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Case Study

Can I go to USA?
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Arg-nit / Tub-b / Nat-m

This case really gave me heartache. It was my 3rd case of HIV-AIDS and the one which was really doing well when he took treatment and did proper follow up initially. Then as soon as he improved, he became irregular and stopped treatment. Of course this is the bane of all treatment, but one feels especially bad when the disorder is as bad prognostically as HIV.

Still, that Homoeopathy worked was quite evident, so I am giving the case here. He was a young Sardarji, 36, a truck driver. He came to me the first time on 21-8-98 with both his parents. The parents were to immigrate to USA to their other son, and wanted him well before they went, so that later they could call him and his family. He had 2 Eliza + ve reports and Western Blot too was +ve. CD4 count was normal.

Father was 63, mother 59y, wife was only 27 with son 6 and daughter 4.
He had 2 brothers 38 and 34 and sister 22, married in England.

Since 1990, the Premier factory ran into trouble, he became jobless and took to alcohol. He stopped in 1992 when he got married. His friend died of AIDS. He had been diagnosed in 1991 and deported from Dubai where he worked. He died in 1998. Pt was very upset and took to alcohol again. His friends were from the same line- truckers/ convoy drivers and of the same behaviour.

Now his body was cold, rising to neck. He got diarrhoea AF tension of family, no money. MIND: very fearful. Something will happen. Even if his hair was plucked he got palpitation and ghabrahat.

His wt in 1994 was 72 Kg, in 97-54 and now Dec 61.8. He was 5'4".
He had poor appetite, lot of flatulence
Cr alcohol3, non-veg, meat and chewing tobacco till 1997.
He always had tendency to diarrhoea with tension
Sexually promiscuous- Pre-marital and extra-marital. Now he found emissions difficult.

Life Story:
10-9-62 born. After birth, he had meningitis. ?Vit C- 3 injections of Lt Gluteal region. He could not walk till age 4y, only crawled. Lot of physiotherapy and Kerala massage. Spent Rs 12000/-. Then he was better.

1979: SSC 1st Class
Job in Premier Automobiles - cab driver on contract basis.
His brother was in Virginia with Avis Rent a car. Br 34 was with his in-laws in Dahisar and Sister 22 was married in England and ran a post-office.
1990. He started alcohol daily to be able to sleep in truck. Then even started drinking in the day if there was no work.
Feb 92 married so alcohol reduced. Nov 92 Son born. Later daughter
Medical expenses ++. So did stresses.
1997 He restarted alcohol which increased in May 98 after friend died. Mother and father rule and run house as the old Indian system. Never give wife responsibility. The elder brother in USA was calling parents there. Then he could call patient. Patient's dream is to go to USA. He asked me - doctor I will be able to go? Sleep very light, disturbed and dreams of his friend.

The day he came to me, he looked like from the slums, ill-dressed, dirty and dark 21-8-98 Fear of disease. Gave him Arg-nit 1M- 1dose
28-8-98 Pt felt better. His brooding and anxieties were less, stomach was better. The phase remedy helped the Fear. Wt 63.2 (1.8kg/w) Tub-b and Nat-m 200- 1 dose.

Then he had some cough- Stannum was given. Later he developed boils and the sweating on the palms. On reviewing the case, the remedy more likely to be his constitutional was Silicea, so later Sil and Tub were continued on a regular basis- Sil weekly and Tub-b fortnightly.

Over the next 1 month, patient got cleaned up, stopped alcohol, his blood tests improved, he looked fair and handsome. The change was unbelievable. His parents left for USA. There was a light depression but he overcame it. By Jan 1999, his wt was 65.2 (almost 4 kg increased. A definite sign of improvement).

His acute remedies- Stannum for cough, Ph-acid for urine problems. In February, he went to Punjab for some relative's death; after which his sadness returned, His positiveness changed to negative, his treatment became irregular, in fact he hardly came after that and he eventually died in April 1999.

Conclusion: I have not given any detailed follow up or reports as it is not a cure -cure. But I am showing that Hom can work.