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Case Study

Dare I give my Experience with HIV Patients?
Dr Eliza
'Vironum / Staph / Vironum / Sil / Nosode I / Ign

After graduation in Homoeopathy from Belgaum and attending one seminar of NJH and one of Dr Shankran's, I joined Dr Mirza Anwar Baig's Lectures and workshop, where I learned how to treat HIV/AIDS through Homeo-immunisation. The lecture on philosophical aspect of this was very high for me, but the practical aspect was useful, particularly selection of Nosodes. It took me some time to develop confidence and start practicing successfully. Here are few examples:

Case 1
My first patient was my friend aged 27 yrs, a shy, timid, young male. He was qualified physically unfit for the job he applied for Gulf, because of HIV. He looked healthy, but was very tense, had a long list of complaints with much anxiety. His main complain was sweating and exhaustion after coition. Prostatorrhoea, sexual dysfunction and lascivious thoughts with history of masturbation. He was unmarried but had increased sexual desire. With the history of exposure, he developed a mania of testing himself again and again for HIV to confirm and than tear up the report in anger. Although he was confirmed negative to Western blot, the specific test for HIV, yet the company did not accept his confirmatory report, so he was very angry. I prescribed Staphysagria-200 1dose. He responded well, but his fear remained. After some days all complaints with same anxiety returned. I prescribed him Calc-carb as his constitutional. He responded to it. But again he relapsed. I repeated Staphysagria but no response. Also Phos didn't respond. His anxiety about his suffering persisted. Was there a possibility of HIV, since he was positive to Elisa though negative to western blot? Was he a patient of real HIV or of HIV phobia?

He was very loquacious type. His father, a homoeopath also gave him some medicines but due to guilt, he didn't disclose it. So I prescribed him "Vironum" nososde of HIV-1 (Source - Aarish Academy-Thane). 30 2 doses with some fear and hesitation. The rubric was anxiety and phobia for AIDS. (Ref: "Homeoimmunization" - Dr Baig). The patient responded beyond expectation. He kept on improving, his mania for testing stopped and he became a different person.

Case 2
A 19 y old boy weighing 43 kg. Lean, pale, weak, exhausted, he was very nervous and frightened about his health. He had occasional Nausea and Vomiting. Had malaria and Typhoid 4 months back, treated with allopopathc medicine, then he developed swelling of the knee and took Wysolone for many days. His ESR was 112. He lost 5-6 kgs in a short period. Finally he tested HIV positive. Because of his sinking conditions, I also gave Nosode II repeatedly to boost up his strength. Rubric Nosode-II (Hom. Vaccine helps raising strength of AIDS patient, Ref. "Homoimmunization"). The result was that in 2 months he gained 3 kgs and improved physically and mentally.

The second prescription was Silicea on constitutional symptoms. Following this he developed various boils. I didn't prescribe any medicine and after a few days they drained out and dried up. He was poor so he did not repeat the test.

Case 3
He was a Carpenter, very creative. His face was covered with dark brown spots hence looked dark though fair. He wanted to go to Dubai, where his brother was working. But he was declared Unfit. His specific report to HIV-I antibody was also positive. There were no other symptoms in him or in his wife. His parents died when he was a child. Perhaps TB was the cause? But he was not sure.

He was not worried about himself, but he was worrying for his wife and children. I gave him Ignatia. Rubric: Silent Brooding (Dr Kent). Followed by Nosode-I in repeated doses. Nosode-I is also homoeopathic vaccine, prepared from milk (Re: Homoeimmunization). This helped him. He became cheerful. Apis was selected as constitutional remedy. By nature he was happy go lucky type. He used to giggle and laugh in serious matters, that he is HIV Positive! He never went to a prostitute. I continued Nosode-I, at frequent intervals. To my surprise one day he came with a Sweet Box. He got another VISA and was not unfit in his routine test. I questioned myself whether he became Western blot negative? Or is it a cure? But then I thought why to disturb him? As it is he had no symptoms when he tested the First Time.

At present he is in Dubai and has no problem.