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Case Study

HIV/AIDS: My 18 years of Experience
Dr Dilip Dixit
'Lach / Tub / Ars / Hep-s / Phos / Merc-i-f / Podo / Thuj / Syph / Croton-t / Antim-tart / Sil / Hep-s / Sil / Hep-s / Ars-a / Puls / Hepar-sulph / Ars-alb / Lyc / Calc / Sulp / Bac

The first case of HIV was treated way back in 1984. This male patient, 24yr, had presented with multiple and tender enlarged lymphglands. Hot pt. Homosexual. He was given Lachesis as constitutional. Lachesis got confirmed, when, after taking the case, pt was asked to wait outside. While we discussed the case, he put his ear to door, demonstrating graphically his suspiciousness. Lach 30 and Tub 1M 1/month. Lach was gradually increased to weekly then 4 hourly over a period of time.

There was a dramatic decrease in size of glands, tenderness and generals, followed by slight aggr when glands which became more tender. The remedy was stopped till the patient settled. It was then resumed with vigour. With every repetition, the glands enlarged and then went down more.

Follow Up: 6-8m later- Much better. He was free of all the symptoms and had gained weight. He was already diagnosed as HIV and was under reporting to the Medical Association too. After all the Subjective and objective symptoms had disappeared, he reported back at the Medical Association. They just dismissed him saying that there was an error in Diagnosis in the first place!! But the glands did not lie! This was our first success. Later we had several types of cases of various dimensions and stages of disease, as well as diverse presentations of symptom totalities. Acute Infections respond beautifully to Homoeopathic remedies. Patients Susceptibility generally responds very well to Dynamic Homoeopathic remedies, but chronic disease remained untouched. Acute cold-cough fever even Kocht's cases responded well in the preliminary stages.

We thought that we were making some error in our approach. If the patient with Acute can be so improved, why not chronic? Now in most cases, by the time the chronic stage set in, the patients had no outward symptoms and were asymptomatic.

Appreciation was possibility of Tubercular miasm and therefore the confusing Totality. So we decided to try a similar Therapeutic Strategy, as we had done successfully in Homoeopathic treatment of Leprosy.

The peculiar nature of AIDS disease and its capacity to undermine the host's immune system, presents various permutations and combinations of Miasmatic interpretation of the totality and need for intercurrents like Tuberculinum, Thuja and Syphillinum.

The Acutes: Ars, Hep-s, Phos, Merc-i-f, Podophyllum, Croton-t, Antim-tart came up for consideration. Most cases required 4 hourly repetitions. When there was debilitating diarrhoea = Arsenic came up frequently. With cold and cough- Hep-s. These are the main 2 Remedies in the acute phase, I decided to pursue with and that too 4 hrly.

So far general health is better with normal functioning and the acutes get controlled well, there is sense of well being, but serologically patient remains positive. This has been the case so far except in that first case, which was an exception rather than the rule. I have not been able to repeat the result. 150 cases currently treated at last count.

It is also observed that cases where the infection was contracted during transfusion or surgery are the most difficult to treat. In advanced cases sometimes even the acutes don’t respond. In fact in some cases there is hardly any response to Homoeopathic remedies. In some of the cases there is no impact, not even of palliation.

So at the moment we are using the technique of trying to stimulate the susceptibility by repeated doses of acute remedies till aggravation. During the aggravation, possibly the aroused susceptibility may be able to deal with the Virus.

Tub repeated: 1/w or 1/2w
Constitutional: 1/w
Where constitutional is clear it is given 1/w and gradually to HS then TDS
In one set of patients only weekly schedule is followed.
We have started keeping selected Patients in the ICR Palghar Hospital for monitoring of susceptibility response. Silica appeared to be a frequently encountered constitutional. Timid, fearful (yet adventurous?) or does it have an inherent weakness in its constitution to get HIV? This has to be explored.

Life Space: In most cases, family reactions have not been as negative, as we would have expected with this stigma. Family had tried to give lot of emotional support in majority of cases, even spouses quite understood except in terminal stage, which is difficult to handle. They seem to take a mature view and the attitude is that they have to try to do whatever possible.

