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Case Study

Case 28: Case Of Chronic Allergic Rhinitis
Dr Zubin P Marolia
'Cherry Plum

A young lady suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis was studying in USA. Her father passed away in Mumbai. She came to Mumbai and requested her mother to take it easy and retire because she was suffering from multiple health problems. Her mother would not listen and continued to work further aggravating her health. This young lady being abroad was constantly tensed and worried about her. She would talk for hours on the phone coaxing her mother to look after herself as she could hardly do anything to help her. None of her relatives were extending a helping hand towards her mother who was all alone. She would feel helpless, angry and desperate as her mother's health worsened day by day. She would get frustrated and even contemplated suicide. She wept in the interview that she could not solve this particular family problem as she was studying in USA and her mother was in Mumbai. She just didn't know what to do and felt that she would lose her mind one day.

This state of Desperation and fear of the mind losing control was understood
Remedy: Cherry Plum sorted out her state of mind and allowed her to accept her mother's decision more calmly.