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Case Study

"I can beat up a dog..."
Dr Niranjan R Rangoonwala
' Stram / Med

Case 1:
A boy, aged 6 years, was under Homoeopathic treatment. He developed fever with delirium for which he took allopathic treatment. This suppressive treatment led to an acute episode of behavioural disorder.

His irritability increased markedly and he became very violent. He started throwing things at persons when angry. He used to run after animals, catch them and beat them. He had become fearless and mannerless. He answered back rudely and in a bad language. He was not afraid of any thing and became very disobedient and obstinate. He had no respect for elders.
F: "Hey, son don't jump from that bed"
S: "No, I will"
F: "You will break your leg and get injured"
S: "So what if I break my leg, we will cut it and get a new one. You keep quiet and let me play."
Even his class teacher was fed up with him. He used to strike at his classmates, beat them, spit on them and did not obey his teacher's command. His parents were warned that he would be dismissed from the school if this misbehaviour continued any longer.

The most important symptom stated by his parents was that he wanted the lights on all night. He used to scream and create a mess if the lights were put off. 
The following symptoms were considered:

SR 707

Desires light

SR 110

Bite desire to

SR 963

Striking desire to

SR 862


SR 787


Stramonium 1M 1 dose and SL X TDS X 8 days
The boy improved in his behaviour and became normal. 

A small, chubby, fair looking boy aged 2 1/2 years was brought to my clinic for the skin complaint of dryness and roughness of both cheeks and over abdomen. Other physical complaint was constipation; he had to strain a lot for passing stools. 

But the real problem for which the parents were troubled was sleeplessness especially at night. Daily he slept only after 3-4 a.m and till then he wanted to play. He always wanted to go for an outing in the car. He played with his toys and wanted his father and mother to join. He mixed easily with people and also liked to play with them. But when angry he screamed. He also played with animals.
He was a hot patient with desire for-
Ice cream, cold drinks, sweets, salty and tasty food.

Past History - Dysentery - 6 months of age
- Gastro- 10 months of age
- Repeated cold and coryza
- Tendency for diarrhoea

Considering the patient from all generalities and Repertorising the symptom of sleeplessness and desire to play the following rubric was selected:
Rubric: play desires to at night - SR 769
Remedy: 14/10/96
1] Medorrhinum 200 1 dose
2] SL X TDS X 7 days.

Next week he was much better as regards his sleeplessness and the skin condition too improved. Till today, he has not turned up for his earlier complaint of sleeplessness.