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Case Study

Concert Of The Similimum - Part II
Dr Ranga Krishnan
'Coral-rub / Nux-v / Sabad / Sabad

Editor: This article is a continuation of the author's article in the Respiratory allergies issue.

Case 3:
A 15 yr old boy came in Sept'97 for wheezing with dyspnoea, since 2yr of age. It was < rains, fumes of crackers at every Deepavali. Green nasal mucus round the year with post nasal drip. Sneezing +++ from dust, almost daily. Daily he would use 4-5 hankies. Last week blood streaked mucus. Takes Asthalin and steroids during wheeze. Headache < sun. Sweat+++ round the year. Bowels-occasional constipation. Appetite normal, veg, No special tastes. Sleep okay. Likes to play chess, cricket and is learning to play the Veena.
Likes to paint nature. Has lots of friends.
Blood tests and X-ray all normal.

Family History: MU died of kidney failure, MGM-HT, MU2-asthma.



Bacil 200 1p SL 10p OD


Headache since 2 days, nose same, post nasal drip same, wheeze nil
Coral-rub 200 6p bd. SL10 p OD Stopped all allopathic medication on his own.


Wheeze nil despite rains. Headache nil. Nasal discharge and postnasal drip now 3-4 days a week. Deepavali next week. SL6p OD.


Celebrated Deepavali uneventfully. Even ate sweets and had no constipation. A single wart inside of lower lip causing discomfort. Caust 200 3p OD


Sneezing, thick white nasal discharge wheeze nil. Wart has shrunk. SL 6p OD


Went out in the sun -headache, cough Bell 1M1p


Cough persists, passed a few drops of blood after stools that day. Nose- thick nasal discharge, Sweat+++, wart same. Coral-rub 200 6p bd.


Cough occ Coral-rub 200 3p OD


Headache after going in sun Bell 1M1p


Class 10 results due tomorrow. Anxiety ++, not showing it openly. One white aphthous ulcer inside of upper lip. Wart in that area disappeared last mth. Nat-mur 200 1p OD.


Beginning to rain. As a preventive-Tub 1M1p


Severe wheeze, rales all over chest, tongue white coating, very thick nasal
discharge, constipation. Ant-ars 200 12p tds later Bac 1M1p


Nasal discharge ,headache, constipation feverish but no temp. Infl 1M 2 p


Throat Pain+++ &lt; swallowing ,opening mouth painful++ Saliva++
Parotid 2001p followed by Merc-sol 200 3p


Deepavali.- burst crackers, ate sweets, no wheeze SL6p OD


Nasal discharge again green, post nasal drip, sneezing, no wheeze, headache-forehead, temples, pain maxillary and frontal sinuses, throat pain &lt; swallowing saliva Coral-rub 200 6p bds Hippoz 200 1p

This boy comes occasionally. for some acute problems. He is studying hard for all the engineering entrance exams as well as his school finals and continues all other pursuits too. The wheeze has never returned.
In this case I went by Materia Medica and did not use the repertory.

Case 4
Mr V a 35yr-old lecturer, came for treatment of asthma .He was suffering since 1985 Asthma < dust, cold food, cold drink, sweets, climbing too many stairs. Was a football player and athlete - gave up both, which is a major regret, due to dyspnoea +++ .In '95 at Hyderabad, he had a severe asthmatic attack and was hospitalised. Ever since on Asthalin inhaler daily.

Past History: chicken pox as a child.
Family History: PU- diabetes, wheeze, heart problems.

Mind: Lots of friends. After school, tried for medicine but did not get a seat. Passed the IAS exam but failed in the final interview. Did PhD in Psychology and is a teacher at a reputed business school. 3 days ago asthmatic attack due to sweets. During attack dyspnoea+++, cough, sweat. Asthma > empty stomach.

Observation: This determined person, sensitive to cold things, suffered from asthma due to disordered stomach. He was also constipated, had fissures and was constantly under allopathic medication. Naturally I gave Nux-vom 200 2p bd.

To my astonishment the asthma vanished!! He still wants his "constitutional medicine" every month. If I change the potency/ the medicine/ send only placebo promptly the phone comes "Amma, did you change the medicine? Please give me that first medicine." It is 7 mths since that first dose of Nux-vom. He now goes trekking regularly and there are no problems to date.... I continue to send it monthly waiting for the phone that will tell me otherwise.

Here are 2 strange cases of patients-one obese, other underweight, helped by the same remedy:

Case 5:
A 26 yr-old obese male came in March'98 for a 6-yr old problem of sneezing, sinusitis and wt109 kg. Every morning, on washing his face, he would sneeze continuously for 30-40 mts. Sinuses were surgically drained 4yrs ago - relief for 6 mths. Then back to anti allergics. In 83-84 went to Bahrain for holidays. Ever since has never stopped putting on weight. Used to be slim when young. Despite swimming, cycling and exercising regularly, wt has remained the same. All clinical tests normal.

Desires chicken, fish, sweets. Loves colas+++. Aversion milk, curds, butter, ghee and vegetables. Thirst +++ cold drinks all year. SWEAT +++ Very cold /rainy weather brings on diarrhoea, which becomes normal without any medicines. Sleep good. As a young boy, he used to have rashes in summer, treated by Allopathy.

Family History: F & MGF- DM


Sabadilla 1M 1p. SL 14p. To continue exercises


107 kg. For a month had no problems. Restarted cool drinks and sneezing returned. Sabad 10M 1p SL14p


105kg. Mild return of symptoms Sabad 10M1p SL14p


104 kg. Sneezing was less so far, since one week Sneezing+++.
Sabad 10M 1p. SL 14p.


103 kg. Old symptoms mildly returned; sweat better. Sabad 10M 1p SL 14 p

Case 6
An 18yr-old boy came for a tendency for cold, cough and wheeze round the year. Sudden occurrence, also < dust sometimes cough all night. Since 1 yr. fever once in 3 months with runny nose and congested chest. Thick mucus which is difficult to expectorate. He was tall and thin, with pimpled, scarred face. Myopic. Very careful. Obsessed with seeming disfiguration of prominent Adam's apple. This obsession made him shy. Sleep good but tough to rise in morning. Feels hungry with easy satiety. Desires Sweets +++, snacks, fruits. Feels warm.

Past History - Febrile Convulsions at one year (3 in 1 hr.) again at 5th yr. treated by H. Chicken pox at 10-yr high fever, hospitalised, delirious, treated as malaria.

Rubrics - Synthesis Repertory edn. 5.2 by F. Schroyens.

Pg no



Del- body withering


Sweet - desire


Easy Satiety


Appetite- Relish, without


Appetite Wanting, hunger, with


Heat, internal


Throat, mucous, tenacious


Rx Sabad 30, 200, 1M on consecutive days.


Much better overall and feels relaxed. Acne better. Sabad 1M 1p SL 14p.


Face clearer and healthier. Waking still difficult. Headache often, but studies well. Did not get affected after long rains. Tub 200 1p. SL 14p.


Throat infection and fever for 3 days took antibiotics.
Calc-phos 1M 1p SL14p.


Dyspnoea due to heavy rains. Acne betters. P/E chest clear. Tub 1M1p.


Now fine for a yr. Finished college and took up a job. Since few months. often gets throat pain while swallowing , low fever with eyes irritable and watery.
Strept 1M1p


Since 2 days-runny nose, throat pain, chest clear. Doesn't talk at all about Adam's apple. Sabad 10M. 1p.


Has put on 3 kg. No fever. Throat pain while swallowing. Strept 1M 1p.

I have found a close complimentary relationship clinically between Streptococcinum & Tuberculinum.