We had received cases from all strata of society -- rich-poor, educated non-educated, with diverse ethnical background.

Case 1: Female 24, forced into prostitution at 16. She managed to get away from the Brothel. Got married to an Elderly Man, a divorcee. She was living happily, but had kept her son with the parents. Once she went to the local GP for some acute complaint, who diagnosed HIV and commented that she may not survive long. She was devastated. Husband found her weeping and talking of suicide. Husband took a practical stand with firm belief in God. If there is illness, then there must be a cure also. He talked to Doctors. Friends attempted to find about the disease. There was no cure in Allopathy. He decided to explore alternative systems and was referred to the author. He took this sensible stand but on other hand hassled her: saying my life is ruined. His family did not like this marriage because of the child. Now pushing him for second marriage. Friends also tease him. He is a caring father, had put the child in convent school. But he wants to have his own child, so threatens divorce. At that, the patient gets cross and says will stop eating and stop treatment or check weight.

Typical Sil, Tub and Hep-s In beginning, she lost weight- about 9 kgs in 2 months during the episode of fever, and then later she gained wt. No other illness except pyorrhea, and fungus in mouth which is better by Hep-sulph. Rx Diagnosed HIV since 3-4 years Western blot +ve. She had presented with high fever not responding to Allopathic treatment. She is under Homoeopathic treatment for last 3 yrs. Still very much healthy. Husband not affected though he had unsafe relations with her for sometime. But has been advised to have no more children. He has to face the society for not producing a child. People look at him as if the fault is with him? Pt spoils her health + adamant nature- stops eating. Fight with his parents. If he goes to parents, she will page him, calling him back under any pretext. She feels Mother will instigate him to leave her. He feels he is a laughing stock.

In village she was known to be timid. She is Adamant, resentful, won't eat. Does not mix, Husband feels bad- I am responsible. Blames wife for not being bothered whether child ate or not. Though Husband says, I have nothing to do with the child, yet he is involved.

Constitutional: Reasons for selecting Silica:
Chilly patient.

Acute Totality corresponded to Hepar-sulph Under this combined action, she has kept well.

Case 2
A girl from higher middle class Brahmin family. A Graduate, parents arranged the marriage to a promising but unemployed youth. Husband started his own business with her parents help and is successful. But Husband is lazy, arrogant, selfish and very promiscuous, even with maidservant! Continues extra marital relations.

Child HIV-ve but patient has full blown AIDS. Husband died of HIV in a pathetic condition with Tuberculosis. He had erratic treatments. She presented with Herpes Zoster which was treated successfully with Ars-alb and then Hepar-sulph. She recovered in very short time. Then she was asked to write history. She wrote the history in a crude language, descriptive, graphic on legal size paper. Whenever she complained of husband's behaviour, he would say he was forced to marry her - as her father lured him with financial assistance for business. He wanted to marry a beautiful girl.

Constitutional Silecea
Acutes: Ars-a 200, Hep-sulph 200
Intercurrent: Tuberculinum 1M weekly.

A very quiet and enduring person; she did not want to be a burden to her parents. She was falling frequently ill with fevers, diarrhoea and constant fatigue. She had lost about 10 kgs in 4 months and still continues to loose wt. Since under Homoeopathic treatment, she has no more acute complaints and has gained 12 kgs. There is sense of well-being and positive outlook towards life. After the initial shock of husband's death, she has started own business. She is now financially independent, occupied and feel competent to take care of the child.

Therapeutic Strategies followed:
Intercurrent: Tub-b 1M weekly
Constitutional Silecea 30 weekly
Acutes: Hep-sulph 200 4 hourly.
Tub 1M weekly
Silecea 30 HS - BD- TDS Silecea 200 HS - BD- TDS

Acute sos.
Reasons for Silecea
Timid but Determined.
Chilly. + Hepar Sulph as acute.

