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Case Study

The Encephalon Eeriness
Dr K Raju

A girl, aged 12 yrs, was mentally retarded from birth.
History: Normal delivery. But umbilical cord around the neck http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif Blue Asphyxia. She did not cry for 2-3 minutes after birth. Physically normal, so no suspicion about her behaviour. At two years, when not commenced to talk, Doctors felt some children take a little longer time. so nothing to worry. At 3 y, referred to Neuro-Specialist, who diagnosed Birth Asphyxia and advised training and referred to psychiatrist. Prescribed sedatives, which had a an undesirable side effect: child became very lazy, sleepy with enormous appetite. She put on tremendous weight causing more difficulty to the people helping her in her daily activities (Toilet). But mentally she did not improve.

Advised Naturopathy treatment. This had practical difficulty: uncooked food and items were not acceptable to the child. Also the child had to eat every two hours during the day, which she would not do. Acupuncture tried. Treatment was given for months on end, having to travel outstation. Thousands spent, to no end. Siddha tried. The abstinence from certain food items like fish, was difficult in a joint family.

As the last resort, tried homoeopathy. In 10 months, the child is quiet, her toilet habit is controlled, her sleeping by night and keeping awake by day, has been reversed. She is able to recognize people and span of attention is improved, obesity reduced. She is obedient. The child was diagnosed as infantile Autism and advised behaviour therapy.

She dislikes meeting people, shyness, lethargy, averse to be talked to, mind sluggish, deficient memory, stubborn, screaming at night.
: At birth, Blue Asphyxia insufficient oxygen (O) supply to brain. Carbo-veg1 M one dose.
: For mind symptoms Kali-phos 12 X, 4 tds.
: Immature Brain: Baryta-carb 30. 4 bd x 2 months. Symptoms improved.
: Screaming at night: Chamomilla 200, daily evening 1 dose x 5 days. Symptom disappeared.
: Late waking. Stool involuntary. Carbo-veg 10 M, 1 dose. Symptom improved.
: Involuntary urination and defecation by night treated with Sulphur 1M, 1 dose. Toilet control obtained.
Now the child has become calm, attentive and obedient.
 12 X is being continued and advised to stop if patient better.