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Case Study

Drug-induced Behavioural Changes
Dr Dilip Dikshit
' Calc-i / Nat-ph / Nat-m

Homoeopathic treatment has a large potential in altering behaviour and is therefore not well suited for dealing with behavioural disorders in children. 3 cases are present that show dramatic results produced by Homoeopathic remedies in the shortest possible time.

Case 1:
Steroid-induced behavioural change
A child (2 ½ yrs old) was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome and was under Allopathic steroid treatment. They had started Homoeopathic treatment for 6 months, but relapses continued and could be controlled only with steroids. Then the Homoeopath referred the case to me.
The parents were fed up of Allopathic treatment. The child had become unmanageable due to his aggressive behaviour - he was angry, abusive and violent; he would hit other children of any age; would even throw stones, or hit with sticks. He was obstinate, rowdy and fearless; and had become cranky.
He had also developed Cushing's Syndrome with his moon face. He would stare back with an expressionless face after hitting other from behind.
No amount of shouting or physical threats had any impact on him. Albumin 3+ or 4+ in urine. Steroids were earlier given repeatedly but their withdrawal had no change in the child's behaviour.
The following is the summary of SCR of the earlier Homoeopathic physician:
Male 2 years; Jain, only child; sibling sister died 4 days after birth.

Chief Complaint
1. Gut proteins ++ with swelling of whole body; Salt restricted in diet since 2-3 months
2. General weakness - failure to thrive since childhood.
Patient as a person
Perspiration - forehead; 
Appetite - small; 
Cravings: oranges, cheese, bananas, sweets, butter, fruit;
Aversion: milk, apples.
Stool: semi-solid 2-3 times, occasional itching 
Urine: bedwetting when proteins increase

Developmental landmarks
Birth wt: 3kgs; Teething: 11 months; Standing & walking: 9-10 months; Speech - only words
Problem of Behaviour
Breath-holding when his wishes are not fulfilled;
Other problems: bites his lower lip till it peels off, more so before sleep
Daily routine and diet
08.00 a.m. - wakes up; 1 mug of tepid milk with sugar
10.30 a.m - banana, dry fruits, fruits
12.30 p.m. - rice, dal, buttermilk
2.30 to 4.30 p.m. - siesta, milk and banana
7.30 p.m. - paratha & dal, rice, oranges / dry fruits
10.30 - 11 p.m. - sleeps

Life-Space Investigation
The patient is an only child. Lives in a joint family set-up with GM, 2 married uncles, 2 older cousin sisters 7 & 10 respectively.
Father has scooter spare parts business in Bombay. The patient is fearless. When he is irritable, he becomes violent and throws things out. Wants mother all the time. Patient likes creating designs - cutting small pieces of paper with scissors, cycling; has an aversion to playing with toys. Like music-rhythmic. Mixes well with children, can be convinced easily. Patient doesn't like to wear underpants. Doesn't like new cloths, likes perfection. Is very observant. Eats on his own without making any mess.
SLEEP - wants mother if no one else is around. Sleeps with a finger in umbilicus

Past History
Pneumonia at 4 months of age.
Family History - MGFa - Asthma; PGMo- Hypertension;
TEMP - N; B.P. syst - 110;
WEIGHT - 8.5 kg;

13/11/96 Urine Proteins ++
2/5/96 USG - Findings of medical renal parenchymal disease affecting both kidneys with minimal ascitis

Planning & Programming
The earlier Homoeopath has given Lyco 200, 1M in single and multiple doses as constitutional and Thuja as intercurrent and few other acute medicines like Ars-alb, etc.
Presenting Complaints
The oedema of upper and lower eyelids, almost closing, moon face; fever upto 1020F without chills < in evenings,
Blood Reports - S. Creatinie - 3.6; Urine proteins 4+
Patient had switched over to Allopathy after failure of Homoeopathic Rx. He was on heavy doses of Prednisolone and other Allopathic drugs.
After these drugs, the behaviour of the child showed a marked change. The quiet happy child became aggressive as described earlier.
The case was reviewed - the following totality emerged:
Constitutional: Hot patient, perspiration forehead; irritable, hyperactive: Calc-iod
Acute: Hot, Thirstless, Fever < Evenning: Pulsatilla
Recurrent Urinary Infections: Albumin +++, granular casts++
Intercurrent: Fundamental as well as presenting
Tubercular Miasm: Tuberculinum-bov 1M

Follow-Up Summary
Pulsatilla 200 4 hrly was started. It controlled the acute phase. Afterwards, Tub 1 M and Calc-iod 30 weekly were introduced.
There was instant improvement in the behaviour of the child after the introduction of the right constitutional remedy. The irritability and aggressiveness became zero. The pt has been under treatment for nearly a year and has had only one relapse. This was also precipitated because of the fathers trip out of the city (the child is extremely attached to father). This was also controlled with Pulsatilla 200 4 hrly.
For the last 1 year, Albumin has varied between trace and 1+; Episodes of cough and cold were controlled by Puls 200.