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Case Study

Bronchitis From Failure Of Love
Dr S K Mamgain

Hahnemann writes in the footnote to Aphorism No 16 in his ORGANON OF MEDICINE, VI Edition (published by B Jain, Publishers, New Delhi, V & VI Edition).
"Most severe disease may be produced by sufficient disturbance of the vital force through the imagination and also cured by the same means".

Generally it has been seen that people get affected by various disease when they fail to achieve what they desire, but they can not get cured through their mental powers as stated above, because of their weak will power. In such cases, the law of similia comes to their aid.

A young lady of 23 y, came to me on 29-10-97 for help for her bronchial trouble, from which she was suffering since 1992. She had been under the treatment of Modern System with no permanent relief.

On coaxing her, she told me that she had a love affair with a boy. They decided to be life partners but her parents forced her to abandon the affair. She did, but was so deeply affected that she became prone to slight changes in the climate. She used to catch cold easily with running nose and sneezing bouts, followed by attacks of coughing, aggravated at night, followed by dyspnoea, which also made her sit up the whole night, as lying down aggravated.

Her Other Symptoms Were As Follows:
Much wheezing in trachea
Loss of appetite
Dryness of mouth
Difficulty in swallowing
Craving for salt
Constipation, hard stool, with inactivity of rectum, sometimes no urging for days.
Menstruation normal
Much vertigo
Great weakness
Rx Hyoscyamus 200 at an interval of two days, with placebo intercurrently.

She improved gradually; by 21-01-98 she had improved a lot in all respects. During this period a few doses of Natrum-muriaticum 200 also had to be given as needed by the symptoms. She reported on 21-01-98 that slight wheezing persisted, more so on lying down. She also presented her blood report dated 08-01-98 which indicated ESR as 15mm/hour. Now a dose of Tuberculinum 200 followed by a few doses of Arsenicum-album 30 were given. Since then she is well, she gained six kilos of weight during next four months. When she visited me again in December'98 she had turned into a blooming and charming girl.

Discussion -The causation in the above case was important. Kent's Repertory in chapter MIND, under the Rubric- Love, ailments from disappointment (Page 63) gives 18 remedies, out of which Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Natrum-muriaticm and Phosphoricum-acidum are of first grade.

According to Dr. Kent, if the mental symptoms of a case have similarity with some particular remedy, it can be given with confidence and it will not disappoint. Since, along with the mental symptoms, other symptoms of the case were fitting well in Hyoscyamus, I chose to administer it first.