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Case Study

Cases from our Rich Heritage
Compiled by
T K Kasiviswanathan
'Arg-met / Aurum-met / Palladium / Plat / Plat

Case 1

A 65-year-old woman came with the complaint of arthritis. She was dignified, quiet, slightly tense and a little arrogant. Arthritis afflicted her shoulders, thumbs and knees. Her shoulders are often painful and stiff on trying to lift them. Pain in the front of her [L] shoulder, radiating to [L] arm and wrist < when breathing out. Both the thumbs are painful at the wrist joint. Knees painful after cycling. The pains are worse in the heat, summer and damp weather and in the morning. Her bowels are slow and she has frequent colds from being in a draught. She had had two eye operations and also for painful and bleeding piles, when she was 44. 

She likes summer but sometimes it gives her headache. The complaints are aggravated from warmth and damp. Desires sweets3 salt2 pineapple and applesauce. Stopped menstruating when she was 55. She has difficulty in falling asleep and uses a sleeping tablet. Sleeps on her [R] side. 

Mentals She is impatient, wants to do everything in a hurry, easy-going, too soft rather than too hard. Others however think that she is a bit pushy, not easily shaken. She does not get angry and is very restrained except when people say something, which is not true. She likes to behave in a civilized manner and she wont boast about her beautiful house for which she had saved for many years. She likes soft music. Religion is important to her as it gives her strength and security. She suffers from fear of heights on swings, high towers and in the mountains. She is happily married and feels that her husband has not given her the attention she would have liked. 

One dose of Arg-met cleared up all her problems and she feels much better, mentally and energetically. 
(Dr Jan Scholten

Some pointers:
Dr Scholten says "The Arg-met patient is slightly arrogant and at the same time of anxious and trembling appearance. This is a sort of reserved arrogance to compensate for their feeling of inferiority and in the process of such compensation they develop a refined and civilized personality. They like soft music. Inner refinement is important to them and they can shine in a soft and gentle cultural environment. They however know what they want and go exactly the way they want to go (dictatorial). They are reserved and do not like talking about themselves. They dont have many friends and even find it difficult to talk to their partner because of their fear of intimacy. Their fear of appearing in public is because they feel that they do not have anything worth presenting.. The anxiety can be noticed in their voice too; it is slow, soft and with a slight tremor and sometimes even hoarseness." 

Case 2
A 62 year old salesman with a history of Osteomyelitis, since the age of 49 consulted Dr Henk for wandering pains in all the large joints since the last 4 years and recently permanent swelling of the joints in the hand. The joint pains started after a throat infection but ASLO titer was never elevated and the throat smears showed no evidence of hemolytic streptococcus. He had no fever. Clinically it was diagnosed as onset of rheumatic arthritis. The allopathic treatment did not have any effect. 

The patient for the past two months was greatly hindered by joint pains, which are worse at night. Had stitching pains in the region of the heart. He worried a lot and could not sleep well. He had moderate fear of heights, prefers to be alone and looks at the dark side of everything. He could not tolerate alcohol. Since the information was not sufficient to clinch the remedy, the doctor probed into the patient's life situation. 

He was born in a family of self-made men. His parents had a bakery and he had to work very hard helping his father and in the distribution of the bread, even as a child. His youth comprised only of working because of the economic needs and it became his motto. He had a great disappointment when his parents did not like his getting married to a poor girl as she could not bring any money for augmenting their business and his mother gave the bakery to his brother and did not allow him to work in the bakery either. She also did not give any money for the hard work he put in for the bakery. From that moment he had only hard and ill feeling for his mother and refused to visit her when she was old and did not also attend her funeral. 

As he had to fend for himself and support his wife, he started as a salesman and worked very hard. He was eventually promoted as the sales manager of the company and made responsible for big clients. He left the company when he reached the peak. He wanted to be an autocrat and wanted to decide everything on his own. Because of that he could not be given the top job and he left. He said "I prefer a job where you can prove your capacities by working" He injured his leg in an accident just when he was to be promoted to the top post of the firm which he joined after leaving the earlier firm. As a consequence, he developed grudge against the firm and did not even accept a farewell function when he retired at the age of 57. His whole life was one of desperate struggle for value and self-esteem that he tried to find in money and position. As a result he felt his life was empty after his retirement. "Life is worth living only when you are working. Or, if you are achieving something or earning money. Love does not exist in life". Very literally this theme has permeated his life. His mother turned against him because his wife did not bring money and he was also denied his legitimate dues. For her money was more important than love for her son. His disease manifested as a result of these thoughts and idleness and a guilty feeling that he has neglected his duty. 
The rubrics are

KR 53



Occupation ameliorates

KR 31

Delusion he has neglected his duty and deserves reproach


Delusion he does nothing right

KR 25

Delusion everything will fail

KR 63

Ailments from disappointed life

KR 49

Forsaken feeling

KR 29

Delusion, fancies herself lost

KR 36


KR 16

Intolerant of contradiction

All these themes find a reflection in gold, king among metals and a symbol of nobleness and of eternal love. He was prescribed Aurum 200 one dose. After the first dose the swelling and the pain in the joints of the hand disappeared, slept better and less negative feelings. The pain in the other joints were no better despite repeating the remedy in the same potency twice and only after the first dose of 10M potency he was much better and stayed well for eight months. When his joint pains returned along with disturbed sleep he was again given Aurum 10 M. from that date his improvement was remarkable and all other painkillers were discontinued. He could walk very long distances. At infrequent intervals the same remedy was repeated in the same potency depending on the return of the symptoms and depression. He became less irritable, his rheumatic complaints if they returned were much milder, and he was able to lead a normal life.
(Dr Van Hootegem Henk)

Case 3
Mrs. D, a 50-year-old lady consulted Dr Divya Chhabra for her terrible weakness, experienced after an attack of typhoid. She had a history of bronchial asthma in her childhood, which ceased when she was 12 after Homoeopathic treatment. However she started getting migraine headaches since then, probably due to Homoeopathic suppression. 

