fearsome, anxious-looking, and palms are cold to touch. He has delayed wound healing and white spots on nail with. excessive perspiration on palms and soles.

Patient is normal built with wheatish complexion, fearsome, anxious-looking, and palms are cold to touch. He has delayed wound healing and white spots on nail with. excessive perspiration on palms and soles.

Appetitie: Normal.
Craving: Curd++, Egg++, Sweet++, Milk++.
Aversion: Fish++

Life Story: Patient is from Bihar, from a poor socio-economic strat, Father is 47 yrs, Truck driver, very strict, beats the patient if he is does not listen or studies. At that time patient, used to get scared, trembling of extremities, never argued with father due to fearfulness. He even got anxious when Father just talked with him, so patient always avoids father. Mother is calm. Pt is much attached to her. He has one brother whom he loves very much. Patient’s Maternal Uncle also lives with them who pampers him so he was much attached to him. Patient passed 10th Std, average marks. He dose not mix with friends due to shyness and used to not meet them due to fathers strictness . He never took part in stage performances because he felt shy, trembled, with palpitation and lack of confidence.

Patient by nature is shy in presence of girls; when girls approach him or came near him he cannot speak a single word! He even feels uncomfortable in a group of 3-4 people while eating. He is usually calm, quiet and timid, anger only when he is asked repeated question. Since childhood due to father strictness, he has become fearfull, fear of being alone, of dark++, esp at night, requires someone to accompany him, Ghost stories++, snakes++. Now he has left school, because he has no interest in studies. Since 1 yr he works in garage.

Mental State
Fear: Ghost stories, snakes, alone, night.
Anxious anticipatory---stage, performance, on seeing girls, new places, talking with new persons. Somatization-- - trembling, palpitation.
Behaviour: Shy, timid, reserved.
Thinking: Fixed, sluggish.
Decision making: Confidence decreased.
MWD: Decreased.
Performance: Blocks, motivational, self.
Sleep: Normal
Dreams: NAD.

Thermal: Season likes: winter. Fan-occasional. Covering: full 3 in winter season, covers head to toe.
Woolen: ++. Bath: cold due to habit. C3H2

Past History: Cellulites 4 yr back lt leg I.
Physical examination: General: NAD.
Systemic: NAD.
Rt foot : Horrny, rounded, depressed pit, tenderness++, indurations++.

Triangle Corn

Evolutionary Hahnemannian Totality: Structural phase, Sycosis.
Miasmatic Expression: Psora--- emotional-fearsome. Behaviour- timid. Particular-chilly patient. Cr: Curd++ Egg++ Sweet++ Milk++ Av: Fish++. Profuse perspiration. Sycosis-emotinal-anxious ,Dependent, anxiety, anticipatory. Behaviour - non reactive, reserved, delayed wound healing.

Reportorial Totality
Timidity: Public place appearing about.
Fear alone at night
Fear animals snake of
Fear approaching other of
Fear crowd public places
Fear dark trembling of hand
Desire, egg
Aversion fish.
Perspiration, profuse.

Repertorial Totality
Timidity: Public, about appearing in
Fear: Alone of being
Fear: Animals, of snakes
Fear: Approaching: others, of
Fear: Crowd: public places, of
Fear: Dark
Desire: Eggs
Aversion: Fish
Perspiration: Profuse
Perspiration: Single parts
Remedies:, Calc 11/6, Stram 5/3, Gels 10/4, Phos 9/5, Sil 9/5.

Potential Differential Field
Timidity: Public, about appearing in
Perspiration: Profuse
Fear: Approaching: others, of
Desire: Eggs
Aversion: Fish
Remedies: Sil 7/3, Graph 6/4, Chin 5/3, Colch 5/3, Phos 5/3.

Constitutional Remedy: Silicea covers qualified mental along with characteristic generals.
Sector remedy: Rt extremity, corn painful, < touch, Antim-crud 30

30/8/2006: SL 7p HS and SL pills * 7 days, prescribed as case was not yet worked out.
27/9/2006: Frequent urination >+++, Heel pain SQ.Antim-crud 30 1P HS. SL 6P HS * prescribed for 7 days.
4/10/2006: >+++ No Pain, corn size decreased, >++ anxiety. Antim-crud 30 1P HS. SL 6P HS * 7 days prescribed, repeated.
5/11/06 Pt is much better. No corn on foot. We have asked him to continue treatment so we can watch the changes in the mentals.