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Case Study

Classical Homoeopathy Never Fails.
James K J.
` Med.

My 11 years old daughter started itching right eye with stitching pain; eyes would become terribly red. PQRS was the trouble occurred only at night when indoors; she required fan in all seasons. Pulsatilla, Apis and even Syphilinum failed.

Then I started thinking on her state of mind, as Dr. Rajan Sankaran calls it. Fear of darkness was very strong in her. Fear of insects and animals. She had another PQRS - at times when any person come home or when an event occurred, she would say, "Ya Dad, I had an intuition that this would surely happen today". She had a craving for salt and fat, and burning soles at night.


  1. SR 487 - Fear of darkness - Calc-c, Med, Nux-m, phos
  2. SR 141 - Clairvoyance - Sil, Stram, Valer

Desires fat and salt - Calc-c.

But Calc-c is not so hot as this child - she desired fan even in winter. Secondly even the mental state basically differs. The first two rubrics strongly represented her mental state. The only hot medicine covering her mental state also is Medorrhinum, which also has burning soles at night.

Now let us read from Essence of M M by Vithoulkas under Medorrhinum (Page 122): "Desire for salt, sweets and fat; with a combinations of these three think of Med". In the rubric Desires Fat, Med is absent in Repertory - it again proves that Repertory is not the final authority.

Then I took out Synthetic Mat Med of Mind by Asha and Hari Singh and read under Medorrhinum the following symptoms -

  1. Anticipation, complaints from
  2. Fear of Misfortune
  3. Clairvoyance.
  4. Confidence, want of self.
  5. Fear; dark
  6. Impatience about trifles.

Again in the book The Spirit of Homoeopathy by Dr. Sankaran on page 128, a description on the mental state of Medorrhinum is given, in which he specifies the following rubrics as Key-Notes of Med, all of which my daughter had. "Fears misfortune, associated with Clairvoyance". (She usually says: "I was not lucky enough")

"Medorrhinum produces tremendous anxiety before going to an examination tremendous apprehension if a time is set". Finally Medorrhinum 10M, one dose was given. Never again did she complain of the eye trouble.

Prescribe always on the mental state of the patient and not on pathological symptoms:- Mentals and Generals combined will never fail.

Note: The safest way to proceed is to select the remedy that covers the mentals and generals. Proceeding in the reverse direction i.e., proceeding from local symptoms pathological remedies first, can be dangerous and misleading.