She was a well-groomed lady looking younger than her age. She wore well-matched jewelry and nails were well polished. She was very confident, held herself straight with her head tilted upward slightly giving her a haughty look. She was the principal of a school and was seen handling telephone calls and people with supreme confidence. While describing her migraine she said that intelligent people get such attacks and waited for an answer from the doctor. She narrated how her speech was well appreciated and said that "they all clapped spontaneously for my speech". Feeling embarrassed thinking that she was being boastful, she added "I can influence people and I like to interact with them. We all work together and we are a team. I drive people to give their best and I always appreciate them a lot for this". "I like beautiful things around me. Look at this room. Is it not beautiful" She paused for an answer and was very pleased when the doctor concurred. She said " I am the eldest among the family and as a child was very happy both in school and at home. I was given the best student award. I had the adulation of my teachers. I participated in stage activities like dramas and public speaking. I am nervous when I go on the stage and particular about neatness and cleanliness since childhood" 

She had three dreams recurrently: -
1. Every toilet she went was dirty.
2. Sliding down from a height and
3. Struggling to go up hill or a steep slope.

Her first dream indicates that she had a poor opinion of herself and wants to achieve something to reach the top and is afraid she will slide down. She liked to be appreciated and flattered. She is lavish in her appreciation of others because she craves appreciation herself.
The remedy was selected on the basis of the following rubrics:-

  1. Delusion that she has grown tall while walking.
  2. Flattery desires.
  3. Longing for the good opinion of others.
  4. Obstinate, tries to appear amiable
  5. Company desire for, alone while AGG
  6. Confidence want of self
  7. Delusion that she is not appreciated.
  8. Delusion that she is criticized.
  9. Delusion she is neglected or insulted
  10. Egotism.
  11. Ailments from egotism
  12. Excitement in company
  13. Haughty, wounded pride, wishes to be flattered
  14. Irritability takes everything in bad part
  15. Offended easily
  16. Weeping tearful mood after mortification.


She received Palladium 1M one dose on 19-11-92. Within one week her weakness was all gone. After one month she reported that she did not get any migraine headaches after the medicine but got mild attacks of breathlessness with wheezing for 45 minutes after getting up in the morning. She was given placebo and the follow-up after one month revealed that there was no weakness, migraine or wheezing. She continued to do well thereafter. Dr Chhabra points out the differential diagnosis between the Platinaand Palladium is that while Platina tends to be independent butPalladium reacts more with people. The feeling of being tall inPalladium is dependent on the appreciation f others while Platinafeels that she is already tall and things appear small to her.
(Dr Divya Chhabra) 

Case 4
A female patient of 55 years, belonging to a high society, complained of severe backache. When the doctor visited the patient at her house, she was found seated on a huge bed like a "queen". When she observed that the doctor needed the fan she suddenly and alarmingly got up from her bed and switched on the fan. 

She was married at a young age and found her in-laws were conservative and she wanted to bring changes in the house. She was, however, not allowed to move even a single piece of furniture. It upset her terribly and as a result she went into depression. She felt that no one cared for her and that no one understood her or knew her value. During those days a cousin of hers would visit her, talk to her for long, feed her, and take care of her. This contact with her cousin resulted in suspicion in the minds of her husband and in- laws. This episode also hurt the patient very much and she went into depression again feeling that "How low-minded these people are" and "they cannot understand her" After that she took to religion and a Gandhian life style. In the process, she felt that she was neglecting her children and being unfair to them. This brought on the darkest depression and she attempted suicide. It was at this juncture; Dr Rajan Sankaran was called in. When examining the patient and talking to her, the doctor found an air of ego in her talk. She sounded like she was a noble person. 

On these symptoms and life history the doctor prescribed Platina.She did well for one and half years but discontinued the treatment thereafter. After two years, it was reported that the patient had a quarrel with her husband and jumped out of the window of her flat on the 13th floor.
[Dr Rajan Sankaran] 

Case 5
Mrs. A, aged 32 years and a mother of 2 children 
Consulted Dr Rajan Sankaran for the recurrent attacks of severe renal pain, which was diagnosed as nephritis. The pains were associated with fever and frequent and burning urination. These attacks were occurring once in two weeks for the past 4 months and the frequency had increased in the last two months, as a result of which she was confined to the bed. The patient had a shrill, dominating voice and can be demanding, and excited .She had the habit of exaggerating her symptoms. She was offended easily and when the colleague of the doctor who was treating her earlier told the patient's sister that she might be developing some psychogenic problem like her mother who was also under his care, the patient was offended and berated the doctor on phone for nearly half an hour. The patient asked the doctor to give her immediate relief. (Shrieking for aid). She was found to be egoistic and was bragging about the success of her business while her husband just watched during the interview. She was also subject to extreme reactions in some situations. For instance when her husband, a mild mannered one, was threatened by someone, she started crying, was abusive, suicidal, uncontrollable and extremely lonely.

She was given Platina 10 M 1 dose and within one week her pains were 50% better and within two months renal pains disappeared. She also improved emotionally.
(Dr Rajan Sankaran) 

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