Case 3
37 yr female, Muslim (Kerala), married since 13 yrs having 1 brothers and 2 sisters, she being the middle sister. She had 1 son-12yr in the 6th std; one son died at 5 and ½ y. She has 1 daughter 10 studying in 4th std.

Under Homoeopathic treatment since August 96. During the course of treatment, she had pleurisy in 1997 took allopathic treatment. Diagnosed HIV +ve. Was keeping well and had no complaints since Sept 2001. Fever intermittent High fever < evening 104 F with Chills > after Hepar-sulph 200 4 hourly.

SCR recording during Palghar Admission. Dec 2001


Sensation & Pathology

AF < >


Immune system since 4 months. 
For 2 mnths continuous daily.
In between >³ 1 wk. Before 1 mnt then again 
Last 2 months 
I : S
Sudden rise with in 1-2 hr

At 4 pm starts with 100 and goes to 102 F at around to 9 pm.
Fever with mild chilliness; has to take one covering and fan off.
Perspiration profuse³
Wets the clothes³

<² 4 pm to 
<³ 8 pm 
for 2 mths
<² Metacin with in ½ hour.
After taking 1 tab crocin.



Leg pain+
Shivering of whole body+


For initial 2 months Left sided vertex and temporal region severe headache2 with sensation as if head would burst, burning and hear sensation in head

During heat (15 days)

Dryness of mouth²




Thirst ++ed²
1 glass frequently
Desire to pressure
Trembling of hands²

<² Night and evening 
>² pressure


F: 1-2 t/Day
1-2 months daily

1 week
2 months back once

Abd Epigastric
2-3 days
6-7 mnts

Cough bouts+
Sputum+ - white, yellowish+
Dry+ - difficult

Pain+ mild to Mod

<+ a eating
not fixed time

< exertion for expectoration
< lying down / rest
< climbing up 2 upstairs
<+ A coughing
<+ a talking
> Rest


3 months

No H/o fall

<+ while walking


4 months

Black outs Giddiness+

< on getting up from sitting posture



Loose motion + yesterday 3 times
Today once



2 mnths

App ++ ed+
Esp lunchtime





>² tab Zogoon


4-5 mnts

Fungal infection + h/o




White discolouration 
App decreased²
Taste - inspid² Bitter+



H/o 10-11 days

Same 20 days

Fever with severe chills²
Fever with severe chills²

<² 2 am

<² 10 am


RS 1/12/99

High grade fever with chills


Bodyache <³

Left side

Pleural effusion with HIV +ve



1 mnths

Urine has to wait before urination



Appearance: Stocky² Cracks Soles < + Winter
Wounds healing delayed H/o Suppurations +
Hair: Loss 2 before after illness+ now started growing again+
Vision: 4 number 3-4 yrs
Mouth: Brownish discoloration 3 yrs
Tongue: Brownish-Blackish discoloration - 3 yrs
Perspiration: Partial: Face², neck+, chest²
Digestion: Appetite², Hunger², Taste, Insipid²
Craving: Indigestible things in childhood Sour², Sweets²
Eliminations: Satisfaction: 1-2 days once
Menstrual function: LMP-27/11/201
Menses: Regular, Cycle 30 days, Duration 3 days
Flow Colour: Red+

Concomitants: Before: 10-12 hrs before Dysmenorrhoea- mild and backache+mild for 1 day. After >³
Marriage After: 7-8 yrs - irritable+ BM
Once cycle Regular, Irregular Park late 4-8 days, Regular: Red+
Leucorrhoea + Occasionally. Quantity Mild
Colour: White+ Watering+
Obstetric History: Para: 3
Abortion: Induced at 6 wks, once before Nephrectomy operation ½ month
Morning Sickness+: 5-6 months in all pregnancy
Oedema+ leg.
Particulars of each pregnancy:
FTND-3. 2nd died at 5 ½ months- pneumonia at home in village attended by Doctor.

