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Case Study

I want to be perfect in Health- A delusion
Dr R K Roy

One unique way of remedy selection is through understanding of mental delusion.
Mr J S, in his late thirties, came with abdominal complaints that included peptic ulcer syndrome, colitis, pain in the epigastric region, burning in chest, flatulence and mucus with stool. He had also palpitation of the heart and pulsation in the body while lying. He has much anxiety about the diseases and rushes to the physician off and on. He was restless and hurried in his talks and behavior, was well mannered but wanted a rapid cure. He often repeats a sentence "I want to be perfect in health" This expression of him can be considered as one of his basic delusions because, in reality, an ideal situation of cent percent perfection in health is not possible to be attained. This is his false perception of a situation and can be called delusion. 
This delusion can be broken down into several components and expressed as the following symptoms and rubrics.

  1. Sense of correctness : Kali-carb [EMM 104]
  2. Rigidity in concept [EMM-102]
  3. Fear of uncertainty : Kali-carb [EMM 103]
  4. Fear of impending disease : Kali-carb [KR-94]
  5. Dogmatism : Kali-carb [EMM 102]
  6. Anxiety about future : Kali-carb [KR 94]
  7. Anxiety about health : Kali-carb [KR-7]
  8. Anxiety with fear : Kali-carb [KR 6]
  9. Anxiety : Kali-carb [KR-4]


The various components, which constituted the overall theme of the delusion suggested Kali- carb to be the appropriate remedy for the case. One dose of the remedy given in 200 potency brought quick relief of his abdominal and chest condition and his anxiety. The case is under further follow-up. So, the use of delusion is found to be one of the effective ways to arrive at similimum, as it is a characteristic component of the mental state.