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Case Study

The Shiny Speaker
Dr Bandish D Ambani

A medical Practitioner consulted me on 10th Sept 1997, with the complaints of tremendous fear, anxiety and restlessness. He also complained of constipation and lack of sleep. The fear was worse when alone, in dark & at night, closed places, (like aircraft with doors closed) & in crowds.
Complaints were 
> in open air and by opening windows. 

All these complaints started after he witnessed a fight in a meeting of a society meeting, of which he is the chairman. There were lots of problems in the society. He felt that all the blame would come on him and he would be disgraced. 

Since childhood, he has had tremendous fear of seeing fights or violence and this has been aggravated after this incidence. 

He felt a sensation of pain with severe constriction in the pericardial region which was relieved when he was busy or occupied. 
He also had systolic hypertension. 

Associated Complaints
Loss of memory, to the point of becoming absent minded, during conversation or lecturing.
Skin - Itching with rashes on the legs with occasional serous discharge
Head - Pain hammering type <noise 

Physical Generals
Appetite: less
Thirst: N
Desires: Oily +++, Spicy +++, Sweets +
Perspiration: Scanty
Thermals: Hot +++ Season - Likes winter BATH- Cold. Tolerance -cannot tolerate extremes Open Air - Likes very much +++ Sleep - Disturbed very much because of flow of thoughts Dreams - Always searching for a toilet 

Past History:
Epilepsy 1955 A/F disappointment in love could not marry the girl he loved. Paratyphoid, Squint [R] eye since childhood. 

Family History:
Brother - coronary artery bypass after a myocardial infarct
Father - Died of cancer of throat 

Life Situation:
Patient is second among 4 siblings. Born, brought up and educated in Pune. He worked very hard since childhood because his father died when he was only 16 years old. He is a very learned man. His qualifications are BA, BCom, LLB, Ayurved Ratna and Magneto therapist. He was very interested in studies and hence kept on studying all his life. He retired as a deputy registrar of co-op housing societies. He started his medical practice in 1980 as a magneto-therapist and is doing quite well. He is a well-known speaker in the field of magneto therapy and has already given more than 80 lectures on the subject. He loves giving speeches and can speak for hours without any preparations. He never had any stage fear in the past. Recently after his problem, he is unable to give lectures. 

Patient called up 2-3 times to confirm his appointment, and was early for his appointment. During the interview he was very hasty and interrupted a lot in between. He wore a very shiny and silky shirt. Even on his follow-ups, he would wear shiny clothes. 

Mind: Very fastidious and apprehensive person. He always wants company and somebody to talk to. He is better in company. He gets angry very easily because of his impatience and hastiness. Very religious and sympathetic person. He likes music very much and his depression is lifted by music - old songs, bhajans etc. He likes jokes and is better by laughter and jokes. Feels better in open air. 

Management: Salient features of the case are:

  1. Marked anxiety and apprehension
  2. Pt is a good speaker and orator, who never suffered from any stage fear in the past but now since his disease was unable to give any lectures.
  3. Extreme hurriedness. Evident by his arriving for his appointment before time and also confirming his appointment 2/3 times. This also shows his SYCOTIC trait of compulsion for time and planning things.
  4. Ameliorated by music
  5. Hot patient
  6. Craving - salty +++, sweets +
  7. Better in open air and fear of closed and narrow places
  8. Dream of always searching for a toilet and soiling his pants, suggestive of extreme apprehension.

All these features suggest a theme of performance with show, which is the basic theme of the heavy metal SILVER, and fear in certain situations which is the theme of Nitrates. Hence Argentum-nitricum selected. 

Treatment & follow-up:






Arg-nit1M 1 dose


Anxiety and fears increased



Anxiety and fear slightly Less. Appetite, sleep better



No further change In anxiety & fear

Arg-nit 10M 1dose


>25% better. Fear & anxiety less



>> 70% better



>> 60% better. Weakness + skin itching more, rashes with Slight discharge Numbness of feet [the first Symptom to appear]

Arg-nit 10M I dose


No fear no phobia



No fear or anxiety, skin itching +

Arg-nit 10M 1 dose


Weight increased by 3 kg [60-63], Slight anxiety with palpitation felt in chest due to an argument. Stool daily but not satisfactory

Arg-nit 10M 1 dose


No fear, patient can stay alone And can watch violence on TV without any problems. Started giving lectures with confidence. Skin itching much better. BP 150/90



Memory and absent mindedness Still present. Fear again slightly increased BP 160/80

Arg-nit 10M 1 dose


No fear, Memory S Q BP 140/80



Feeling much better No fear or anxiety. Skin itching much better


Still under observation.