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Case Study

"Call me Bhaiyya..."
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
' Nat-m / Tarent / Phos

A diminutive little fella of 3˝ years, walked in one day, wanting to be all male -tall and muscular. He was wearing shorts and T-shirt & walked with swagger, so I was very surprised when the mother told me that the child's name was Divya and that she was a girl. On hearing this, a shadow passed over the little fellow's face Even now I could barely accept she was a girl, and had been calling him Beta all along.- which had made him/her very happy. I learnt later that she hated being called beti, hated wearing dresses, and would not even wear earrings.
All her characteristics were masculine. Very dominating, obstinate, and would get terribly angry when things do not go her way. Totally fearless. If upset, can walk out of the house at 10pm and go down and stand at the gate, without being scared of the dark or the lonely road. She is very moody -occaionally wants to be alone. Strangely, she is very religious too- love sdoing poojaan d reading the Ramayana. Loved company. Very attached to her mother grandmother and sister, whe is 7 and very feminine. 

She had not gained in height for last 7 mths, and stood at 3 feet nothing, weighing 12 kg. She often-got colds and cough at weather changes. Mosquitoes had a field day biting her legs, leaving long standing marks. 

She liked Sweets 3 & chocolates and glucose biscuits. Poor thirst.
She war born normally weighed 3-2 kg, with normal milestones except talking which she started only at 2 yrs.
Here comes the question- what are we treating and what are we expecting.?
The patieent has come to us only for increase in height and building up the resistance so as not to catch frequent colds. But we think ahead- what is to be done with this girl-boy? Can we change her to be mid-level feminine at least? Is the testosterone level so high as to be difficult to go back. Would she then need a sex change operation?
You cannot blast the parents with all these options at the first go. But certainly all of these have to be dealt with.
To begin with, these very characteristics will help you choose her remedy. Then you will have to see how much change your remedy can wrought. She is only 3 ˝, so time is on your side.

Rubrics Chosen: (from Robbins Repertory).






Ro 1078

Masculine girls habit of

car-v, nat-m, sep, petr, plat


Ro 1038


nat, sep, sul, Verat


Ro 1018


Nat-m Nux-v, Plat


Ro 1071

Jealousy children

nat-m, nux-v, sep




nat-m, Lach, Sul


Ro 1018

Bold, Courageous

Nat-m, Opium, Sul



Late talking to


And Natrum-mur emerges as the drug of choice.
on 4-2-98 Nat-m 10M was given.
11-2-98 She came with pursed lips and wearing a dress. Ars-a was given for her colds.
18-2-98 Loose motions.
20-2-98 Motions > cold.>
21-3-98 Cold > No further improvenment ; Sul 200 - 1 dose as intercurrent.
Further watch on the case is being kept. There is some change, so we can safely expect some more. How much, is anybody's guess.We can only wait and see.

Case 2
Talking of 3˝ year olds. I do not know whether these are aberrations or fast becoming norms? I have yet another, a much worse problem on hand and am at my wits' end. So I need help from you.

This boy acts more like 17-year old and holds his mother to ransom at every turn. What clothes to wear? "Bola na, yehi pahanta huan!" (I told you no, I am wearing this only!) Wants long pants to go down to play but for a party, he will wear a faded T-shirt. He will eat what he wants and drink Pepsi all day long. "Sonu (his father) drinks beer all day, why can't I have Pepsi all day?," he asks. One day, last week, he wanted MacDonald's chips at 11 p.m. Much tamasha was created and at the grandparents' request, the parents took the child just as Macdonald's was about to close. The mother literally had to beg them to give him chips.

As for violence, he has written a new chapter on the subject. "Sunte kyo nahin? Chaku ghusa doonga!" (If you don't listen to me I will put a knife in your stomach)! He beast up the servants and the children downstairs till everyone runs away on seeing him. And yesterday, his mother said: "He raped his sister's doll i.e. tore her clothes in a very suggestive way. Where does he learn all this? Such language even I have never heard!" And she has heard quite a lot, considering her husband is an alcoholic and outspoken. But now there are hardly any fights at home.

TV influence? Maybe. But the mother has disconnected all channels except the canton channel. She has dismissed all the male servants and employs only girls whose language may not be so profane. She has warned the elder boys not to play with him, so only little children play with him. In school he is a very good boy, the teacher says! The mother almost laughs in her face. His Other complaints : Hardly eats and has severe constipation.
The remedies given so far are:

  1. Opium 1M and 10M single doses, which helped in constipation and sleep
  2. Tub-b 1M and later 10M as intercurrent.
  3. Verat-alb 1M
  4. Now I have given Tarentula-h 1M
  5. What I want to give is Mag-flour : Quarrelling parents suggests Mag. Violence and rape and money spending suggests Flour. I am now trying to procure that. In the meanwhile I may even try Fluoric-acid itself.
  6. Any other suggestions anyone?


Case 3
Parents can spoil the sweetest child!
A very good-looking, smartly-dressed mother brought her 3 year old fair, lean, handsome baby to me on 27-1-98, saying "Doctor, he gets colds all the time. For the last 7 months, every month he suffers, and the whole house panics and he has to be given antibiotics. I have brought him to you to build up his resistance. But when he gets an attack can I give him antibiotics for quick relief? On hearing my firm 'No!', she almost cried. "Doctor, you don't know my husband and my in-laws. They bring the roof down and even make me panic". "So you will have to train them" , I told her. "Plus I will give you acute medicines to control the attack."

Thus armed, I thought we were ready for the battle. But not quite. There was more to come. Of course, I should have expected it. This was a spoilt, protected child we were dealing with. She said, the child is not scared of anybody; he is very stubborn, does what he wants, cries and gets angry if he does not get his desire. He beats the servants, he throws things and kicks. His sleep too is very disturbed and he sucks a napkin while sleeping.

So, now, is this child like my previous difficult case? Another Hitler in the making?
I examined the data so far. Mother says he is fearless. But is he? She just said he is not scared of anyone and does not listen. Why? Because he has been trained to do so. Otherwise, I felt sure he was a fearful child : he takes a comforter. On specific questioning, I found that he was scared of being scolded, thunder and cockroaches. And his constitution and mind - loves company and has a very good memory had already made me think of Phos.

So I told him a story about my dog Churchill. I said he is a very good dog but sometime he becomes very naughty and troubles us, and goes and piddles in the balcony. So what do I do? I tell him "Churchill you have been a very bad boy and I am going to lock you up! Then I command him - Churchill, go and get locked in the Red Bathroom!" and he quietly goes. Now, you, Ankush are a good boy and so we will not lock you in the bathroom. But if you are naughty, I will tell your mother to put you in a chair and you will sit there for 5 minutes, till you say sorry. Is that OK? He readily agreed.

And our battle of the disobedient child was won. Phos did the rest. We had no major attack in the last 2 months. His father was so impressed, that he, who never believed in Homoeopathy, started treatment for colitis. And he too has been tamed - by Kali.

We have taken 3 cases and we must examine the issues which come up. Who is the culprit? I have a lot of theories on these and my brain has started working overtime on this. So I am going to collect all these thoughts and keep adding all these cases for the next 9 months and deliver a perfect baby on January 31, 1999, when we have our Vth SSMS - same time, same place next year.