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Case Study

A Potpourri of Cases
Dr (Mrs) Sheila B Rao
' Carc / Carc

Case 1:
A six-month-old male child was brought to me on 9.8.97, with frequent, greenish, offensive and blood tinged stools since last 3 months. Allopathic medication did not relieve. The child was basically breast-fed. The mother was extremely anxious about his health and got his stools examined every alternate day. As the report was nearly the same inspite of being on allopathic treatment (pus cells, cysts of E Histolytica) her anxiety kept increasing.

She reported that he sweated a lot, mainly on head, upper lip, back and chest. He was playful and friendly during examination. On the basis of the character of stools, profuse perspiration and friendly nature, I gave him Calc-carb 200/ 2 doses and SL for 15 days. Mother kept reporting on telephone that the stools continued for 4 days in terms of frequency, consistency and colour and then started settling down. He started taking his feeds well and was growing normally.


Cough, itching of throat, restlessness, fever

Belladonna 1M/SOS


Post measles vaccination - frequent greenish stools with mucus and blood. In my absence, patient was given Sulph 1M/1. Condition <. Stools with blood, mucus, offensive, involuntary, thirst less

Puls 30


Condition SQ Aloe 200/3 which AMEL3 after 2nd dose.


By the age of 10 months (12/97), the patient had started walking, talking in single words and knew very well what he wanted and could ask for it orally. He became a very expressive, intelligent3, cheerful, playful child. He also showed precocious intellectual growth. On the basis of this precocity3, Carcinosin 1M was given. Since then patient has continued to grow well. His milestones have passed off uneventfully. Depending on acute totality, I had to give him a few doses of Belladonna 1M, Cham 1M followed by Carcinosin 1M. To this day, I have given him 3 doses of Carcinosin 1M and he has been maintained on SL. His precocity continues and at the age of 1 year and 11 months, he started interacting and expressing well with people in fluent spoken English. He has also displayed a sense of keen observation and analytical powers.

Case 2: Mental Depression
A 42-year-old married female consulted me on 23.6.98 for anxiety, sleeplessness and palpitations since September 1977. Her troubles started after her mother's death from Ca breast with metastasis. She looked after her mother during her illness and had seen the suffering. This had caused the fear, sleeplessness and palpitation. She was under psychiatric treatment, which she discontinued on her own in March '98. In June '98, her brother-in-law died of heart attack. Since then anxiety increased, leading to internal chilliness, sudden starts, chest pain, palpitation < PM, uneasiness, twitching of muscles during sleep. Sleeplessness - wakeful till 2.30 AM. Anxiety is compounded by the fact that her husband is abroad and she has the responsibility of her 3 children. She is a working woman as well. When her anxiety increases, she feels like taking deep breaths. There is a sense of heat from ears. Fear of darkness, ghosts as if possessed by mother. Fear of Ca. Has become more timid with variable moods. Light sound disturbs. Leucorrhoea - creamish and profuse.

23.6.98 I gave Carcinosin 1M/1 & SL for 15 days taking into consideration marked anxiety and fear of Ca & FH of Ca. 7.7.98 >3 Sleeps well, Anxiety - O, SL 15 days 21.7.98 SL for 15 days 4.8.98 AF death of colleague of Ca breast. She remembered her mother: fear3, sleep < PM, Weeping - Puls 1M/3 + SL/15 days 19.8.98 >3. SL for 1 month 18.9.98 For the first time leucorrhoea was profuse, brownish, offensive, indelible. Medor 1M/1 SL for 15 days. Since then she has shown considerable improvement. Her fears and anxieties have disappeared. She has been maintained on SL. 12.11.98 The patient again complained of anxiety, palpitation and sleeplessness - Puls 1M/3 & SL. Since then she is asymptomatic.

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