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Case Study

The Magic of Metals
Dr S M Gunavante
'Arg-nit / Arg-nit / Arg-nit / Arg-met / Arg-met / Aur-met

I will narrate a few cases from my practice, in which Arg-nit and Aurum-met rendered great service in relieving patients of very troublesome complaints.

Case 1: Dim vision
Mohan, aged 43, came to me about some 15 yrs ago with diminution of vision. He had been to well-known ophthalmologists who had declared that he had retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder, for which there was no treatment. He had been on leave for over 2 months and was so dependent that he had to go to market by holding his wife's hand. I wondered whether I would be able to help him at all, but it is the duty of a Homoeopath to do his best and not be prejudiced by the allopath's label of 'incurability'. I tried to elicit as much information about the patient's past history and symptoms as possible. He had at one time suffered from night blindness and high blood pressure. But these symptoms were not present when the present complaint slowly advanced since 2 yrs. Having formed a strong impression from the MM that Arg-nit has close affinity to the eyes, I enquired about his mental state. He had anticipatory anxiety- before job interview. He had strong desire for sweets and was very conscientious about his responsibilities in the bank where he was asst. manager. He had persistent dreams of snakes.

With these few symptoms as my basis, I gave him Arg-nit 1M 3 doses 12 hrs apart followed by placebo. He was reporting to me every Sat, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that every week he was progressing nicely. First, reading the big headlines in the Times of India, and then the next smaller types in the newspaper. In about four months time he was able to read the Times, except for the small types. No further progress was noted in the next 2 months and I advised him to refrain from treatment for some time and I would try to find a remedy for him.

Meantime, he resumed duty and was able to catch the bus without anybody accompanying him. The office people were helpful and kept him in the job. When I met him recently, he had again become dependent, as somebody had to accompany him to the office. But the remedy helped him to retain his job during those vital years of life when his two boys were in college.

Case 2: Mucous Colitis:
When I was treating patients at Dr Subodh Mehta Medical Centre, a young man aged 28 yrs came from Rajkot complaining of frequent stools of mucous and blood, with griping in abdomen. Salazopryirne helped only temporarily. The trouble was worse, he said, whenever he learnt that his boss was to visit Rajkot, from Bombay. [Anticipatory anxiety]. A hot patient with a strong desire for sweets. Liked company. Had persistent dreams of snakes. These symptoms led me to Arg-nit, which was given in 200 potency for a few days. He returned after a week and reported that he was much better. As he had to go to Rajkot, he was given 5 powders of the remedy in 1M potency to be taken as and when he felt worse. That was the last I heard of him.

Case 3: Cramping pain
I had another similar case, except he had no dreams of snakes. The patient was a company secretary in Bombay and whenever there was an important meeting with the Board of Directors or some such engagement, he had cramping pain in hypogastrium followed by mucus, bloody stools. He had to be given Arg-nit 1M fairly frequently as and when he had the symptoms, for several months, after which he reported completely well.

Case 4: Pain in testes
50-year-old patients complained of pain in his testes when he sneezes, or even talks loudly to his son; and of course even when his langoti presses testes. The pain was unbearable when travelling by car or rickshaw. With the appropriate rubrics, I came to Arg-met 200, which gave the patient total relief within a week.

Case 5: Torn cartilage
A 55 year old man stepped into a pit with his right leg without noticing it, and when he started walking, he found that he had a bad sprain. As he was limping, he was given Arnica 1M four doses, for two days. But as he did not feel any relief, his daughter took him to an orthopedic surgeon, who said that the cartilage was badly torn and he should undergo surgery. The patient did not agree for operation, though the surgeon warned him that he would be lame for life and nicknamed 'langda'. He came to me, and because of the torn cartilage he was given Arg-met 200 thrice a day till he felt better along with rest. He reported at the end of 2 weeks that he was much better and could walk without limping. The remedy was continued for one more week, one dose daily.

Case 6: A case of deep depression
Mr Sanjay, a businessman aged 52, complained of deep depression on account of huge debts as customers were not paying their dues, and he knew no way of forcing them to pay up. He was in total despair, hypochondriac [thinking of all types of complaints] but he was very conscientious about his duty to pay off the debts, as he did not want his family to suffer humiliation by his default in paying the debts. He used to get sudden palpitation. He was planning to open up some profitable venue through which he could meet his obligations. He was sleepless for long hours occupied with thoughts. In view of these strong symptoms of deep depression he was given Aurum-met 10M four doses, one dose a day. After 12 days he turned up saying he had not felt so good for a long time. Was given SL for a fortnight.

Case 7: Egg allergy
A young boy of 17, was so very allergic to eggs that even if he ate food from a pan in which egg omelet was prepared, he used to vomit. His mother was worried how he would manage in the hostel when he went for his higher studies. Ferr-met 200 frequently, as and when required, totally overcame this allergy in about 6 months.