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Case Study

Cindrella Syndrome
Dr N L Tiwari
' Phos

A Mrs. X consulted me for her 7-year-old daughter. The child's behaviour problems were:
1. The main point of worry was her fear e.g. the character PUTANA of MAHABHARATA, WHICH would be so extreme that she would not leave her mother until she was given a PENDANT OF HANUMAN!
2. 2. She would get obsessed with movie characters, her teachers, characters in T.V serials, and CINDRELLA, and developed crushes on her teachers, friends or boys in the class.
3. She felled unloved and jealous of her brother.
A psychiatrist diagnosed as the case of Cinderella syndrome and sibling jealousy. He did counsel but without any appreciable change.

Family Background
Father is a 33-year-old businessman: spends time with kids in the evening. Listens to a lot of music, goes to the club. Mother is a 30-year-old housewife. She is involved in social activities, participates in competitions, cultural programmes, sings, dances, and has an artistic bent of mind. Grandmother is 62 years old. The patient is very fond of her. Grandfather is busy with social activities and has little time for the family. Brother is 3 ½ years old, a very active, obstinate, demanding child. 

The patient as a person
She is delicate, affectionate girl with sparkling eyes and curly hair. Timid and sensitive, does not like to be scolded or shouted at, gets easily hurt or starts weeping. Loves to watches T.V serials, listen to songs full of pathos. She is good in studies but remains lost in herself. She is a follower and not the leader. Remains in an imaginary world, dresses and behaves like Cindrella, has an attachment to the boy in the class and always talks about him. She likes folk drama and drawing. She likes to listen to songs on God, Krishna leela, a part of Mahabharata, Sleeping Beauty.

Physical Data: < Sun. Takes hot water bath in winter. Cold in summer. Does not keep covering. She is ambithermal.
Craving: salt3, sweet3, icecream3, mangoes3
Caesar baby- birth weight 4 lbs. Teething 10 months. Walking 9 months. Speech one and half years.
O/E: Tongue mapped

Case Discussion
In the case, significant points were:
1. Mothers guilt that she is neglecting her
2. The patient identifying herself with Cindrella
3. The patient loves the stories which are full of pathos
All these points reflect the patients lack of love, which get aggravated in her behavior. It gets further aggravated by the mothers behavior. However, the patient behaved normally with the GM, father, and brother and in school. Her performance in the school was good. There was no reason to worry. The Mother needed to tackle her guilt feelings and that would make the difference in the patients behavior. 

The remedy was selected on the following points: timid, very sensitive, imaginative, cannot stand shouting, scolding, craving for salt, sweet < sun.
Nat-mur as constitutional remedy- gave partial response.
The other remedy Phos was chosen on following grounds: affectionate Lovable child fearsome3, imaginative3, desire for ice creams. Attachment-demands reciprocation. Phos 1m was given in frequent doses, which changed the behavior of the patient. Her fear has become less, she can watch TV, she stopped dressing and behaving like Cindrella. 

1. Behavior problems of children are due to behavior problem of parents.
2. Such cases demand both Homoeopathic medicine and counseling.