Life Space: Taken by PP- Primary Physician Patient (Pt) is a 37 years old, obese fair complexioned lady and. Her ancestors were originally from South India, who had settled in Maharashtra. Her childhood till 20 yrs, was spent in village near Alibag. She had 1 Elder sister, 1 younger brother. Father used to take care of the farming at Village. They were initially staying in a joint family, with two step-Paternal and one real Uncles. Relationships among them were very good. It was only during the property dispute after the marriage of uncle that they separated. Because of the dispute, Fa got very angry and left village, left his share of property and came to Bombay. Fa also had a sweet meat shop. This break-up happened 10-11 years after pt's marriage.

Pt described Fa as very angry by nature. Pt used to fear him. In childhood, he was very strict regarding religion and conduct of girls in the family. He imposed many restrictions- once Da is 12 yrs she cannot come in the front room of the house. Pt was a very obedient child, would never answer back her Fa. Afterwards he mellowed down and now is very liberal with education etc. So she never received any beating from Fa. Other siblings [pt's elder sister used to answer back and receive beating from Fa. But pt was a pet child of Fa]. She got whatever she wanted, all wishes fulfilled, Fa used to take care of pt. Even pt's Mo was afraid of him, whenever Fa would get angry on Pt. Pt would immediately start crying-so Fa would cool down and start laughing.

She felt like going out but for the restrictions from Fa. Whenever Fa used to go out, pt would go out and play, climb on trees, etc. Pt is educated till VIIth Std. She was average in studies and wanted to study further. She had failed once, when her GMo expired-as father did not allow her to go school as guests used to come and father did not want girls to go out of the house in front of guests. After VIIth she was not allowed to go to school as she was 12 yrs old. There was one teacher who was very strict and used to hit, pt used to fear him.

She got married at 20 yrs of age with her cousin who stays in Bombay. After Fa's dispute with uncles, Fa also came to Bombay and started sweet meat shop in Bombay. Pt's husband is a very simple and straightforward person. He was not financially well off. Pt's father then took him along in his business. She had a son, 12 yrs old and a daughter, 10 yrs old. Both are good in studies. She is anxious about her children-whether she will be along with them for long. When she came to know about her http://www.njhonline.com/images/triangle.gif of HIV, she wept a lot. Husband was more hurt and he also wept. Pt's family members also were affected and started praying to God.

Regarding her present state she asked the Physician whether there is any real cure for this disease or you are giving false hopes. She also enquired about her CD-4 and CD-8 counts. Treating Physician reassured the pt. Pt looked down, seriously with sad face. She also weeps many times alone so that other are not disturbed.

She is a bit fearful, she is afraid of ghosts, gins even of her own shadow- she trembles with fear. Throughout the interview she was very open and expressive; often lively and laughing. She sat comfortably and frankly answered the questions. But at instances she would become sad and look down with grim face.

Emotional State
Weepy² -from scolding, when alone³, when thinking about her illness.
Anxiety about her illness³
Attachment³ with father - obedient³, insecure³, dependent³.
Fear3 father's scolding, fathers anger, ghosts2
Anxious² http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif shivering
Worry² about children's future.

Intellectual State:
Imagination² on closing eyes-some cartoons carry her and fly away
DREAMS of water: standing on the edge of sea.

Thermal State
Fan: S-3, W-0 Draft of air causes bodyache.
Covering: Summer -thin chaddar (sheet) till knees or no covering, Winter-thick chaddar (sheet)
Woolens: + in severe cold Bathing: hot in all season
Over all assessment: C3H2.

Physiological Function
Gas+ agg by tuvar dal. (gram) Abdomen Heaviness from kadhu (veg)

Past History (family-self)
Diabetes mellitus: Mother, Sister
Hypertension: Father, sister
Asthma: paternal grandfather and paternal uncle.
P/h of TB with pleural effusion in 1997, and at 4 yrs of age.

Physical Examination
Temp: 1020 F, Pulse: 130/min, BP: 110/80, BUCCAL MUCOSA: bluish blackish discolouration; RS: NAD, P/A: NAD, CVS: NAD

Diagnosis: ARC (AIDS Related Complex)











































































Aniso+, hypo+,
Micro+, poikilo+

















Urine Routine:

Pus cells occ, epith.cells occ.















