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Case Study

Psoric Warts?
Dr Sumit Chatterjee 

Case 1: A War (T) Of Kings
Mr. B aged 17 years came to me for a wart on the back of his Rt hand (5th MCP joint) of 2 years standing. Wart was horny, large, dry and sessile with no itching/pain/bleeding. No previous H/o Homoeopathic Rx.

I wanted to enquire further but our patient was none too keen in giving anymore details as he was 'perfectly healthy otherwise'. So, I also took it easy without further prodding.

With no further information, I started with our king of anti-sycotic medicines-Thuja 30 no 20/10/97 and went on to Causticum and then Dulcamara each in various potencies and does.

At the end of one year the net result was: a few smaller warts on the ring finger in addition to the original one, which had also grown in size. By this time, our patient was fed up and finally relented to one sitting and a "last chance to me and Homoeopathy". After the interview, the following symptoms came up for consideration:

H/O worms since childhood < around 12th /13th year.
Took allopathic Rx for one whole year which>.
Warts started from around that time.
Appetite: good, can't stand hunger 2-3+
Desires: sweets, raw vegetables, raw rice.
Thermals: Hot patient (2+) Likes to wear clean clothes (Uncleanness < KR 1410)

Family History
PGF- Long standing eczema http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif after Rx http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif bronchitis http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif death from PTB (recently) (Psoric). Father -h/o scabies in childhood. Dogbite, Now acidity & dysentery frequently (Psoric predominance).
Mother - Menstrual irregularities (sycotic)
It took some time for the prejudiced mind to accept the drug which came up strongly-the King of anti-psorics for a sycotic manifestation! Was my miasmatic diagnosis correct?
A dose of Sulphur-200 was given on 26/10/98 and it was all over in two weeks! (Including a previously unreported wart on the RT Ankle!).

Analysis: Incidentally, through this case, I came across Psoric warts. I quote from Dr SP Dey's "Essentials of principles and practice of Homoeopathy", (1st Edition ) Pg 125- "A Psoric patient may also, after long suffering, show tissue changes-even tumour, wart or ulcers may appear. But the abnormal growths observed from the very early stages of the disease are not symptom of psora but always point to Sycosis.

Then again, "Diagnosis of Sycosis (or any miasm for that matter), should no be based on the name of the drug or disease. The symptoms alone will indicate whether the patient is sycotic or not"

So, now my understanding of the case was clear based on the family and personal histories, the wormy diathesis which was a symptom alone of latent psora, when treated allopathically (after a long suffering), caused a suppression and the disease wart. Therefore, the selection of Sulphur as the miasmatic similimum was further confirmed.

Conclusion: The application of miasmatic diagnosis is not an impediment, as this case seems to have indicated initially. A knowledge of miasms is essential in understanding the case (nature, stage and evolution of the disease) and the repeated application of such knowledge makes us realize its indispensability if we are to cure chronic diseases in the truest sense.

Case 2: Complicated Diagnosis
Master S. (1½ ) years, was brought into my clinic one morning, by his anxious mother, who complained that her son was not walking properly since morning. On observation, the child was wadding. The milestones were all on time and our patient had started walking since the 11th month and today the walking had "definitely not been normal". Three things immediately crossed my mind -

  1. Myopathy.
  2. Poliomyelitis- inspite of mass immunization, perhaps there was a 0.% of failure, or repeated doses of OPV must have caused a viremia/Vccinosis - quite a bold imagination!
  3. Hysterical- Perhaps the child was scolded/ frightened. On enquiry, there were no associated symptoms of fever, malaise, cold or GIT involvement. Neither was the child subjected to any harsh treatment, (scolded/frightened). There also was no F/H of any myopathies.

O/E-Knee jerk and muscle tone were normal.
No muscle wasting/hypertrophy. No tenderness. So, though the diagnosis was 'GOK', my medicine was ready! Gelsemium 200-5 doses (4hourly). At the same time, I also advised her to see a Paediatrician.

Later during the day, the mother had seen two Specialists and neither of them saw any neurological deficits. Though the cause of the problem could not be arrived at, yet, all were equally concerned.

The next morning however, the mother phone call left me highly embarrassed - the father had detected a small painful splinter in the sole! A comedy of errors indeed, which a plantar reflex test, which I am sure was overlooked by the other doctors too, would have at least indirectly revealed the cause.

Conclusion: Lack of common sense.

Case 3: Precision Medicine
This is my own case. I have been an asthmatic since early childhood and had come to Homoeopathy only after becoming its student. During my early days, I was immensely helped by my sir (Dr S Praveen Kumar, Hyderabad ) and saw the successful curative effect of Homoeopathy on me. Sometimes, I was relieved of my spasms within minutes or soon as the globules started dissolving on my tongue!

By the time I left Hyderabad, the attacks were fewer and of lesser intensity (1-2/year). Regular exercises and yogasans also helped me in reducing my dependence on medicine. On 15/3/98, after, a persistent cold, I ended up with another respiratory spasm < after midnight, on lying down > daytime. Ars-alb, which helped many times in the past, failed to relieve me this time. I however persisted with Ars-alb-200, then 1M (HS) and Blatta-IX.

On 18/3/98, after going to bed around 11 PM, I suddenly woke up around the middle of the night with a distressful oppression in the chest. I checked the time on the clock and in the darkness it looked like 1.10AM. I was perplexed and kept wondering why my ever reliable Ars-alb was not working even if the peak < time was 1 A M. Not convinced, I got out of my bed, put on the light and verified the time - and Lo! It was 3 AM! Kali-carb was calling me! 2 doses of the 200th of the same within a gap of ½ hour gave me peaceful sleep for the rest of the night. Such amazing accuracy in timing of aggravation; it was as if the medicine was demanding attention. The lesson to learn for me from this case was ACCURACY in symptom noting. No symptom as told by the patient is to be taken for granted; every symptom has to be cross-checked and verified as far as possible. Only then is 'a well taken case is half cured".

I am now on a dose of Medorrhinum1M (Sept'98) and have kept well so far. But I still do not consider myself cured so long as I do not throw out any old symptoms/any eruptions/discharge etc.