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Case Study

Isopathy in the garden
Joanne Taylor
' Mang / Sul / Merc

I chanced to look at TV program 'Canadian Gardener'. The host Dave Torrent was demonstrating a new way to kill aphids. He didn't know why the technique worked but felt it was wonderful. 

He took a branch from the infected tree and whizzed it up in a blender with a little water, strained the mixture into a spray bottle, added more water and two drops of dish soap, and sprayed the tree. Isopathy! (In Isopathy: the remedy is prepared from the same substance that caused the symptoms, whereas in Homoeopathy, the remedy is prepared from a substance that can produce similar symptoms - Issue Ed)

I have seen references to treating plants with Homoeopathy before. The late Dr Margery Blackie - physician to Queen Elizabeth, cured oozing wounds on an oak tree with low potency watering of Manganese, Sulphur, and Mercurius. From another source comes, for unproductive, worn out land: use Boron in low potency for fertilizer, stir handful of compost or manure in a bucket of rainwater. This will do "many" acres.

I started experimenting with Isopathy-my method has been sloppy but the results rewarding. First, Whiz up the sick vegetation in the blender with as little water as possible. Fill the blender with more water and blend again. Strain a small amount of the second dilution into a spray bottle, dilute again; add two drops of dish soap shake and spray. I have cured fire blight on a crabapple tree and fungus on ground cover. The added benefit is a spurt of healthy growth.

With Isopathy there is no need to identify the disease attacking our plants. No chemicals to store and handle, or in our yards for children and animals to come in contact with. We don't have to go to the store- the remedy is wherever we set up our blender. Unused mixture can be sprayed on the plants or on the ground around the plants.
Happy gardening!