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Case Study

Mission Of A Homoeopath?
Dr Mirza Baig
'Carc / Carc

"Science without religion is blind, Religion without science is lame". Hahnemann was discontented with therapeutic procedures prevalent in his time. According to him medicine is an art of healing and not of drugging. He pointed out the aim and object of the physician and mentioned it at the very beginning of his Organon. "The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick health, to cure, as it is termed".

"Mission" indicates the purpose for which the physician of this noble profession is born. That is to say a physician is not only a professional but also a human being, whose heart and mind both work for the betterment of the human suffering. According to him health is a balanced state of mind and body, so the spiritual vital force should perform the physiological activities in harmony. He doesn't insist on terminology or mechanical parameters to certify fitness. He has mainly two roles to play: first to cure diseases, and second to preserve health and prevent diseases in the individual and in the community.

However, in Dr Hahnemann's days, Medicine was practiced more as 'an art of physics' rather than 'art of healing'. But in our days it has become a soap industry; such as: when viagra failed to prove its therapeutic efficacy in heart ailments for which it was trialed, it became the magic drug for impotency because of its side effect of causing erection. I do not want to comment on our conventional modern medicines, my only mission is to guide our young and fresh Homoeopaths through cases. To my mind the best tribute to the science is cured cases, which will allow freshers to keep patience and not jump to other side.

The vital force (aura) can be weakened by various factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of rest, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative habits and improper or evil activities. Disease is not disease- it is a process towards sickness where the vital force become weakened and superficial symptomatic treatment, through any pathy, finally leads into a serious pathology, which is usually termed as incurable. I have selected few such cases that got cured through homoeopathy, the medicine.

Case 1 Venous Angioma: 
Ms ZK, 27 years, unmarried, came for mild to moderate headaches off and on, mainly in th e forehead, throbbing continuously for many days. She also had three episodes of fits during headaches and during the third episode she shrieked and fell down, unconscious, and hurt her head.

The history revealed that one-month ago she had shrieked in her sleep with terrible pain in the head after which convulsions developed, with twitching of extremities and protracted tongue, foaming at the mouth and staring look followed by bilious vomiting. All this usually occurred in her sleep.

Her first CT scan of brain, taken on 28.10.96, revealed hemorrhagic contusion in the Lt parietal cortex, causing mass effect. Thereafter the patient was seen by a well-known neurophysician of Bombay who admitted her in Bombay Hospital on 2.11.96 where she was seen by another neurophysician and a surgeon. Finally the patient was diagnosed as Venous Angioma after 4-vessel angiography and MRI Brain (16.11.96), which showed an abnormal hyper intense area on T2 weighted image in Lt sub cortico-temporal-parietal region, at Bombay Hospital.

The patient was then referred to Dept of Neurosurgery, KEM hospital, Mumbai for further analysis and needful surgery. She went to KEM Hospital on 22.11.96, but after investigations refused surgery and preferred alternative therapy.

She came to Mafkar clinic, Bombay, on 29.11.96. Patient was a teacher of mathematics. Her headache used to aggravate due to mental tension and due to emotional reasons. However, her sleep was sound. She enjoyed life and ate outside food. She actually wanted to become a doctor but when not selected, she preferred to become a teacher just because she could make her students doctors or Engineers. Past history: during infancy she refused mother's milk! treated for chronic constipation for a long time. Family History: father was diabetic, mother cardiac, and her paternal grandfather diabetic.

Her first prescriptions were based on the basis of her first CT Scan- hemorrhagic contusion. She was prescribed Arnica single dose on analogical ground. The second prescription was based on her personality (mental), which we could produce best Doctors or engineers. In between she was given medicines for her fits which were based in the symptoms of homoeopathic totality. Apis was her clinical remedy, and Carcinosin was constitutional.

Follow-ups were remarkable: MRI of brain, 14.05.98, revealed disappearing of the tumor.

Editor adds - Was MR Angio repeated in '98? That could be the only way to see an Angioma. Once blood that had leaked gets absorbed, plain MRI will show a normal picture till the patient bleeds again.

Case2: Teratoma: 
A six-year old boy got injured while cycling, resulting in swelling of Rt testicle, which through neglect of two years lead into a big tumor.
The guiding symptom was the child who was well dressed, dropped his pant with decency in the pressure of students, to show his private parts, and when asked about his suffering he shook his shoulders as if to say nothing. Arnica followed by Carcinosin cured him, in just two weeks!
The prescription of Carcinosin was based on his constitution, on line of similia. The analogy was, Teratoma is not cancer, but very much like cancer.