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Case Study

The Terse Girl
Dr Nina Doshi

Everybody in the family, parents and grandparents, were at their wits' end at Ankita's unruly behavior, a9 YEAR OLD. No one had a good word to say about her. She was immune to all scoldings and reprimands (indifference to all reprimands), she displayed a stubbornness of the highest degree (Obstinate), and talked incessantly. She talked rudely (rudeness, Impolite), and was quick in answering back (insults others) without any respect for elders (Disobedient). She did things her way (Heedless), dictated to others how a particular thing was to be done (Haughty) and wanted everything her way (Discontented). She was a great show off proud about her high marks at school (Boaster), and constantly irritated others (Repulsive mood) by her childish behaviour (Childish, antics plays). She was also quarrelsome (Fights) and asked for things that were not available (Capricious). She was fearless (Courageous) and had a cunning attitude towards everything (Malicious mischief). She cried, screamed and yelled when her demands were not met swith (Howling). She constantly complained (Discontented) about everything, and was sulky. Smiled foolishly when asked to do something. Fluctuating moods (Moody).

The remedy Mercurius emerges clearly from the above picture. The choice between giving her Merc-sol or Mer-cor had to be made. The complaint of tenesmus in stools, passing 2-3 motions especially after eating and a recurrent tendency to burning in the urethra along with desire for increased water clinched the choice in favour of Merc-cor.

A dramatic change was noticed, whereby her impetuous and impatient nature gave way to a more understanding, docile and mature behaviour. This girl now went out of her way to help her mother and listen to elder's advise.