Reactive (Elisa)

Blot +ve




Reactive (Elisa)












166 (713_+414)




10.5% (45-65)


2070 (882+_486)




29.07 %(35-65)






1 : 2.76(1:0.36)












Other Investigations
1/12/97: USG Upper Abdomen: hepato-spleenomegaly, left minimal pleural effusion with a patch of consolidation in left basal region.
X ray chest:

  1. In homogenous opacity seen in left basal region with obliteration with left costophrenic angle. Suggestive of consolidation with minimal pleural effusion.
  2. Widening of superior mediastinum in both Para tracheal regions suggestive of mediastinal lymphadenopathy

3/12/97: Pleural fluid examination: yellow, hazy, coagulum present, wbc:1120, rbc:1600, P-44%, L-56%, Serum proteins (total)-3.5 Gms% S. creatinine: 1.2 mg %, BUN:17. G6PD:N
12/8/01 13/8/00
AFB sputum.-ve -ve
22/6/01: USG abdomen & pelvis: fatty liver, left nephrectomy.
6/6/01: Bilirubin: t-0.3, d-0.1, I-0.2// total proteins-7.8,alb-3.2, globulin-4.6, SGPT:26 SGOT:36 Alk phos-118.5
TOXO-IgG-1.54+ve, IgM-0.26-ve //RUBELLA:IgG;2.37+ve ,IgM:0.47-ve
CYTO: IgG -2.19 +ve, IgM 0.54 -ve//HSV:IgG-2.27 +ve IgM-0.34 -ve
12/6/01: CXR: Rt minor fissure thickened, Lt middle zone small nodules with linear fibrotic scar 
24/7/01 TC:6350, l-39
29/10/01 CXR: NORMAL.

Miasmatic Expression
Sycosis: Hypertension in Fa & Si
Tubercular: Diabetes in Mo & Si,
Self Tb (once with pleural effusion), rec UTI after nephrectomy, pneumonitis, fever-4 months.
Syphilis: renal calculus http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif renal failure http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif nephrectomy.

Remedy Selection
Acute: Pulsatilla, Hepar-sulph, Ars-alb
Reasons: Totality 1.
Chilly with desire for open air
< Evening
Rel With Lyco

Totality 2. Chilly With Shivering < Evening Throat Infection Covering head to feet. < Uncovering Restless.

Totality 3
Restless 3
Desire for Warmdrinks.

Constitutional: Calc-c/ Lyco/Sulph

REASONS - Lycopodium
< evening
Dominating gets her way
Burning after stool
Burning palms sole
Remedy Relationship (Cycle Calc-Lyco-Sulph)

Chronic Of Pulsatilla
Physical Type

Intercurrent: Tuberculinum-baccillinum

6-12-01: Lyco 200-1
7-12-01 9pm: Puls 200-4 hrly + x total 17 doses till 10-12-01- 9pm
10-12-01 11.30 pm: Puls 1M-qds.
11-12-01 11 pm: Tub-b 1M
12-12-01: Puls 1M-2 doses
12-12-01 9.15pm: Calc-carb 1M-1
18-12-01: > Calc-carb 1M-1 dose
Patient was on Lyco 200-1m HS weekly + Baccillinum 200 (Fungus Ringworm) SOS from1996 till Jan 98
After the detection of HIV
Lyco-Sulph-Calc c 30 HS-BD-QDS
Tub 1M weekly

Conclusion: Homoeopathy is able to achieve better quality of life. Acutes handled very well without Antibiotics. Pt is able to live a near normal life except in certain severe pathology- eg fungus which is difficult to control with gets better by Allopathic in 4 days and then Hom can help to prevent recurrence.

In most of the cases, we have depended on CD4 and CD8 counts and not the viral load studies as most patients are from middle class and unable to afford the latter. Results-In case 1 patient is completely symptom-free and in case 2- her CD4 and 8 are above 900.

Since this article is too show the approach, all the exhaustive tests and full follow-ups have not been enumerated.