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Case Study

I won't toe the line
Dr Navin Pawaskar

This is the 3rd case of the ICR report which was held over from the the previous issue, as it formed part of the study of Opium.

This is an interesting and unusual case of balanitis. A 60yr male, a difficult personality to understand; therefore the audience was broken up into small groups, wherein the discussion method helped evolve the personality and the understanding. Further lacunae was filled up by Dr KM Dhawale and Dr Navin Pawaskar who shared their personal experience and understanding of the patient. We learnt a new constitutional remedy, understood the difficulties of obtaining history from such a person and the necessity to proceed with whatever information was available. It was an eye-opener to understand why a highly, intellectual, spiritual and powerful person could suffer so much.

Life Space Appreciation
Born in a Brahmin, rich, Zamindar (landlord) family. Bright as a child with phenomenal memory to reproduce and recite; he was versatile with capability to do several things at a time. He put his energy and power to good use by learning many things - working in the fields, goldsmith and watch repairing; he loved technical things and called himself an engineer.

But was very sensitive to injustice and remarks containing deception in any form or somebody projecting himself more than what he is, would work him up. He would retaliate in full force, and would wait for the opportunity to take revenge. Obstinate and domineering. Only trusted his own feelings and his own ability.

He loved animals since childhood and decided to be a vet. He scored well in Biology, but, being underage, he could not get admission. He fought those rules and finally secured admission. But in 3 months he quit as he was unhappy with Biology; he now opted for Zoology. He was involved in college politics and due to his emotional nature, would get involved in others' problems. He was served notices, which he never bothered with, leading to quarrels and once even stabbing. Average students feared him. All this and his prowess in studies earned him a lot of female admirers - both students and teachers.

One Hindu Brahmin teacher introduced him to the Himalayas. There he experienced much peace, serenity and contentment along with the local sadhus and Tapasvis. That started a long affair with the Himalayas. He had many relationships while in college both emotional and physical, as girls were attracted to him. But he married an average lady from his caste; although he could not get along well with her, he remained faithful to his wife and loved her. Although dominating, he was compassionate enough to understand his wife's needs. He avoided frequent sexual contacts at her request inspite of his high need. For him sex was the means to release his stress, tensions and anger. After a few years of this sexual suppression, he found his potency declining; finally leading to impotency.

His angry nature created many problems during the marriages of his 3 daughters. He did not get along well with the in-laws, could not express his dissatisfaction nor plain speak. Following such a suppression episode during 1st Da's wedding, he developed hypertension. Similarly affected after 3rd daughter's marriage, he was diagnosed as having Myocardial Infarct. With the chest pain, he felt extremely insecure and thought he was dying. Later it never bothered him, was always active and traveling with blood sugar more than 280mg/dl. During all this time of illness, his visits to the Himalayas continued unabated. In 1965 he fought against enemies when he was in a short service commission. During that time fell in love with a Himalayan tribal girl, desperately wanted to marry her, but suddenly one day thought about his family and dropped the idea.

His guru encouraged him to take up Jyotish and Vedic Shastra, of which he is now a pundit. Basically sensitive to the causes and suffering of people, he fights for their rights against corrupt politicians. Though a well-established Vedic pundit and an Astrologer, he did not compromise his profession of teaching, developed the Zoology department and lab, for which he got recognition in university. He could influence political leaders and if he wanted he could have become a Chandra swami!!* He hates hypocrisy, can openly criticize or insult someone even on a dais at a public meeting. He was friendly with the King of Nepal who offered him his own throne in the palace as a mark of respect.

Once he received Rs 18000/- and though he was in need of it, he was averse to spending it on himself, since it was not his hard-earned money. He bought natural gems of same worth, bought a roadside shop and employed some staff to run it. His business flourished and he made crores of rupees. He did not touch a single paisa from such income as it was for Dharma Karya.**. He formed a trust, remained a donor but not a trustee. He believes in doing and not in speaking, because he feels his duty lies in that. He feels he is born to lead and guide, is higher and elevated than an average follower. He is not susceptible to any advice except his own logic. He has a lot of self-belief and contentment in himself.

Behaviour is sometimes uncouth: he goes on spitting in a tumbler in front of all his followers and guests, as if to suggest that he is meant to give and others to accept. There is no question of exchange as the level differs. He spoke about his achievements in material and cosmic world. He has capabilities and self-control to go into deeper meditation and trance where he feels in communion with other gurus in the Himalayas, to enter into astral world and astral projections. It does not bother him whether he is believed or not.(see structure for evolutionary understanding)

* a highly controversial Godman.
** Charity.



Patient As A Person
5'4", stocky, graying, sweat profuse, hunger intolerant of, desire for cold water, tasty food, alcohol++[even smell], constantly chews guthka [tobacco]. P/H of having Cheroot all day.
Diet: Hotel food++ /no control over sweets /no salt restriction /high protein diet.
Thermal: Hot3 patient
Stool/Urine: N
Sexual Function: P/H1/day. Now gradual reduction leading to Impotency
O/E: BP170/94
Prepuce - fibrosis, sensation prepuce not retractable, Glans - red, raw, tender++

Anger from least contradiction
Fear death of
Contradiction is intolerant of
Indignation, discomfort from general
Elevation mental
Egotism, self-esteem
Hatred and revenge
Memory active
Ideas abundant, clearness
Rage, fury
Dictatorial, domineering, dogmatic, despotic.
Desire alcohol, cold drinks, and tobacco.

Treatment: >3 by Opium 200 1P/weekly from 27-5-98 to 6-1-99.